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I was racking my brain when the news came out of the UFL. I knew I had heard something last year about a new league that seemed to go away. Well, it’s back.

The All American Football League is getting ready to capitalize on the shut down of NFL Europa (Didn’t that used to be NFL Europe?). They are not really looking to compete with the NFL. They are content being the little brother that tags along, kind of like the Arena Football League.

“It seems to be getting some wings,” says former Notre Dame athletics director and Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner Gene Corrigan, an AAFL board member. “We’re moving ahead and doing some stuff. We hadn’t really done anything but talk before. Now there’s action.”

The main concept for the AAFL is to basically use any college graduate (players have to have a four year degree and exhausted college eligibility…sorry Beer truck drivers) that can not make an NFL team or even get drafted. Teams will be based in college towns trying to ride the coattails of the area team. They want to try and place players from area colleges on teams in that area. They are going to attempt to preserve rivalries and wear the team colors.

I say go for it. I would watch the games and go to them if there was an Iowa based team. If they stay away from NFL cities than they should get some people in the stands that just love football but don’t have NFL access live. It won’t compete with the NFL and it doesn’t sound as if they care to taking in the NFL’s recycled goods. It’s a good place for the players who skated through school to go and make $70,000 without trying to use the degree they know nothing about.  A place for the D-III football player to try and go on playing.

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