NFC South First Quarter Report Card

We are a 1/4 way through the season and many teams have not performed as planned. We have decided that reports cards should be sent out. Some fans will be happy to see how their teams stack up. Some would like to use the genius plan I gave a kid walking home with me in the first grade…hide it underneath a car tire where your Mom will never find it. Grades are determined by where they rank in the league in each category. Feel free to praise or scold teams in the comment section below. Check out the other divisions as well.

Points Per Game: C
Passing Yards: D+
Rushing Yards: B

Points Allowed: A
Yards Per Game: B+

Comments: The Bucs have been performing well this year. The new kid at QB has proven to be a good influence on the others. The defense is performing as we knew they were capable of performing.

The rest of the teams…

Points Per Game: C
Passing Yards: D+
Rushing Yards: B-

Points Allowed: C
Yards Per Game: C

Comments: The Panthers were once proud of their work on defense. It appears they are not applying themselves in this area. There is hope for improvement after a recent waive of Mono has kept their QB out of class.

Points Per Game: D-
Passing Yards: C+
Rushing Yards: C-

Points Allowed: C+
Yards Per Game: B-

Comments: The Falcons are still going through an awkward puberty. They are performing about as expected.

Points Per Game: F
Passing Yards: C
Rushing Yards: F

Points Allowed: F
Yards Per Game: D

Comments: We are very disappointed in the Saints. After a very good year last year they have stopped showering and are very fidgety. There are concerns that they are using pot.

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