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Rankings| Fantasy RB Average Carries Compared to Carries Lost

Rankings| Fantasy RB Average Carries Compared to Carries Lost

June 13, 2008 by Lee (Edit)

The Full-Time Fantasy Running Back has become a bit of a rarity. More teams are going to a Running Back by Committee approach and carries are getting lost on third down and at the Goal Line as well. How does this effect your fantasy RB? Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it is nerve racking. Carries don’t mean everything, right? But sometimes you just have to think that if your guy is touching the ball more there is more opportunity than if he is on the bench.

On the last two episodes of The Fantasy Football News and Advice Show there has been a little conversation on the stock of Jamal Lewis. Matt Dana at FFGeekBlog.com (Episode 4)had been noticing that Lewis is going earlier than most would think in Mock Drafts. Revisiting the topic this week (Episode 5) we came to the conclusion that it must be related to the fact that Jamal Lewis is part of the dying breed that is the Full-Time Fantasy Back. This could make a difference in projections for cheetsheets you may be putting together. Giving more thought to this I decided to take a look at all of the teams and see just who lost the most carries in 2007.

Let’s have a look at how the player on each team with the highest average of carries per game stacked up against the average carries per game for the team. This will give us the average carries that each player lost per game. I think you may be surprised by how some of these guys rank. On one side this shows which teams look more at the featured back. On another side it shows that having to share carries does not necessarily mean a drop in fantasy production (especially if the team runs the ball a majority of the time). Of course this doesn’t take into consideration a players value in the passing game. No, it’s not a science (Yes-there are holes in it), but it’s fun anyway. So what are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below!

We will rank these in order of teams where the player with the highest average carries per game lost the least amount of carries to others (carries are rounded up).

1. Chiefs
Avg. Rush Attempts/Game Team: 23.93
Avg. Rush Attempts/Game Leader: Larry Johnson
Avg. Rush Attempts/Game: 19.8
Avg. Carries lost to others/Game: 3.2
Comments: When Johnson is healthy he is forced the rock. I wouldn’t look for much of a change in this…if healthy. The addition of Jamal Charles in the NFL Draft provides little reason to think it will change.


NFC West 1st Half Report Card

We are a 1/2 way through the season and many teams have not performed
as planned. We have decided that report cards should be sent out. Some
fans will be happy to see how their teams stack up. Some would like to
use the genius plan I gave a kid walking home with me in the first
grade…hide it underneath a car tire where your Mom will never find it.
Grades are determined by where they rank in the league in each
category. Feel free to praise or scold teams in the comment section
below. Check out the other divisions as well.


Points Per Game:

First Half=C+
First Quarter=B-

Passing Yards:

First Half=B
First Quarter=B

Rushing Yards:

First Half=D+
First Quarter=C

Points Allowed:

First Half=B+
First Quarter= B+

Yards Per Game:

First Half=C
First Quarter=C

Comments: The Seahawks have not really done anything to improve on their first quarter performance. grades are dropping on offense and the only thing that makes them stand out in their division is the poor performance of the other kids in their class.
The rest of the teams…

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Monday AM Hangover/Week Seven

  • So I got to watch the last two minutes of the Bears-Eagles game. What an amazing drive. Brian Griese looks like he should be a starting NFL QB after this game. Not only did he put together a game winning drive in the final two minutes, he didn’t turn the ball over and nine guys got catches. Lesson to the Eagles…you have to play 60 minutes of football.
  • When was the last time the Rams were this bad? 0-7 start for the first time ever…and there has been some pretty bad Rams teams over the years.
  • The Saints put together another week of looking like the 2006 Saints, putting them two games back in the division believe it or not. Joey Harrington just won’t go away will he? He got in the game by default after Leftwich went down. Almost got a TD that could have won the game had Roddy White not stepped out of bounds.
  • The Patriots are pretty good.
  • Let’s hear it for the Cowboys rush D. We always hear about Romo and Owens. This rush defense has not given up 100 game to a rusher and has allowed only 3 TD’s on the ground. Not a favorable matchup for a Vikings team that can only run the ball.

It’s a little premature with the Monday night game let to be played but let’s hand out some fantasy game balls…

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NFL Jabber 10/18/07

https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/finsgif.gif The whole Chris Chambers trade.  First thing that comes to mind is the what I hate most about baseball.  Not getting off to a fast start so a team throws in the towel for prospects.  Not that I think the Dolphins have any kind of a chance this season.   I just don’t like the “We’ll get’em next year” attitude.  There are sixteen games in a regular season, I like to think they are all as competitive as possible.  I know it’s business but I don’t like it.  I’m sure many of the players are pissed off as well.  They can say how they will miss Chambers as a person and teammate but you won’t hear much about how it pisses them off that their team is pretty much throwing in the towel…yet.  The media is already digging at Jason Taylor and Joey Porter.  Wait until they lose a couple close games the D played well but the passing game sputtered even more.

