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NFL Jabber 12/16/07


https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/finsgif.gif Miamiherald.com is looking at free agency and the draft for the Fins today. Nice break from the grumpy old men that can’t wait to uncork the bottle when the Pats lose.

The Dolphins can clinch the #1 pick today with a loss. Think they can do it?

https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/cardsgif.gif Is Edge James Hall of Fame worthy? A little premature of a question but they are asking it in the papers in AZ. His career has been a little quiet since moving to the dessert but he is 13th on the rushing list. They debate it here

https://i1.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/titansgif.gif Mike Maylock of the NFL Network said he wouldn’t draft Vince Young coming out of college because you would have to change your offense to fit him. Jeff Fisher and Norm Chow have been doing a decent job with compromise in their marriage to Young.

“I don’t know if there is another coach who would be able to bring him along like they have to this point, to be able to put their egos at the door, adjust to his strengths and not ask him to do more than he is able to do,” said ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who has been one of Young’s harshest critics. “I can’t think of a place where Vince would be better off. It just takes time.”

Speaking of Norm Chow…he met with the UCLA Bruins about taking the Head Coaching gig in KC last night.

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NFL Jabber 5/4/07

With Matt Hasselbeck still on the mend, Seneca Wallace and David Green will get the reps in minicamp.

The Titans first rounder, Michael Griffen, will be moving from Safety to CB.

After what some think the best draft in the league, the Browns stay at work with rookie free agents. They are bringing in nine of them.

The Cards could top that as they look to bring in 20.

The Bengals will have 14 at minicamp.

Greg Ellis isn’t a fan of the 1st round pick of the Cowboys.

“This was not some generic thing — the guy came to my house,” the Cowboys linebacker said. “It’s the next step. Everybody’s assuming I’m gone.”

As hard as the Chiefs try to replace him, Eddie Kennison just won’t go away.

Cam Inman of the Contra Costa Times has some sour grapes about Randy Moss. He thinks it won’t be such a steal for the Pats come playoff time…at elast they will have to worry about playoff time, right?

Yes folks, Curtis Martin is still in the league

Roy Williams and Mike Furrey went to bat telling the Lions they wanted Calvin Johnson.

The Packers are one of the teams looking into Keyshawn Johnson.

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NFL Jabber 4/28/07

ESPN has a big ass ad on it’s NFL page trying to get you to pay for their NFL draft info at the “impulse buy” section of the checkout counter.

Jason La Canfora of The Washington Post reports that talks have resumed with the Bears and Redskins over LB Lance Briggs. Doesn’t 50% translate to might or might not?

“While a deal was not a certainty, one source with knowledge of the situation said there was a “50-50″ chance a trade would be completed before Washington makes its first selection in the NFL draft tomorrow. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was possible the teams also would swap their first-round draft picks, with the Bears receiving Washington’s sixth overall selection in return for Chicago’s 31st pick.”

Some mock drafts that we have seen have the Bengals taking Miami TE, Greg Olsen in the first round. How often do the Bengals use a TE? Marvin Lewis weighs in with a “might or might not” of his own leaving it as a 50% chance?

The Titans have many needs to fill this season. Given the current situation they can kill two birds with one stone by taking Ted Ginn Jr. if he is there for them. The fashion of the year is to have a stud returner. Ginn could provide them with that and help at WR where they lost players to free agency.

A year after the biggest day in his life, Reggie Bush returns to New York with the less stressful job of peddling Schutt Sports gear.

“It’s definitely a year later,” Bush said at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, where he met with a handful of area high school football players and coaches to introduce a new line of gear for Schutt Sports. “(I’m) able to come to New York and in a sense enjoy this trip without the stress of all that outside stuff.”

The Chiefs are saying the trade rumors about Larry Johnson are untrue (but when Larry goes in the other room we can talk…).

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NFL Jabber 4/26/07

Vince Young can’t do it alone although he makes it appear that way at times. This is the perfect time to start building around this franchise QB the Titans drafted last year.

“Superman can only climb so many buildings. He can’t do it all,” said Gil Brandt, former vice president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. “Vince is certainly a great player. And if you are Vince, what do you do for an encore? Knowing Vince, I’m sure he wants to make last year look miniscule.

“But he’s going to need some help. They’ve lost some key players in Tennessee, and they need to get some guys in place to make some plays for him. You can’t count on him for everything.”

Although it may appear that it is time for the Eagles to begin looking at bringing in another young QB, they are not in a very good spot for it. With the 26th pick they may be reaching if they took one of the second tier QB’s on Saturday.

The Saints draft is still in the hands of the Colts as they wait to see if Indy matches the offer sheet given to CB Jason David.

ESPN has an interesting article on the Best Drafts Ever.

