Tim Tebow is the (Heis)Man this year(Video)

Forget about the “Sophomore can’t win the Heisman” thing. Tim Tebow has done it. You do have to admit that the stats are to be reckoned with…

Evidently, if a quarterback has a 20-20 season — 20 touchdown passes and 20 touchdown rushes — it’s OK if he’s only 20 years old. Tebow completed 217 of 317 passes for 3,132 yards and 29 touchdowns (and only six interceptions), and rushed for 838 yards and 22 scores.

Tebow goes on to join Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerful as QB’s who played for Florida and won the Heisman. In a year or two it’s going to be up to Tebow to break the “Florida QB’s suck in the NFL” thing as well.

The TINO votes went 60% to Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, 40% Hawaii QB Colt Brennan, and zero to Tebow. No blow on Tebow himself…I think people just hate Florida.

You ever have to deal with one of those people that will just NOT shut up about whoever they are a fan of? At the alternative school I work at there is this kid that I think can only speak enough words to count on one hand and every sentence starts with Tim Tebow or Steelers. I’m going to hear about this on Monday. GOD forbid the Steelers beat the Patriots (actually, I hope so) or I think the kids head will explode. Just having fun, he is one of the better kids there, at least I can talk some football with him even if it revolves around those two subjects.

Here is a Tebow highlight reel…

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NCAA Jabber 11/13/07


They say that there should not be a playoff in College Football because the whole season is a playoff. That theory is not standing up right now as the Kansas Jayhawks sit at 10-0 and are ranked #3 in the BCS and #4 in the Coaches and Harris Poll. If the season ended today they would not be in the BCS Championship game. Dennis Dodd thinks they are the #1 team right now.

MGOBLOG seems to think that Lloyd Carr will announce his reteirment soon.

Three separate sources indicate that Carr has made his decision to retire official and people around the athletic department are being told. The formal announcement will come after the Ohio State game, possibly at the Monday press conference, possibly a day or two later.

My Mascot is bigger than your Mascot is something that Alabama may be able to say on game day…

During a joint session between the First Year Council and the SGA Senate, the two bodies passed a resolution that will research bringing a live elephant to campus during football games to add school spirit.

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NCAA Salad tossed in a few hours

In a few short hours the NCAA football season was turned upside down. First came the loss of LSU to Kentucky, which should end their reign as the undisputed #1 team in college football. Triple overtime in Kentucky. WOW!

When the score of the LSU game was announced in Berkley, California there was an uproar. All Cal had to do was get past Oregon State and the top spot would be theirs. Then we seen an episode of “When Redshirt Freshman with the game in their hands Attack.”

I saw the field and I thought I could get around that guy,” Kevin Riley said. “It just didn’t happen.”

The Golden Bears were on their way to a tie to take the game to overtime (or a shot at winning) which would have made for an amazing comeback had they won. But with 14 seconds left the Bears ran one more play. It should have been endzone or throw it away but the kid thought he could run it fourteen yards on a very fast Oregon State D. Just like that, Cal’s possible bid for #1 came to an end. Can’t put it all on Riley, he doesn’t play defense and had a great game up until that play…but that is what will be remembered.

BTW, Kudos to the Versus Network on a VERY good game they were able to air in their first year dabbling in college football.

Not the best quality (neither was the play) but we have some video here…

So where does that leave us as the BCS rankings are on the way?

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This Dude got ROCKED!(Video)

Big ass hit during LSU and Mississippi State game.

I don’t think that the human head is supposed to move like that. You can see he was still moving like a Weeble Wobble afterward.

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LSU may have found Mike VI

Apparently LSU has found the replacement for the deceased Mike V (Take that PETA!).

“We have identified a tiger,” said Ginger Guttner, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine spokeswoman, “and plans are under way to transfer that tiger to LSU sometime in August.”

They would like to get Mike VI on campus, registered, through orientation and make sure he doesn’t kill anyone for the first two weeks before he can start getting his mascot on.

“Once the tiger is here and gone through a (two-week) quarantine will it be formally introduced,” Guttner said. “And only then will it become Mike VI.”

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