Porter was asked if he would have come to the Dolphins as a free agent if he knew this was the direction they would be taking. He refused to go into ”would’ve, could’ve, all that kind of stuff,” but did say:

“There’s a whole lot of things I could’ve done if I knew we were going to be 0-6. That wasn’t my plan. I thought I was coming to a situation that was already a good situation and trying to win. My focus on that still hasn’t changed. We’re off to a bad start. We’re not in the position I thought we would be in. Nobody thought we would be in this position. But, this is the hand we’re dealt. How are you going to play it?”

Taylor said of the rather clear message that the short-term now gets trumped by long-term, “That’s not good news. That’s not something I like. But we also know what we are right now. We’re 0-6. We’re not a real good team right now. So I don’t like it. But you can use whatever word you want to call it. Retooling. Reloading. Whatever you want to call it. But it is what it is. We’re rebuilding.”

The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/hawksgif.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The Big Show is pissed in Seattle.  I have to admit that I was annoyed by the delay with the fallen camera in the Saints-Seahawks game.  I’m sure I enjoy some of the shots the overhead provides without even thinking about it but I’m also sure that I enjoyed watching football before they used them and don’t need a delay for a malfunction in my busy starring at a box schedule.

Apparently the camera almost hit a couple of players.  On top of that, the TV cameras picked up a little more off Holmgren’s play card than he would have liked…like zooming in to where we could all read it at home.

“I don’t even know how they do that,” Holmgren said this week, sounding incredulous. “Was that the camera that almost hit Matt and killed him?

“There are not a lot of secrets. But those things they should probably tell you they’re going to try do that, or ask you. … I would rather they wouldn’t do that.”

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Monday AM Hangover/Week Six

I’m a big fan of the new NFL.com Game Center. I just wonder how long before they try to charge for it.

Up to this point the Saints had looked like they were in the Way Back Machine to 2004. Sunday they finally found the knob to take them to 2006 as they finally turned in a performance that looked like the team that came a game short of the Super Bowl. Reggie Bush will give them something to talk about this week as he played like a feature back.

Despite scoring 27 against the Patriots, the Cowboys looked like that kid that is really good playing in the empty lot against his friends but is pretty average when strapping on the pads and going out for the high school team. The Pats are just bullies. Don’t fret Cowboy fans, you will still rule the empty lot (NFC).

LT turned in his first real LT like performance of the year with over 200 total yards and 4 TD’s. Welcome back to fantasy land LT owners! The old Culpepper returned too with a couple of INT’s and a fumble.

The Bears put up a fight but were no match for Adrian Peterson. What a day! This kid is for real and makes the vikings fun to watch again! Despite the record the Bears made the right move going with Brian Griese.

Let’s give out some game balls…

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NFL Footballderdash/Week Six

Welcome to week six of NFL Footballderdash. So I read yesterday that the Cowboys and Patriots game will be only the third time since the AFL-NFL merger that two teams 5-0 or better have faced off during a season. So we have that game to pick, among others, but first let’s review…


TINO: 2-1 (10-5 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (9-6 overall)

@ https://i1.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/hawksgif.gif
Giving Myth a chance to do his hometown thing since he let me go with the Vikings game a couple weeks back. I really, really, really wanna pick the Saints (I think it is only because I am an avid watcher of K-Ville (Monday nights on Fox @ 9pm CST)), but I can’t go against my gut and stick with the Seahawks. They had a big off week against the Steelers last week and Deion Branch is expected to miss the game, but I think Shaun Alexander will be the next to expose the weak New Orleans defense. FGs will be a common factor in this match-up.

Kelloggs23: Seattle Seahawks

So how it works is I send Kelloggs some games to pick from that I think are going to be the games of the week every week and then he pretty much just sends me back whatever the hell he wants. My nemesis takes a shot at twisting the knife here on a Saints fan (my user name at tino-offseason.com is The Myth) and tells you he is doing me a favor…see how evil he is? As hard as it is for me to pick against the Saints I have t be realistic. They have done a little less than nothing this season and I can’t pick them for anything until they do a little more than something. This is obviously Kelloggs trying to get me to go homer to close the gap on the overall score. Kelloggs lets out a big evil belly laugh as I pick…

TINO: Seahawks

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