NFL Footballderdash/Week 17

Oh, what a long winding road it has been. We have laughed, we have cried, we have called each other names. Week 17 marks the end of Footballderdash for the 2007 season as well as regular posting at TINO Sports Page. We will be moving our opperations (read laptops sitting on a coffee table stealing someone’s wireless) to Football Jabber.

Let’s review…


TINO:0-3 (27-23 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (27-23 overall)

The second 0-3 week of the season for the good guy. Looks as if we are tied going into week 17. I was going to throw a couple bones to Kelloggs this week but now I have to pick to win. image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Rumor has it that the NFL was getting pressure from politicians about getting this game off just the NFL Network and out where everyone could see it. CBS and NBC will get to share the game with NFLN. Here is what happens…Patriots go up early and maybe, MAYBE, Bill will be nice and take some players out. If it’s anywhere close, starters stay in here. It isn’t the Giants fault that they just happened to be the last team to play the Patriots this season. It would be cute to see them try and win this but the playoffs are coming. And hell, then they can say they didn’t want to win anyway because they were already in…right? The Giants take starters out (after being beaten down already) and lay down like a big Brett Favre for Michael Strahan.

TINO: Patriots

Both say they won’t rest their starters, but if I were the Giants I would. True you can possibly stop the Pats pursuit of perfection, but do you really wanna piss off Bill and have him keep Brady in the 4th quarter to run it up on you? No, just sit your guys and get them healthy for the playoffs. The NFC is weak and any team could come out of it, so get your banged up guys ready to go and concentrate on that. But we all know good ‘ol Tommy isn’t gonna do that, he’ll run his guys into the ground.

Kelloggs23: Pick: New England Patriots

And the rest of the games… image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Marvin Harrison is going to play! He will play about as long as Peyton Manning will and that should be a drive or two. The Colts are in the usual position of not having the pressure to win in week 17. They have a first round bye wrapped up. The Titans on the other hand need this game to get in (with a Browns loss) and it would be the first time they had ten or more wins since 2003. There is still a chance that Indy could go up early and hold on but they are just showing up because they have to.
TINO: Titans

Cleveland blew it. I don’t think Tennessee will. Indy is notorious for resting players and Dungy has said they won’t see the 2nd half. I think the Titans had a chance in this game regardless and since they have something to play for and will be seeing the 2nd string (although on Indy that isn’t too shabby) it gives them an even better chance. The Dawg Pound will really be barking after seeing them squat away a chance at the playoffs.

Kelloggs23: Tennessee Titans @ The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Here is a team with home field wrapped up against a “win and your in” team. With T.O. going down last week you can see a Cowboys team that doesn’t want to take any chances with their starters. The Redskins are hot right now. I may even lean their way if this game had the Cowboys starters in. The Redskins will make up the #6 seed in next weeks playoffs.

TINO: Redskins

Minny coughed up a hairball last week and gave the Redskins the ticket to the playoffs. With that said, I don’t think it could end any better for Washington this year than if they were able to rally and make the playoffs. Maybe I’m just a sucker for storylines, but I am actually pulling for the Redskins to make it. They have played very well at the end and deserve it, plus the Vikings are always breaking hearts so I’m used to it already. Give ’em hell Gibbs!

Kelloggs23: Washington Redskins


2 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash/Week 17”

  1. kelloggs23 Says:

    “The Titans on the other hand need this game to get in (with a Browns loss)”

    Actually sir it is entirely in the Titan’s hands. Cleveland can win or lose, but it doesn’t matter if Tennessee wins.

  2. leej Says:

    Nice…I realized that later. Notice how a couple weeks ago I didn’t harp on you when you praised Jason Campbell and he wasn’t even playing?

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