MMA Snow Day for me

I have not done an MMA post in a while. It’s a snow day for me here, don’t feel like talking Patriots so that eliminates football…So what the hell, I’ll lay down some random thoughts on Mixed Martial Arts.


Tomorrow night there is some free MMA on if you have the Versus Network. I like the WEC. The UFC’s little brother finally has another card. They announced a while ago they signed a deal to have a bunch of live shows on Versus and then they go dark for months. At the rate they are going they will be on Versus in the same deal when Urijah Faber finally gets carded for beer.

Faber will defend his Featherweight crown against Jeff Curran (31-8-1) on the show. Faber, who is 19-1-0 has not allowed one of his fights out of the first round in four fights and has not lost since September 2005 (Tyson Griffen). I’m really surprised they are not pimping the WEC’s California Kid more for this fight.

The card, surprisingly does not get too shallow from there. There are two more title fights…Doug Marshall vs. Ariel Gandulla, and Paulo Filho (right, that Paulo Filho) vs. Chael Sonnen. One I’m looking forward to is the fight between “Lil’ Evil” Jens Pulver and Cub Swanson. No love lost between these two.

More MMA on TV!

Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffen will be on Dennis Miller’s “Sports Unfiltered”Tuesday at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT on Versus. I have not watched the show. I was contacted by some lady from there about putting a couple video’s from the show on the blog here and my site in exchange for something…don’t even remember what it was, but it was stupid shit so I didn’t put it up.

Kimbo Slice is going to be featured on E:60. I did like the one MMA segment they did on the Miletich camp. I’m biased toward that camp since they are in my neighborhood. Michael Smith did a good job but the others talking are morons. “Do they do steroids?” she asks…Shut up I say.

The Ultimate Fighter

So the Ultimate Finale was on this weekend. Mac Danzig won. Would have been a surprise if he didn’t. Tommy Speer is tough but a little too green for Danzig.

The announcement came this weekend (but was rumored for a while) that Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffen will coach the next season and then do the usual fighting each other at a later date (for the light heavy weight title). I think these two are going to be entertaining as hell. AND…there are all kinds of mix-ups and shake-ups promised for the new season…as if there never is for a reality show. this also means you will suffer through PPV events for a good part of 2008 without seeing these two fighters.

Interim title fights are stupid!

Call them what they are. “The winner of this fight will face the Champion who can’t fight right now for whatever friggen reason.” I’m getting sick of hearing it and it sounds as if the UFC is just making shit up as they go along when they say it. Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre will fight…winner will face Matt Serra when he can stand upright. B.J. Penn and Joe Stevenson will fight and the winner will fight Sean Sherk when he can fight again. Sounds to me like they should just make better fight cards rather than make up title fights to make the cards sound better.


Serra vs. Hughes fight off

The Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes fight for UFC 79 New Years Eve Weekend has been postponed. Matt Serra has got himself one of those herniated disks in his back.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” said Serra. “I’ve never had a back injury before; I could hardly get off of the MRI table. There is no way I can train through this, and I’m devastated, especially because this was such an important fight. I was looking forward to fighting Matt Hughes. All my training was going phenomenally until Monday — all I can do now is to get better and to fight again as soon as possible.”

Soooo….this makes the long anticipated Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva the solo main event now. Too bad this fight lost some steam with both of them dropping their last couple of fights. It’s still been in the works for a long time and the UFC will kick the marketing machine into high gear now to try and make people forget what the card is missing without the title fight.

For more intelligent banter on this go to Sam Caplan’s place.
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Pimp Post:TSZ

On this day of thanks I want to give some air time to Geez from

TSZ is an affiliate of ours and I’m going to do my share of the mutual pimping by doing a little Q&A and just why it ain’t easy being Geezy.

TINO: First thing, throw out what TSZ is and what you have to offer and what kind of Sports fan should consider TSZ. Don’t give me any canned politically correct answer either!

Geez: TSZ ( is a sports forum that any sports fan can be a member of! We offer discussion on many different sports including fantasy sports/MMA/ and much more. There area lot of fun people there, and a few controversial ones

And pervs… we have alot of pervs there.

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Cool MMA Deals

Last month I wanted to check out FIGHT! Magazine to see if it was worth subscribing. I picked one up and subscribed right away. They are running a pretty cool deal right now. If you take a quick survey you get a few bucks knocked off the subscription rate so it’s yours for $9.95. I thought it was a separate promotion but they also have a deal where you get a free Beanie from Combat Sports with a subscription. Turns out I got both deals because my beanie was waiting for me today when I got home.  A Beanie and year subscription to a magazine for under $10, what a bargain for me!

