All American Football League still making a go of it

Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan and Tennessee. These are the initial teams in the All American Football League. The teams are located in college football hotbeds. Can me take a second and think about ME and put a friggen team in Iowa? I know it’s not exactly a college football powerhouse but we have a lot of football fans that would back this thing. Ok, enough of that.

Texas Coach, Jon Jenkins wants to put it out there again for you naysayers that are not trying to compete with the NFL.

“It’s more of a supporting arm to college football than anything,” Jenkins said. “Indeed it is a pro football league, but well play in the spring and stay in the spring, unlike some of the mistakes that happened in the past with other professional leagues.”

Eric Crouch showed up at tryouts although too injured to dress out and quit.

The league opens in mid April 2008 and concludes with a title game on July 3rd. I don’t know if any TV stations have picked up on it (listening Versus Network?) but I would watch.

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4 Responses to “All American Football League still making a go of it”

  1. dsmith Says:

    This is a great deal in America, Spring Football is going to be a hit. I support this league, as a fan, and hopefully I will see great games. Tickets go on sale October 31st, honestly I cant wait to purchase. Peter Warrick, Eric Crouch, Shane Matthews this league is associated with a lot of familiar names. I cant wait to see what happens next!

  2. Tino Says:

    Where will you be getting tickets for?

  3. Josh Says:

    Whos the girl in the pic!!!???

    also, i think this is a great idea, gives some players another chance and should be well received in such football hotspots.

  4. Football Coach Says:

    I think the league has a shot if they get the backing.

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