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Just in time for the 2008 Football season Football Jabber has added The Locker Room Community.  Think MySpace for the football fan!  From the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl…


Site Pimp:Big Ten Fever

Something that we have been doing is a little site pimping Q&A with the sites affiliated with There is NO Offseason and TINO Sports Page. Big Ten Fever was the first to hook up with us earlier in the year. Yaya is the head chick over there. Plumber by day, sexually harassed and sexually harassing by night, she puts a lot of time in at her Big Ten themed site.

TINO: Tell me about Big Ten Fever, what makes you stand out?

Yaya: Well, we are a message board that focuses on all 11 teams of the Big Ten. We also have other forums where we talk about almost anything. I think what makes us stand out is we really have some great posters that are knowledgeable and are great contributors. It’s a very interactive site with not only forums, but we have a chatroom that stays very active, an arcade, and bookie. Oh yeah, and it’s run by me so it’s super awesome.

TINO: How do you summarize the Big Ten Football season up until now?

Yaya: Well the perception has been that this is a down year for the BT, but we also have 8 teams going to bowl games. Even though we’ve seen some big upsets, I don’t see this conference as being weak. A lot of the conferences have had upsets this year, I just think we are seeing parity rearing it’s ugly little face. And I think it’s good for the sport.

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BCS can bite themselves

If everything plays out right the BCS can bite themselves. If Hawaii can manage to beat Washington next weekend and Kansas gets past Missouri and wins the Big 12, there will be two teams left unbeaten. Wouldn’t that be tasty?

An argument against a playoff and for the BCS is that the whole season is a playoff. Now if both of these teams make it unbeaten and one is left out (Hawaii) it wouldn’t be the first time but it sure wouldn’t look right. Ok, your going to start with the “Who have they beaten?”-that is besides the point. I’m talking about their argument that the whole season is a playoff. If they keep leaving unbeaten teams out they should be able to use that argument. If you make the “Who have they beaten” argument Ohio State should not really be sitting where they are. Youngstown State, Akron, and Kent State are not real tough opponents and the Big Ten sucked BIG TIME this year.

LSU falling to Arkansas was a kick in the ass. Depending on the way the ball rolled the BCS had to hope for LSU vs. Ohio State. OSU still has a very good chance to land in the title game with some help. Chances are they will even make it in over Hawaii if Hawaii goes unbeaten. That really grinds my gears.

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NCAA Jabber 11/13/07


They say that there should not be a playoff in College Football because the whole season is a playoff. That theory is not standing up right now as the Kansas Jayhawks sit at 10-0 and are ranked #3 in the BCS and #4 in the Coaches and Harris Poll. If the season ended today they would not be in the BCS Championship game. Dennis Dodd thinks they are the #1 team right now.

MGOBLOG seems to think that Lloyd Carr will announce his reteirment soon.

Three separate sources indicate that Carr has made his decision to retire official and people around the athletic department are being told. The formal announcement will come after the Ohio State game, possibly at the Monday press conference, possibly a day or two later.

My Mascot is bigger than your Mascot is something that Alabama may be able to say on game day…

During a joint session between the First Year Council and the SGA Senate, the two bodies passed a resolution that will research bringing a live elephant to campus during football games to add school spirit.

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In Michigan’s Defense…

Michigan fans are going to have to listen to a lot for the rest of the season. I really do feel for them having such high hopes and the chance of a National Title crushed (better be crushed, they shouldn’t even be ranked next week). It really does suck to look forward to a season with so much promise and high hopes only to drop the season opening gimme game against a D1-AA school.

In their defense, Appalachian State kicks ass. Well, they kick ass in Div. 1-AA. They play in the tough Southern Conference against the likes of Chattanooga, Furman, Elon, and Wofford. They have won back to back National Championships. Here is some poor video highlights from the 2006 National Championship.

In all seriousness, congrats to Appalachian State it’s a victory that the school will relish in for years to come. It’s also a game that Michigan will hear about for sometime and deservedly so.

Stop by TINO and vote as to whether you think Michigan will be ranked next week or not.

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Big Ten Coaches As South Park Characters.

I’m not what you would call a big South Park fan but I see the humor in it. This cracked me up.

Via the ever-entertaining Georgia Sports Blog, the Fanhouse relays this year’s edition of Big Ten Coaches generated by the fellow Dawg Kit Kitchens:

Not sure why Kirk Ferentz looks like a hella-pissed off Vulcan but there you go. Also not sure why Lloyd Carr’s so damn happy after the last two games of his season. The JoePa likeness is freaky, though.

You can whip up your own South Park characters if you like.

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