NFL Footballderdash/Week 17

Oh, what a long winding road it has been. We have laughed, we have cried, we have called each other names. Week 17 marks the end of Footballderdash for the 2007 season as well as regular posting at TINO Sports Page. We will be moving our opperations (read laptops sitting on a coffee table stealing someone’s wireless) to Football Jabber.

Let’s review…


TINO:0-3 (27-23 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (27-23 overall)

The second 0-3 week of the season for the good guy. Looks as if we are tied going into week 17. I was going to throw a couple bones to Kelloggs this week but now I have to pick to win. image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Rumor has it that the NFL was getting pressure from politicians about getting this game off just the NFL Network and out where everyone could see it. CBS and NBC will get to share the game with NFLN. Here is what happens…Patriots go up early and maybe, MAYBE, Bill will be nice and take some players out. If it’s anywhere close, starters stay in here. It isn’t the Giants fault that they just happened to be the last team to play the Patriots this season. It would be cute to see them try and win this but the playoffs are coming. And hell, then they can say they didn’t want to win anyway because they were already in…right? The Giants take starters out (after being beaten down already) and lay down like a big Brett Favre for Michael Strahan.

TINO: Patriots

Both say they won’t rest their starters, but if I were the Giants I would. True you can possibly stop the Pats pursuit of perfection, but do you really wanna piss off Bill and have him keep Brady in the 4th quarter to run it up on you? No, just sit your guys and get them healthy for the playoffs. The NFC is weak and any team could come out of it, so get your banged up guys ready to go and concentrate on that. But we all know good ‘ol Tommy isn’t gonna do that, he’ll run his guys into the ground.

Kelloggs23: Pick: New England Patriots

And the rest of the games…

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NFL Footballderdash/Week 16


The regular season is winding down on NFL Footballderdash…and the NFL season.  Our hero(me) holds a two game lead over the bad guy.

TINO:1-2 (27-20 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (25-22 overall)
This was supposed to be a game with more playoff implications.  The Saints have looked like the 2006 Saints the last two weeks but the ghost of X-Mas past has made too many visits for them to be in a comfortable position in the playoff race.  They have put up 65 points the last two games, although one of them being against the Falcons doesn’t really count.  Drew Brees is back on track and the season rides on this game for the Saints.  The Eagles are looking to play spoiler this week as they have dropped too many important games in the last month to keep up in the race.  Word is flying around that McNabb will be heading out.  If that is the case, McNabb has two showcase games left before leaving, starting here.

TINO: Saints

My how the mighty have fallen. If I remember correctly, both these teams were supposed to be fighting for a spot in the Super Bowl, but it isn’t looking like either will even be getting a sniff of the playoffs. The ‘aints will need the W to keep their hopes alive and Stecker has been “filling” in quite nicely. Personally I think he should have become more of a factor when Deuce went down, but then again there is a reason I’m not coaching an NFL team right now. With that said, I think McNabb & Westbrook will put together a good game for the Iggles on offense and their defense will be adequate against the Saints meager offense.

Kelloggs23: Philadelphia Eagles

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NFL Footballderdash Week Fourteen

Last week was my worst showing yet. 0-3 is what I got for sticking with my “The Jags will take one from Indy this year” and my illusion of a Saints turn around. Back to business. Even after that mess I still hold a two game lead on this character. He picked the games again this week so let’s go see what he has for me. First a look at the scores…

Last Week

TINO:0-3 (24-17 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (22-19 overall)

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Nothing like a good rivalry game late in the season. For the Giants this is a game that can push them further toward the playoffs. For the Eagles…well…they can play spoiler against a team they hate. Defense should be key in this game. The Giants tore McNabb up last time they faced each other. Eli is struggling against pressure and the Eagles can bring that on D. On the offensive side of the ball for the Eagles we have to expect a whole lot of Bryan Westbrook. If that isn’t the case the Eagles really do deserve to be where they are in the standings.

TINO: Giants

Is Eli back? I was high on him, then down on him and now I really don’t know what to think about the guy. He looked good at the end against the Bears, but it was the Bears. Ward helped him out a lot that game with a huge rushing total, but now he’s done for the year. Will Eli be able to get it done? McNabb is back for the Eagles, but I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet. I’m gonna go with good along with the fact that Westbrook is the most underrated RB in the league. Anyone remember the last game where McNabb was on his back the entire game because the Gmen manhandled the line. I think PHI will fix its faults and come away with this one.

Kelloggs23: Eagles

and the rest of the games…

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NFL Footballderdash Week Thirteen

Just like everyone overeats on Thanksgiving we had a little excess as well. We went five game last week, you would think that would have helped Kelly gain some ground. Games like this are always more fun when your winning. So the kid trails by four with 15 games left for the regular season. I’m going to throw him a couple bones this week I think.