Another deal I just bought was from They are running a deal on Pay Per View Events for the month of December. You get three cards streamed live and then you also have the fights saved in your account like an “On Demand” deal where you can watch them anytime you want.

Think there’s a monopoly in MMA? Then you’ve never watched these premier events from around the world. During December, will be showing three top MMA events that you can’t see anywhere else. The UK’s Cage Rage 24, Brazil’s Fury Fight 5, and Hawaii’s Icon Sport: Relentless, all will be shown in their entirety on for a great low PPV price. Buy all three in advance and save too. Watch all three for less than you pay for other events’ top five or six fights.

The PPV fights are $12.95 each or you can buy all three for $24.95 (which is the deal I took). I’m not a man of many dollars but I love me some MMA so this was a good deal for me.

Go HERE to check it out!proelite.gif


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Hershel Walker and MMA?


Yesterday I was at and seen a link for a Hershel Walker interview. I was in and out and didn’t check it out. I was reminded of it after reading a post at Jiu-Jitsu 365 last night.

So what’s the link to Walker and this MMA site? There is a video interview with Walker sporting an EliteXC shirt (they could have tossed that to him before the camera rolled). Apparently Walker has been training in Taekwon-Do for 30 years, Muay Thai for eight, and Thai Boxing…with a black belt in all of them.

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LIVE Strikeforce MMA Babble

So I get to Yahoo! Sports and can’t find this friggen fight. You would think there would have been links all over the place. Finally it showed up a few minutes after the scheduled start time.  Since I’m sitting at my computer watching this I thought I would jot some babble down.

  • An ugly looking flying knee by Jorge Santiago finished the first match a few seconds in. The intro to the show and fight didn’t last as long as it did for them to put Sean Salmon on the stretcher.  A whole new version of “knocked the fuck out!”
  • Niko Vitale vs. Trevor Prangley.  Prangley is the “South African Hammer.”  How are the hammers in South Africa different than the hammer as we know it?  Just curious and bored waiting for this next fight to start.  Some strikes and knees make this one more exciting until they appear to slow dance and are broke up to restart twice.  The round appeared like it was going to go Prangley’s way but Vitale had him looking like he was going to fall by the end of the round.  For a couple guys that are supposed to be able to wrestle there is no ground game happening as they are standing up throwing fists and knees.  Niko Vitale throws his mouth peice down after being stopped.  The fight goes to Prangley due to a cut on Vitale’s eye around 2:46 into the second round.
  • After the first two fights I have to say that Jorge Santiago has a HUGE advantage in the later fight since he expended as much energy as I did watching the fight.
  • Odd…they announce the decision.  It ended on a foul, so the ref gets to call the winner and he calls Prangley the winner.  He will face Santiago later tonight.

Watch the fights HERE.  I’m going to keep babbling in the comments below…

Free MMA Show Friday night!

I love me some MMA and I can’t afford the PPV. Something that is becoming more common, and great for poor saps like me, is live streaming online. This Friday night Yahoo! Sports is going to be streaming Strikeforce Tournament Series

Available to all internet users located beyond a 150 mile radius of San Jose, the live stream, free of charge to viewers, will begin at 8 PM PST (11 PM EST) and include the entire Strikeforce four-man, single-elimination tournament, featuring middleweight (185 lb. limit) stars Trevor Prangley (16-4), Falaniko Vitale (24-7), Yuki Sasaki (21-13-1), and Jorge Santiago (14-7). Each tournament bout will consist of two, five-minute rounds.

Also included during the stream will be the Strikeforce world heavyweight championship battle between Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello (23-9) and Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem (25-11); the middleweight showdown between undefeated Cung Le and The Ultimate Fighter season 2 star, Sam “The Squeeze” Morgan; the matchup between Strikeforce World Light Heavyweight (205 lb. limit) Champion, Bobby Southworth (8-4), and Anthony “El Toro” Ruiz (17-10); and the mixed martial arts debut of undefeated world kickboxing champion, Brian “The Mad Stork” Schwartz (18-0), who will take on Lemont Davis (8-4).

A kick in the shin goes  out to MMA on Tap and Fightlinker on this one!

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