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Arena Football Power Rankings | Week 2

Arena Football Power Rankings | Week 2

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The numbers for week one are in and crunched.  We now present our first Arena Football Power Rankings for 2008.  we had some pretty good games on TV this week.  This weekend we can look forward to the #1 Rush to take on #4 Soul in a game that should shake up the rankings for next week on ESPN2.

If you would like to do sort of a Pick’em with a different flava, go over and see our friends at The Fan Yard and get in on the AFL games.

# 1. Chicago
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
The questions about the offensive changes in Chicago were answered and the Defense was solid in what they are calling the best rivalry in Arena Football against the SaberCats.

#2. Dallas
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Even an injured shoulder couldn’t stop QB Dolezel in the fourth quarter. The D stepped up beyond expectations when needed.

#3. Los Angeles
Record: 1-0
Last week: –
Erase the pick thrown with his first pass and Sunnie Cumby looks like the star we think he is going to be throwing 7 TD’s.

#4.  Philadelphia
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Tony Graziani was on fire throwing nine TD’s, four to his new favorite target (and old teammate in LA), Chris Jackson.

#5. San Jose
Record: 0-1
Last Week: –
The SaberCats came back from an early 14-0 deficit and went blow for blow with Chicago until the second half. They are far from done regardless of the 0-1 start.

#6. Tampa Bay
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Tampa takes away a close win on the back of their running game. Yes…running game. Four TD’s for Torrence Marshall.

#6. Tampa Bay
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Tampa takes away a close win on the back of their running game. Yes…running game. Four TD’s for Torrence Marshall.

#7. Colorado
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
John Dutton spreads the ball around in a close game against Columbus. Bye week in week 2.

#8. Cleveland
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
In it’s first game since moving from Las Vegas, the Gladiators come away with a W. Raymond Philyaw starts the season hot.

#9. Georgia
Record: 0-1
Last Week: –
Looked like they were going to change the game in the fourth quarter but penalties will stack up against you.

#10. Arizona
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Eight TD’s out of QB Lang Campbell would seem like enough but it came down to a missed Utah FG to win the game.

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NFL Jabber 4/8/07

Go figure. Barry Sanders says that you need to build a team with the O-Line. Maybe if that advice was taken years ago he would have kept playing.

“I don’t know that much about who we have right now,” Sanders said in a telephone interview the other day. “I’ve always liked just football players — guys who are football; players with overwhelming physical talent, in most cases.

“Obviously, there are some exceptions. The game, it’s not an easy game, but I think some of the concepts are pretty obvious, especially on the professional level. You have to have some kind of protection. The guys on defense up front are just too fast and too strong and too good not to have a good, solid offensive line.

“I think, every year, when you look in the playoffs and Super Bowl, that fact is made even more obvious. You always have to shore up your line of scrimmage.”

Lincoln Kennedy is using the Arena Football League to gear up for a potential NFL comeback. I have wondered what his motive was for going to the AFL rather than shooting straight to the NFL.

“When I put my mind toward something, I like to see it through,” Kennedy said in a phone interview Thursday. “When I came into the league, my goal was to play 12 years. I burned out after my 11th year. Staying near the game in the media helped me stay surrounded by the sport, and when my body started feeling better, I decided I wanted to go back and get that 12th year.”

Jon Akerman of NBCsports.com feels that the #11 pick is the best to land a star player. He pegs the worst spot as #6.

So apparently the Raiders are in talks with the Lions about a trade for Josh McCown.

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Another Former NFL Backup QB to Start in AFL

Rohan Davey is the latest former NFL player to continue with the love of the game starting in the Arena League.

“I learned from guys like Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick that preparation is the key,” said Davey. “The more you prepare, the more you know about the other team and their tendencies. I’ll know more about the coverage and where I should put the football. It puts you in a better position to win the football game.”

Dragons name Rohan Davey as starter
Courtesy: New York Dragons

New York Dragons head coach Weylan Harding has named Rohan Davey his starting quarterback for Sunday’s game in Chicago and for the foreseeable future.

The 6-2, 240-pound Davey has two Super Bowl rings from three seasons as the New England Patriots’ backup quarterback to Tom Brady from 2002-2004. From 2005-2006 Davey was on the roster of the Arizona Cardinals.

This is Davey’s first season in the Arena Football League. He started the second half in the Dragons’ season-opening loss to Dallas on March 4 and was 12-22 with 131 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Mike Horacek.

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7 Points in an Arena game?

Alot of regular football fans balk at the Arena league, one of the reasons being the “unrealistic” high scoring. (I want to add here that it IS realistic for Arena football…that’s what it is…Arena football).

Laughing stock of a league that gets laughed at. That is what the New York Dragons are in week one.

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Desperados crush Dragons, 60-7
Courtesy: Arena Football League

“This will never happen again,” said Dragons head coach Weylan Harding. “I’m confident about that. It was a hard lesson and we learned early. We’re going to have to fight. Any loss is frustrating, but I’m more than confident that the next time we face them we will be a different group. We’re going to work harder, make a couple of changes and correct the mistakes.”

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ESPN and the AFL

I’m glad to see they are putting some work into their association with the Arena League. This can be huge for the league if ESPN viewers will give it a chance. Best quote from the article, “The AFL hasn’t tried to be the NFL.” I think alot of people don’t give it a chance because they think that the Arena League IS trying to be the NFL.

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ESPN idea for AFL is ‘Brilliant!’


ESPN is taking seriously its new contract to telecast Arena Football League games through 2011.

The 24/7, all-sports network conglomerate has picked Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, of the popular Mike & Mike in the Morning ESPN radio show and ESPN2 simulcast, to be its No. 1 broadcast team of AFL games this season.

Sports radio’s “Odd Couple” in the TV booth for the top AFL game of week is “Brilliant!” – except that ad campaign has been taken.

The AFL hasn’t tried to be the NFL. Smart move.

Said senior executive Jay Rothman: “Mike and Mike have unbelievable chemistry. They’re a fun listen. We weren’t looking for the traditional play-by-play/analyst [booth].”

So far, mission accomplished.

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Former NFL Stars Suiting Up in the Arena League

With the Arena season kicking off this weekend there are some names that NFL fans would recognize suiting up. Although it is common for alot of practice squad guys to give the Arena League a shot, some of these name surprised me. Here are some former NFL players that will be playing on the short field this year.

Shaun King-Shaun King led the Tampa Bay Bucs to the NFC Championship in his rookie season in the NFL. now he is going to be playing for the Las Vegas Gladiators.

Peter Warrick-4th overall pick in 2000 by the Bengals, Warrick joins King in Vegas.

Lincoln Kennedy-Pro Bowl lineman surprised me when he signed to play with the Dallas Desperados.

Troy Edwards-13the overall pick in 1999 by the Steelers, Edwards signed to play for the Grand Rapids Rampage.

Adrian McPherson-He couldn’t avoid a mascot on a full sized field and now is going to be on a smaller one. My first exposure to McPherson was when he was the rookie of the year with Indian a few years back. Now he is starting for the Austin Wranglers.

Micheal Bishop-Not a big name in the NFL when he was a backup in New England but he is one of the premiere QB’s in the Arena League. He returns to the Kansas area to play for the Kansas City Brigade.

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