TINO:4-1 (24-14 overall)

Kelloggs23: 3-2 (20-18 overall)

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Last time these two teams played I took the Jags. In the preseason I picked them to split with the Colts. David Garrard is yet to throw an INT but also has not played the whole season. His first (and maybe more) could very well come this week. MJD and Fred Taylor will be the focus of the game plan on both sides of the ball when the Jags have the rock. Look for it to be the Joe Addai show on offense for the Colts, this guy is not missing a beat. We are getting to the time in the season when the Colts need to make a statement and there wouldn’t be a better time than against the division rival that trails them by a game. With that said, I have to stick to my split.

TINO: Jaguars

The Jaguars have Garrard back and are looking good, but I just can’t go against Peyton at home. With the piped in sound on defense and him confusing the heck out of the other team on offense, they are one of the toughest teams to play at home. I like how their offense has still been clicking even without Marvin and I think their D is one of the most underrated in the league. Overall, I think people don’t respect Indy like they should so I’m going to toss them some props.

Kelloggs23: Indianapolis Colts

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NFL Footballderdash/Week 12

Yes, I have broke the 20 win mark for the season. If I could hear Kellogg23’s voice through the words he types I’m sure it would be quivering a bit. There is a bit of separation going on here. This week we are doing all of the Thanksgiving Day games and then throwing in a couple for Sunday as well. Maybe with five games going the kid can get back in the hunt here!

Yesterday I posted a preview for Thanksgiving Day with some history and all that cool stuff. CLICK HERE if you want to check that out.


TINO:3-0 (20-13 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (17-16 overall)

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Who would have thought that this game would have so much meaning when the schedule came out this year? The Packers have a pretty good grasp on the division right now at 9-1. The Lions are in Wild Card mode and need every win they can get. I always pull for the Lions on Thanksgiving. This season though I’m pulling for Favre as it MAY be his last…or not. I would also like to see both teams 10-1 when the Pack face the Cowboys next week.

TINO: Packers

This one is a toughie. Green Bay has been hot as of late, but Detroit hasn’t been too shabby either. If this game was in Green Bay, well then it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving would it? Instead of picking this game, I think we should try to figure out the over/under on how many Barry Sanders on Thanksgiving highlights they show during the game. I’ll put it at 3 and take the over. I’m going with the Lions only because they are at Ford Field and I think they will come to play.

Kelloggs23: Detroit Lions

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NFL Footballderdash/ Week Eleven

In our previous episode both Kelloggs23 and I dropped more games than we gained.  Did I learn my lesson for having too much faith in the Giants?  Not likely.  I had also put too much stock in KC’s defense and found myslef on the wrong side of an inconsistent Bronco’s team.

So let’s have a look at week 11.  I still hold a game on my nemesis but this week we differ in two games and it can swing the other way (like my nemesis).


TINO:1-2 (17-13 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (16-14 overall)

The Giants and Lions both come in at 6-3 and can’t afford a loss trailing in their divisions. The trouble for the Lions is they are playing against the Giants and themselves. Their going to have to get that running game into the positive numbers this week to have any hope. This is the biggest game up to this point for them and a win would be huge going into the Thanksgiving game with the Packers. After a slow start the Giants defense is looking mean and could be all over Jon Kitna. They have to be pissed after giving the game away on penalties last week against the Cowboys. The Giants win this game with balance on offense and the better defense.

TINO: Giants
I was singing Eli’s praises last week, but I am switching boats this week. Eli is trash. The Lions have soooo much offense, pretty much from when they sucked every year and had Top 10 picks. Their defense is playing like they should and keeping them in games which is all that they need. The Giants meanwhile haven’t been able to play a complete game in a few weeks and I don’t see it happening in Motown this week.

Kelloggs23: Detroit Lions

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NFL Footballderdash/ Week Ten

Last week it came down to the Steelers and Ravens for us.   The Steelers tearing up the Ravens also put me a game ahead of Kelloggs for the total on the season.  This week can either have me taking a bigger lead or even falling behind a game as we differ in opinion on some of the winners this week.   All rivalry games this week, gotta love it!

So let’s review a little bit and then get into this weeks games…


TINO: 3-0 (16-11 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (15-12 overall) @
A trap game for me? Green Bay and Brett Favre are playing lights out. They are also doing something that is very important, which some teams don’t do. They are playing the WHOLE game. If only they had that running game they would be very dangerous. The Vikings had history on their side last week with Adrian Peterson in a monster showing with LT having to watch the kid on the block tear up the field from the sideline. The Vikings are not going to pretend they are doing anything but running the ball all day. The Packers will not try to pretend that they can run the ball. The Packers are due for a loss and it can always go either way in these rivalry games but I’m going with Favre and the Packers D.

TINO: Packers

Last time these two played, I was a big homer and figured the Vikings had a shot at the Super Bowl. This time I am much more grounded. Or is it the ground game that I am thinking of? ADRIAN PETERSON welcome to the frozen tundra where you will dominate the next few years. The Vikings D knows that Favre & the Pack Attack will have to pass and will be much better prepared this time around. AP will run wild and Brooks will have a homecoming (Wisconsin alum) that will be labeled “unspectacular, but efficient”. This will lead the Vikings to victory and a possible birth in that p-word that they have at the end of every season.

Kelloggs23: Minnesota Vikings

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