Who in the Hell do I start Week Twelve?

Damn, I almost forgot to put this up this week. Hopefully your not playing in one of those Dinoleagues where once the week starts your roster has to be set. Player game time is the way to go.

So what do you have for us this week? Can you still trade? How are you doing in your playoff runs? Somebody you have your eye on with the waiver wire?

Smack’em down in the comments below!
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Who in the Hell Do I start Week Ten?

Last week for the bye weeks! Texans, Patriots (ouch), Jets, and Bucs. Those that have been riding the Pats better have a backup plan this week!

This is a big week for me personally. I just moved into the #6 playoff seed in the IDP Dynasty league I won last season. I play a divisional opponent that is holding the #5 seed and the same record. He has more points so I need this win. Hopefully SJax will return from the bye with some decent numbers.

What about you guys? Need some start/sit-trade help? Let’s hear it!

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Who in the hell do I start Week Nine?

What a weekend. The Saints are playing like people expected when they drafted their fantasy teams…finally. The Rams even put up the fantasy type numbers we were looking for…just in time for a bye week. This weeks byes go to the Bears, Dolphins, Giants, and Rams.

So in the wake of the Ronnie Brown injury I did something I don’t usually do and I threw some trade offers out there. I usually let people come to me but I need to salvage something. One that did come through was Santonio Holmes and Correll Buckhaulter for Thomas Jones. Truth is, I likely would not have started Holmes on a team that I have Steve Smith and Reggie Wayne on. Jones has not been as great as expected but man I need something.

So what do you have going on? Questions for the week on start/sit or trades? Let’s have them in the comment box below!

Sidenote: Bryan thought our last cheerleader had a bit too much of a belly so I’m setting out to right that wrong.
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Who in the hell do I start Week Eight?

What a bye week. Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Chiefs, Seahawks. Not all of them boast fantasy studs but it’s going to leave a lot of holes on fantasy rosters this week. How do they get you this week?

So the big injury this week has to go to Ronnie Brown. This is going to kill me in a couple leagues. I drafted Jesse Chatman in most of my leagues because at the time I was drafting was when it was being said that the job wasn’t necessarily Brown’s. Problem…I had since dropped him in most of those leagues. Chatman is the hands down guy to go here as Lorenzo Booker will get some action too.

Talk is we are going to see the return of Steven Jackson. I wish I could be more excited. The way the Rams are playing it’s just setting me up for being more frustrated having him on the field not performing.

So who in the hell are you going to start this week? Any trades your mulling over? Let’s hear it!

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Who in the hell do I start Week Six?

So how did you fare last week? Any good pick’ups? We are about halfway through most fantasy football regular seasons. Bye weeks this week go to Bills, Broncos, Lions, Colts, Steelers, and 49ers. Could have a lot of studs on the bench (sans Bills). What are you going to do about it? Have depth? Got Milk? Questions on who to start or pick up? Slap them down here in the comment box!

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Who in the hell do I start Week Five?

Are you getting hit by injuries on top of bye weeks? I don’t know that I have had it this bad before. Could be because I’m in so many leagues this season but it sure does seem like it’s pouring rather than raining.

So let’s have them. Questions/answers on start/bench. Trade offers? Who to pick up for FA?

I’ll share a little bit. I’m not big on trades myself. I’m usually too attached to who I draft and it has worked well for me. I’m kicking myself in the ass now when prior to week one I accepted a counter to a trade offer where I sent Tony Romo and T.O. off for Marc Bulger and Marvin Harrison. I was not yet sold on Romo (week one had not even been played yet) last season and thought I was getting more out of that deal. IDIOT!

So anyway, Who in the hell are you going to start?

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Who in the hell do I start week three?

Things are not going as planned on many rosters. Where is LT, LJ, SJax? Wide Receivers are the ones putting up points, especially in PPR leagues.

Thanks to everyone that posted questions and or answers last week. I was taken away from the computer Sunday morning so I apologize for not getting to all of them before game time. This week I will be here until kickoff. Those that posted comments won’t have to wait for the approval to have comments post now (damn spammers make us do it). We really do appreciate the help in getting this little project up and running. Thanks to Fantasyfootballgoat.com
for the linkage and props last week.

So what do you have on your mind? Thinking about starting all those Browns over guys that are supposed to be sure things but have not panned out? What’s with the Saints players?Getting some trade offers or thinking of offering one? Post your questions and answers in the box below. We had more people answering them than asking last week. For more fantasy football talk feel free to stop by our Fantasy Football Talk forum as well!

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