Cool MMA Deals

Last month I wanted to check out FIGHT! Magazine to see if it was worth subscribing. I picked one up and subscribed right away. They are running a pretty cool deal right now. If you take a quick survey you get a few bucks knocked off the subscription rate so it’s yours for $9.95. I thought it was a separate promotion but they also have a deal where you get a free Beanie from Combat Sports with a subscription. Turns out I got both deals because my beanie was waiting for me today when I got home.  A Beanie and year subscription to a magazine for under $10, what a bargain for me!

Another deal I just bought was from They are running a deal on Pay Per View Events for the month of December. You get three cards streamed live and then you also have the fights saved in your account like an “On Demand” deal where you can watch them anytime you want.

Think there’s a monopoly in MMA? Then you’ve never watched these premier events from around the world. During December, will be showing three top MMA events that you can’t see anywhere else. The UK’s Cage Rage 24, Brazil’s Fury Fight 5, and Hawaii’s Icon Sport: Relentless, all will be shown in their entirety on for a great low PPV price. Buy all three in advance and save too. Watch all three for less than you pay for other events’ top five or six fights.

The PPV fights are $12.95 each or you can buy all three for $24.95 (which is the deal I took). I’m not a man of many dollars but I love me some MMA so this was a good deal for me.

Go HERE to check it out!proelite.gif


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Hershel Walker and MMA?


Yesterday I was at and seen a link for a Hershel Walker interview. I was in and out and didn’t check it out. I was reminded of it after reading a post at Jiu-Jitsu 365 last night.

So what’s the link to Walker and this MMA site? There is a video interview with Walker sporting an EliteXC shirt (they could have tossed that to him before the camera rolled). Apparently Walker has been training in Taekwon-Do for 30 years, Muay Thai for eight, and Thai Boxing…with a black belt in all of them.

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What did Joe Everyfan think of EliteXC: Renegade?

I have not had the pleasure of going to any live MMA events. There is talk of the UFC coming to Chicago and I’m considering going to some home IFL events for the Quad City Silverbacks. I must admit I’m concerned with the live event as opposed to on TV. I would think it would be hard to see anything.

Koopa, you went to the EliteXC Renegade event this weekend. How do you compare the live production as to watching it on TV?

Well, with floor seats it kinda sucked, cause once the match went to the ground you couldn’t really see anything, you ended up having to look at the big screen……. so if anyone goes, say no to floor seats, also, there was a dude that was like 6 feet tall and the dude was standing on his chair, so I had to stand on my chair……. the American Bank Center is pretty much a shack, when they come back, I’m getting seats in the stands cause they had a much better view then I did…..

Now don’t get me wrong, cause there are some benefit….I got to see Nate Diaz, Forrest Griffin, and one of my all time favorites Randy Couture pretty close, and where I sat, it was right by the entrance, so I saw the fighters up close too when they came out

But all in all, I’d rather watch it on TV, cause sometimes I like to hear the commentators explain stuff, and you can’t hear them live, and I like not having tall people standing on their chairs blocking my view.

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MMA Saturday!

I’m kicking myself again for getting rid of Showtime a few weeks ago. Tonight one of my favorite fighters, Nick Diaz is facing off in a title shot against KJ Noons on EliteXC: Renegade live on Showtime at 10pm Eastern. Also on the card is the Kimbo Slice, the internet’s own backyard brawler has decided to take the fight game up. Check out Sam Caplan’s preview HERE.

Here are some video previews from…



Looks like my favorite free TV MMA organization is putting together a hell of card for December 12th! The WEC has announced there will be three title fights on it’s Versus Network card, and the debut of Jens Pulver! Check out 5 oz. of Pain for more on that!

SpikeTV Will go head to head with the WEC Card with an 3 hour UFC Special of it’s own.

Rumor has it that the UFC is in talks with CBS about airing some live events. Turns out with the writers strike going on TV can use some unscripted show. There is mention of NBC looking at airing Monday Night Raw for WWE…what about their writers?

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