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NFL Jabber 12/16/07


https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/finsgif.gif Miamiherald.com is looking at free agency and the draft for the Fins today. Nice break from the grumpy old men that can’t wait to uncork the bottle when the Pats lose.

The Dolphins can clinch the #1 pick today with a loss. Think they can do it?

https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/cardsgif.gif Is Edge James Hall of Fame worthy? A little premature of a question but they are asking it in the papers in AZ. His career has been a little quiet since moving to the dessert but he is 13th on the rushing list. They debate it here

https://i1.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/titansgif.gif Mike Maylock of the NFL Network said he wouldn’t draft Vince Young coming out of college because you would have to change your offense to fit him. Jeff Fisher and Norm Chow have been doing a decent job with compromise in their marriage to Young.

“I don’t know if there is another coach who would be able to bring him along like they have to this point, to be able to put their egos at the door, adjust to his strengths and not ask him to do more than he is able to do,” said ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who has been one of Young’s harshest critics. “I can’t think of a place where Vince would be better off. It just takes time.”

Speaking of Norm Chow…he met with the UCLA Bruins about taking the Head Coaching gig in KC last night.

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We Give Patriots

It wasn’t fair to put the hope of the non-Patriot fan world on the shoulders of the Steelers…but we had to. Who else is going to do it?

The New York Jets? They did shock everyone with a win over the Steelers. No way they are the one to take down the Pats though.

The Miami Dolphins? How cool would that be? A winless (just assuming they lose next week) Fins team comes into Foxboro and knocks off the undefeated team threatening to take their record away. That would be cool as hell. It’s not likely they will beat any team this year but why not pull for this one to happen? Remember when the Fins gave the 85′ Bears their only loss? Ironically it was the Patriots that went on to their first Super Bowl that year. Go Dolphins, it’s up to you to keep what is yours!

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NFL Footballderdash Week Thirteen

Just like everyone overeats on Thanksgiving we had a little excess as well. We went five game last week, you would think that would have helped Kelly gain some ground. Games like this are always more fun when your winning. So the kid trails by four with 15 games left for the regular season. I’m going to throw him a couple bones this week I think.


TINO:4-1 (24-14 overall)

Kelloggs23: 3-2 (20-18 overall)

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Last time these two teams played I took the Jags. In the preseason I picked them to split with the Colts. David Garrard is yet to throw an INT but also has not played the whole season. His first (and maybe more) could very well come this week. MJD and Fred Taylor will be the focus of the game plan on both sides of the ball when the Jags have the rock. Look for it to be the Joe Addai show on offense for the Colts, this guy is not missing a beat. We are getting to the time in the season when the Colts need to make a statement and there wouldn’t be a better time than against the division rival that trails them by a game. With that said, I have to stick to my split.

TINO: Jaguars

The Jaguars have Garrard back and are looking good, but I just can’t go against Peyton at home. With the piped in sound on defense and him confusing the heck out of the other team on offense, they are one of the toughest teams to play at home. I like how their offense has still been clicking even without Marvin and I think their D is one of the most underrated in the league. Overall, I think people don’t respect Indy like they should so I’m going to toss them some props.

Kelloggs23: Indianapolis Colts

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This is how Ricky Williams Persuaded Goodell

Some wonder how Ricky Williams was given yet another chance to return to the NFL. It’s a shame that Ricky’s return didn’t last even a full game. TINO Sports Page has uncovered an exclusive as to how Ricky was able to persuade The Iron Commish in the first place. Now whose character is in question?

Props to Fightlinker for the comic generator source and video find.


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Beck and Ricky “hope” in Miami?

Is there really any reason for the Dolphins to take Ricky Williams back? I don’t know what the money situation is with them and don’t pretend to be trying to keep up with it. I’m just thinking that they obviously threw in the towel on the season with the Chambers trade. They are now turning over the team (in the pleasant atmosphere of Philly) to who they hope is their QB of the future and “He’ll never be Marino” guy, John Beck. Strange things going on down there.

Miamiherald.com calls the John Beck move and Ricky talk, “clinging to hope.” I don’t know, I guess I’m still confused about wanting to win this year and the whole Chambers trade thing. Of course the players want to win now but there isn’t much they can do about the moves they are making up front. I bet there is a whole lot of hindsight going on for Joey Porter. Would he welcome Ricky?

”Yeah I would. We’re 0-9,” Porter said. “ I’d welcome bin Laden if he could run the ball like Ricky did.”

How about those guys that were there when Ricky was before?

”Gotta ask the coach all Ricky Williams questions,” said Jason Taylor, helpfully.

I was a huge Ricky Williams fan when he was in New Orleans. I think he could help the Dolphins, just don’t know if they really want help or know what help is.

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NFL Jabber 11/14/07

Can’t we all just get along? The battle between the NFL Network and Cable companies continues. We are coming into the stretch where eight games will be aired on the NFL Network. November 29th there is an important game that many won’t see, The Packers vs. The Cowboys. I won’t see it. I know, I know…get a satellite, right? Can’t where I live and I can’t move for it.

Cable has the upperhand by not rolling over like the networks do…

“For once we’re in the position of an independent programmer as opposed to a content-seller,” Frank Hawkins, the league’s senior vice president for business affairs, said yesterday. And the resistance has surprised him. Currently, about 8 million of the NFL Network’s 35 million subscribers come from cable; nearly all the rest are from satellite.

On the one hand, I don’t want to pay more for the NFL Network in a sports package on cable, but I would if it was an option. So I will be watching USC vs. Arizona State on Thanksgiving.

https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/cowboysgif.gif Star-Telegram.com has a “Then and Now” on Hollywood Henderson. In his defense I guess, the Coke in Super Bowl XIII was a pain killer? Ok…

Super Bowl XIII. I am embarrassed I used cocaine in my nose. I did it before and during the game and at halftime. I had it in an inhaler and turned it into liquid form. I had such a headache and a deviated septum. It was not for performance.

  • Meanwhile, a Personal Trainer says he has ties to drug using Cowboys and Falcons.

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