Don Banks is trying to remind everyone (article titled ” Damaged Goods”) that Adrian Peterson broke his collar bone. Disguised as information (which everyone already knows) is likely being put out there so if he gets hurt in the NFL Banks has the “I told you so” card.

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Peterson could make 1/2 of scary duo

Last season the Saints had no choice but to take Reggie Bush when he fell to the #2 spot the night before the draft. Bush made the perfect sidekick to Deuce McAllister in the new Saints offense. The pairing worked perfectly because Bush did not take away from the bread and butter running of Deuce. He was used more to spell McAllister, decoy, and in the passing game.

This season a team that seems to have their #1 running back could face a decision if Adrian Peterson falls to them. Peterson is a different type of RB but teams are leaning more toward the running back by committee approach. Peterson has been projected to go anywhere from 3# to the Browns all the way to #12 with the Bills. The reason for the big gap is that many of those teams appear to be set, or at least manageable at the RB position. Let’s have a look at what kind of pairings could develop if someone did pull the trigger. (No, I’m not always addressing teams needs, I’m talking about if it were to happen.)

With the glaring needs in other positions it won’t happen. Beyond the other needs, the signing of Dominic Rhoads and the current starter LaMont Jordan would make it too crowded.

It could have happened here but the Lions went out and got T.J. Duckett and Tatum Bell to carry the rock while Kevin Jones is recovering.

Easily the first place it could happen. Don’t let the Jamal Lewis signing fool you. He is not the long term, or possibly even the short term answer. It may be the perfect situation for Peterson to share the load with Lewis in his first season. Many rookie RB’s run out of gas toward the end of their first season.

This would be a long shot since the Bucs have Caddy Williams on the squad and he was picked just two years ago. Granted, he had somewhat of a bomb of a season last year but two top 5 RB’s in three drafts isn’t likely. It could make for a nice pairing though.

The Edge would not be happy but this is a tasty scenerio as well. James is getting older but thinks he is going to play forever so it wouldn’t make for a pretty locker room. If they got past that though you could have another reason to think this will be the breakout year for the Cards offense.

Another crowded backfield. The Skins like Ladell Betts but could move him on draft day if they wanted to make room for Peterson. Don’t think it will happen but Peterson and Portis would make a nice pairing.

This is actually another projected spot for Peterson to fall. Chester Taylor had a decent season but he isn’t the home run hitting franchise back that Peterson will be. The Vikings have not had THE guy since Robert Smith retired.

Jerious Norwood had a decent rookie campaign last season. Peterson coming to Atlanta would give them the significant threat at the position though. They say they want to pound the ball and this could do it.

Like the Bucs, you don’t take two RB’s in the top 10 in three years. Pairing Peterson with Ronnie Brown could be interesting. Ricky Williams coming back could make for a crowded backfield but trading him away could make room for Peterson. Longest shot since the raiders in my eyes.

Another landing spot for Peterson on many mock drafts. Like the Browns, the Texans went out and got an RB in free agency in Ahman Green. Call me crazy but I think that Kubiak guy has been know to use more than one RB in Denver. I would love to see this be the place for Peterson to fall and that is because I want to see the Texans succeed.

Frank Gore came out like a warrior last season. Not a logical choice at all but what a scary duo it would make .

No team needs Peterson more than the Bills. McGahee is gone and Anthony Thomas has not been the answer since his rookie season. The Bills would be blessed if Peterson somehow fell this far.

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NFL Jabber 4/22/07

With no picks in the 2nd, 3rd,or 4th round, we could see the Redskins trading down. Jason La Canfora of The Washington Post thinks that a trade up for Calvin Johnson could swing as well.

Character is likely going to be a big part of this years draft given the actions of the new sheriff in town.

“We’ve always had the information,” said an NFL team scout, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “It’s a matter now of the weight we give it; do you accept or decline a guy because of his background?”

Greg Olsen would love to be taken by the Jets next weekend.

“That would be unbelievable,” Olsen told the Daily News. “You couldn’t ask for anything better than that. My family would have to drive only 20 minutes to see my home games.”

The Saints could have to wait until Friday to plan a direct draft strategy. They are waiting on the Colts to match or not on CB Jason David.

Four NFL related guys land on the 100 Unsexiest Men list of The Phoenix, Michael David Smith posted at The Fanhouse

“The Phoenix has revealed its annual list of the 100 Unsexiest Men, and four guys from the NFL world made the cut: Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Titans cornerback Pacman Jones, Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Monday Night Football commentator Tony Kornheiser.”

Buying Disability Insurance is the new “In” thing to do on campus.

Not much going on in Denver. Headlines of Punter Todd Sauerbrun have dominated the Rocky Mountain News.

Rumors of Marshawn Lynch’s back problems doesn’t scare the Packers.

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