NFL Jabber 11/30/07


So, the thing did show parts of the Packers/Cowboys game in a live stream. A majority of the show was commentary from the studio with live “check in” every now and then. They did tend to go to the game when a team hit the redzone and replayed big plays (most involving T.O.). Wasn’t to me what was advertised but still better than the nothing on my T.V. The Packers record was not the only one changed Thursday night. Tony Romo broke the Cowboys single season TD record with #30. Terrell Owens tied the TD catch record with 13. Romo also tied a 16 game streak with TD’s. Chances are these will be built upon as we move forward with the season.

Romo is like the new Brady. I just can’t find anything not to like about the kid. He seems like Tom Brady a bit back when Tom Brady looked like he was having fun with the game. Maybe he is the new Favre. At the least he is the new QB that is not an Asshole with a big ego.

“When I got out to the field, (I realized) it was pretty neat, the atmosphere,” Romo said. “I looked around and was like, `This is why you want to play sports.’ You want to play in games like this. Your competitive juices get flowing and you want to prove what kind of player you are.”

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You Could watch Packers/Cowboys

tspbabe_cowboys1.jpgI got an email yesterday titled, “Watch Packers-Cowboys on via!”

My first response made me jump to opening the email. This is awesome! is really getting cool now! NOT! It was an ad for NFL/Sprint. Turns out if I had a Sprint phone I could watch the game.

This made me think…The NFL Network could really capatilize on this Packers/Cowboys game if tey streamed it live. Plaster the page with all kinds of “I want my NFL Network” links. After this game I don’t believe you are going to hear too many people screaming for it looking at the games they have lined up (I will still bitch though). Maybe week 17 when the Patriots face the Giants in what could be the game that the Pats end the season 16-0.

If the NFL Network was REALLY concerned about how many NFL fans are not getting to see the games because of the cable companies, they could throw us a bone and stream the game live on their site. Yahoo! is doing it with MMA now. The downfall with that is us NFL Network deprived are supposed to get really upset because we don’t get it and contact the FCC or buy a dish…so that won’t happen.

I believe they may still be showing some highlights and whatnot at but I don’ think it is streamed.
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Monday AM Hangover/ Week 12

How bad is the NFC? Being one game over .500 has you in the playoffs. The 0-4 starting Saints are still in it folks as they trail just the Eagles and Lions for the #6 seed. They smacked the hell out of their division rival Panthers. Week 13 is going to be a major week as far as shaping the playoff hunt in the NFC as six teams sit at 5-6, a game behind those Lions.

The Bears Adrian Peterson is going to be getting the rock now that Cedric Benson is out for the season. I said before the season started that Peterson would be a fantasy sleeper stud if anything happened to Benson….we will see.

Picture this…Adrian Peterson+the Vikings D+QB play. If they ever get all three of those together they could be dangerous. They were yesterday with Chester Taylor filling in the Peterson part of the equation.

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Adrian Peterson/NFL Video Highlights

The NFL put a limit on video highlights the media can use and yanks things off YouTube faster than Goodell can suspend someone. At least they are doing something with it on their end. The record breaking performance by Adrian Peterson yesterday is chronicled for your viewing pleasure HERE.

It appears that every touch Peterson had is in this highlight clip. Kudos to on this one! I was able to watch the last quarter of this game but thanks to this video I can feel somewhat like I seen all of the historic performance.

Even the run that Peterson lost the fumble on was a monster run. Ironic that the game was against the Chargers, who usually run all day on the opponent…at least in years past. I may have been looking a little far into it but as I was watching the 4th quarter of the game I was thinking it was an appropriate opponent with Tomlinson on the other side. A changing of the guard in a way.
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So let’s talk Patriots @ Colts

It’s nothing new for the Colts to be in a game mid-season where there is talk of 16-0. This year it isn’t the Colts that are the focus of that talk though. The Patriots are the scariest team to take the field in some time and despite dropping their last three to the Colts they are coming into this Sunday’s game the favorite. With good reason. The least amount of points they have put up is 34 in weeks 4-5. Their last two road games? They put up a total of 97 points. People are crying about them running up the score. Would someone please stop them then?

The Patriots ravaging of their competition makes the Colts season look pedestrian. The only time they really put up what we know as Colt like numbers was in a week one 41-10 win over New Orleans. The defense is improved. Not THAT improved though. It’s been a while since the Colts have entered a game a REAL underdog where people thought they were not going to win. I tend to be someone who pulls for the underdog (Saints fan) and I feel sorry for the Colts so much in this matchup that I will be cheering for them.

You know the media has been waiting for this. I’m surprised that NBC is not putting on a compilation of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s Saturday Night Live appearances this weekend. I never seen Brady’s but I know Manning’s was a big hit and I thought it was pretty funny shit.

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Monday AM Hangover/Week One

We are done with the first Sunday of the NFL season. There are already some unlikely wins and some overtime. Don’t you love when things don’t go as planned? That’s why the games are played they say. So now I give you some random thoughts on some games.

The Game Highlight links take you to the game page for each at the new where you can view video highlights. Pretty cool on their part although other parts of the new site are still lacking.
Game Highlights
Who the hell are these Texans? I realize they were playing the Chiefs and not much is expected of them this season. Thing is, the Texans are not supposed to win. Matt Schaub had an average showing but enough to show that the Texans made the right move with the trade. One of many to come I suspect, a 77 yard TD from Schaub to Andre Johnson…niiiiice. The defense was impressive, even scoring a touchdown thanks to that Williams guy they drafted last year.

43 yards against the Texans. That’s Larry Johnson’s total on the ground. He did get another 44 in the air but Johnson is supposed to be able to run all over these guys. For now we can chalk it up to not coming to work all summer. The Texans don’t appear as bad as usual but it has to hurt when Houston takes a knee on you to end the game…easily.

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Check out the new!

I have to admit that I don’t go to very often. Although I’m an NFL football fan I’m not a very big fan of the NFL business and to me the site had become one big commercial for itself.

Last night I stopped by and was amazed. I don’t know when it happened because I don’t get there often as I said but they totally reworked it.

What I find most impressive is the Game Center. Click on one of the game scores at the top of the page and you are taken to what appears to be a website for that game alone. If you have Adobe video player you can watch highlights. I’m very impressed. now when do they start charging for it?

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