Need a place to call your MMA Home?


This week I have been spending some time at If your an MMA fan I highly recommend it. I had registered there quite some time ago but was bumped back that way reading Sam Caplan’s Five Ounces of Pain blog. It’s a pretty cool setup. It appears they are making an attempt at something new in the MMA world as a Social Network. You get your own page, add friends, all that stuff. It’s made up of fans, fighters, and others in the business. Unlike networks like MySpace, where anyone can make a page and call themselves a known fighter, they verify fighter profiles.

For those that understand that there is an MMA world outside of UFC it’s a great place to catch videos. This ICON title fight between former UFC fighters Robbie Lawler and Frank Trigg was pretty awesome and I’m thankful it was provided for my viewing pleasure.

They are up over 50,000 members now, which is pretty impressive. One thing that jumps out at me is the forums are pretty laid back. My experience with MMA forums has been that the old timers look down on the new fans to the sport, belittling them whenever they give an opinion. I don’t even take the time to post in those places because as soon as I see these morons I leave and do not return. Anyway, I have not seen (much of) that at the ProElite forums.

You can catch the ShowXC undercard streamed live this weekend with these matchups… Internet Bouts

Shane del Rosario (225.5 lbs.) vs. Amedeo Viola (223.5 lbs.)

Giva Santana (184.75 lbs.) vs. Jaime Fletcher (185 lbs.)

Chris Cariaso (135 lbs.) vs. Rick McCorkell (135 lbs.)

Back to Five Ounces of Pain. There are so many MMA blogs going up with so little information different from others that I almost feel this is the only one I need to read. They are making strides with the site, adding writers from other sites I enjoyed, rankings (there are no sanctioned rankings in MMA so this is for entertainment), a prospects page of fighters to watch for in the future, and Internet Radio.

If you don’t know where to go for MMA news or which to choose, I’ll save you the time. Go to Five Ounces of Pain.