AF2 Coach trips player, caught on camera

The Quad City Times reports that Steamwheelers head coach Seth Ponder was under the impression he was suspended for the remainder of the AF2 season after tripping a player on the field this weekend. The league president is not taking the paddle out until today though.

What he did was stick out his right leg and trip former Steamwheelers player Reggie Perkins after Perkins had returned a 10-yard interception for a Mahoning Valley touchdown and was running down the sidelines, behind Ponder, slapping high fives with fans.

At the 1:32 mark you can see the replay where Ponder trips Perkins. I have to say I cracked up when I watched this. Ponder had said he was defending himself. He clearly extends BACK behind him to trip Perkins.

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NFL Jabber 5/21/07

Drew Brees continues with his good deeds in New Orleans. Brees and some teammates took 31 New Orleans area kids on a fishing trip that began with a limo ride.

“Most kids have not really been able to have that experience,” said Brees, who came up with the idea for “Brees on the Seas” back when he was with the San Diego Chargers. “Especially when you’re talking about Children’s Hospital. Some of them might be terminally ill with cancer, and it might be their only opportunity to do this.

“Sometimes the best treatment is just to get them out here and put a smile on their face. Sometimes that’s the best therapy, to get them away from the treatments and the medicine and the doctors. Give them a place where they can just relax and forget about that for a while and just catch fish.”

The Titans are expecting Ben Troupe to step it up this year.

Anthony Brown at Hog Heavan writes that Clinton Portis does not see a problem with dog fighting.

Kenton Keith is in the running to replace Dominic Rhodes as half of the Indy backfield with Joseph Addai. has Power Rankings of sites Power Rankings listed. Top dog? 1. Walter’s Football Site

Jamar Williams continues to benefit from Lance Briggs not showing up to work.

“I think it went real well,” Williams said following Sunday’s practice. “I felt better than ever out here. I feel like I’m knowing what to expect and able to make more plays.”

Quincy Carter could not manage to make it through a AF2 season without being suspended.

Indy, North Texas, and Arizona have 15 minutes each to state their case Tuesday in their bid for the 2011 Super Bowl.

Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden are the new CB due in Indy. The Colts lost both starters in free agency.

19 year-old rookie, Amobi Okoye, is impressing the Texans already.

Vernand Morency is stepping up in the race for starting RB in Green Bay.

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Arena League Set to Kickoff!

Yes, the NFL’s ugly little sister is back. The Arena Football League is getting set to start it’s 2007 season on March 4th on ABC. The opening cerimonies will feature a duet with Philadelphia Soul Co-owner Jon Bon Jovi and country guys Big and Rich.

“Jon Bon Jovi has become a symbol of Arena Football, and his band remains one of the most popular on the planet, so it’s only fitting that their music be part of ESPN’s presentation of the AFL this season,” said Norby Williamson, executive vice president, studio and remote production, ESPN.

Bon Jovi added: “I couldn’t be happier that our song is kicking off ESPN’s AFL games this season. My passion for the game is no secret, and this song conveys the passion and energy that the players and fans put forth every game.”

I love this game. NBC and now ESPN/ABC have done alot to bring it into the mainstream. When The Quad City Steamwheelers of the AF2 were brought into my area I fell in love with the game. I’m a football fan, I take what I can get. When I moved further north I still trekked to Moline to catch the games on a summer night. Tailgating outside The Mark of the Quad Cities on the Mississippi River. Bands playing, food and beer everywhere. Fun for the whole family.

When I moved to Austin, TX I began going to the Wrangler games, upgrading my viewing to the AFL. It amazes me how the game is so affordable. For $15 you can get a cheap seat and some food.

The game still does not get the respect it deserves. I don’t care if it becomes huge, I just think that real football fans should give it a chance if they haven’t. you may be surprised. It’s much better than what you see on the TV. Especially if you have kids. There is plenty going on between plays and periods. Fans are often taken onto the field to participate in contests, both fun and embarrassing. My old boss and his buddies even had a reoccurring gig dancing with the Wrangler Girls.

If you have not given it a try, watch a game this weekend. If you have the luxury of a team near you, take the kids or some buddies (your experience will vary on who is with you-both good times though) and put down a couple bucks on some tickets.

Welcome to the Bloghouse!

Come on in! This is the first post here for the new Bloghouse. Let me introduce myself. I’m Lee and what I do here is take a look around the world of football to see what’s happening, what makes me laugh and what ticks me off.

The Bloghouse turned a year-old this week but this is the first post here. to check out some of the old Bloghouse content, CLICK HERE.

There is no guy named Tino. That is short for There is No Offseason, our Football Fansite. The site just turned a year old (as you can see with the young ladies on the below). We are in the process of revamping the home page so if you check it out look past that please.
Things you will find at TINO
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