Patriots game to be on NBC/CBS

I was holding back at my futile efforts for giving another F-You to the NFL Network for the Patriots history making game being on the NFLN this weekend.

It turns out the NFL does care about us!  The game will also be on NBC and CBS!

The game against the New York Giants, in which the Patriots could become the first NFL team to go 16-0 in the regular season, was originally scheduled to be shown only on the NFL Network, which is available in fewer than 40 percent of the nation’s homes with TVs.

But the league announced Wednesday that the NFL Network feed will be simulcast on NBC and CBS. It’s a major concession by league officials, who repeatedly said they would not show the game anywhere but the NFL Network. The NFL had faced mounting pressure from politicians in recent weeks to make the game available to more viewers.




We Give Patriots

It wasn’t fair to put the hope of the non-Patriot fan world on the shoulders of the Steelers…but we had to. Who else is going to do it?

The New York Jets? They did shock everyone with a win over the Steelers. No way they are the one to take down the Pats though.

The Miami Dolphins? How cool would that be? A winless (just assuming they lose next week) Fins team comes into Foxboro and knocks off the undefeated team threatening to take their record away. That would be cool as hell. It’s not likely they will beat any team this year but why not pull for this one to happen? Remember when the Fins gave the 85′ Bears their only loss? Ironically it was the Patriots that went on to their first Super Bowl that year. Go Dolphins, it’s up to you to keep what is yours!

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20,000 Hit Party!

TINO Sports Page is going to reach the 20,000 hit mark this morning. That counts the hits since moving it here to WordPress from Blogger sometime in June. May not be much but at least I know that some of the crap I’m force feeding people is getting read a little bit.

In honor of our 20,000 hits I thought we would have some beer and women over for today as I take some time to thank some people and places in a big link dump (in no particular order) and use it as an excuse to post pics of scantly clad women.

  • Thanks to the guys and gals at my site There is NO Offseason for listening to me babble there and then clicking on the stuff over here as well.
  • Thanks to our affiliate sites Cowboys Pride and The Sports Zone for letting me push my stuff on their members as well.
  • Thanks to affiliate Pigskin Heaven for leaving up the Ricky Williams comic and video they thought was inappropriate, even if they did move it to a forum I can’t post in as they comment on it.
  • Thanks to the people that click the little “Keep Reading” thingy like below here and actually visit the blog. Only you know that the good stuff is hid behind door #3.

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NFL Jabber 11/30/07


So, the thing did show parts of the Packers/Cowboys game in a live stream. A majority of the show was commentary from the studio with live “check in” every now and then. They did tend to go to the game when a team hit the redzone and replayed big plays (most involving T.O.). Wasn’t to me what was advertised but still better than the nothing on my T.V. The Packers record was not the only one changed Thursday night. Tony Romo broke the Cowboys single season TD record with #30. Terrell Owens tied the TD catch record with 13. Romo also tied a 16 game streak with TD’s. Chances are these will be built upon as we move forward with the season.

Romo is like the new Brady. I just can’t find anything not to like about the kid. He seems like Tom Brady a bit back when Tom Brady looked like he was having fun with the game. Maybe he is the new Favre. At the least he is the new QB that is not an Asshole with a big ego.

“When I got out to the field, (I realized) it was pretty neat, the atmosphere,” Romo said. “I looked around and was like, `This is why you want to play sports.’ You want to play in games like this. Your competitive juices get flowing and you want to prove what kind of player you are.”

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You Could watch Packers/Cowboys

tspbabe_cowboys1.jpgI got an email yesterday titled, “Watch Packers-Cowboys on via!”

My first response made me jump to opening the email. This is awesome! is really getting cool now! NOT! It was an ad for NFL/Sprint. Turns out if I had a Sprint phone I could watch the game.

This made me think…The NFL Network could really capatilize on this Packers/Cowboys game if tey streamed it live. Plaster the page with all kinds of “I want my NFL Network” links. After this game I don’t believe you are going to hear too many people screaming for it looking at the games they have lined up (I will still bitch though). Maybe week 17 when the Patriots face the Giants in what could be the game that the Pats end the season 16-0.

If the NFL Network was REALLY concerned about how many NFL fans are not getting to see the games because of the cable companies, they could throw us a bone and stream the game live on their site. Yahoo! is doing it with MMA now. The downfall with that is us NFL Network deprived are supposed to get really upset because we don’t get it and contact the FCC or buy a dish…so that won’t happen.

I believe they may still be showing some highlights and whatnot at but I don’ think it is streamed.
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Monday AM Hangover/ Week 12

How bad is the NFC? Being one game over .500 has you in the playoffs. The 0-4 starting Saints are still in it folks as they trail just the Eagles and Lions for the #6 seed. They smacked the hell out of their division rival Panthers. Week 13 is going to be a major week as far as shaping the playoff hunt in the NFC as six teams sit at 5-6, a game behind those Lions.

The Bears Adrian Peterson is going to be getting the rock now that Cedric Benson is out for the season. I said before the season started that Peterson would be a fantasy sleeper stud if anything happened to Benson….we will see.

Picture this…Adrian Peterson+the Vikings D+QB play. If they ever get all three of those together they could be dangerous. They were yesterday with Chester Taylor filling in the Peterson part of the equation.

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One more F You to NFL Network

Before I head off to my Mommies house for Thanksgiving I would like to tell the NFL Network to F off one more time for robbing me of the chance to watch the Colts slaughter the Falcons. This essential Pay Per View game is going to suck any way, don’t watch it even if you can. Stand up to the man here. I will send you a puppy if you fall into line with me here.
Instead watch a game that means something on ESPN. Switch over to USC @ Arizona State. I usually hate to pimp ESPN but this is for a greater cause. Both teams should have hot cheerleaders.

Tempe, AZ – 8:00 PM ETESPN360

USC looks to stay alive in the Pac-10 race when it visits Arizona State. If the Trojans win out, coupled with an Oregon loss, USC likely will be Rose Bowl-bound. The Sun Devils don’t need any help for a Rose Bowl trip, just two wins.

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