“Plus One” NCAA Football Playoff

In the pre-season there was the usual talk of Playoff vs. BCS in college football. You had your arguments both ways. A large playoff will likely never happen but the idea of a “Plus One” game is hard to argue with. The teams are sitting idle for the next month anyway.

Let’s play with the idea of this scenario. Using the BCS to determine the top four teams we will seed them as they were ranked. This still leaves too many teams out but we will go with it. The higher seeds host the games in the first round. What team wouldn’t want to the cash of an extra home game? This game can take place the week after the regular college football season still leaving the two title contenders the big layoff before the title game. The Championship game still lands in it’s original destination.

Joining me is my NFL Footballderdash Nemesis, Kelloggs23.

#4 @ #1

TINO Members voted this game 85% in favor of Oklahoma. No love for the #1 team in the country? Most of that could stem from the fact they don’t play a conference title game and sit back and watch as teams are bumped off. It’s not so much that they don’t win another game to prove themselves as it is that they don’t have to face the chance of losing a conference title game that others do. Not their fault, they are in the Big Ten. What is their fault is dropping a game to Illinois late in the season. They win that game and they get more respect here. I thought Lou Holtz was going to have a vein pop in his head as he expressed that Oklahoma deserved to be in the title game. They are the hot team beating up on #1 Missouri 38-17 in the Big 12 title game. Yeah, it was Missouri you say but they were #1 in the same system that now puts Ohio State #1. I have to lean with Lou here. I think that Oklahoma smashes OSU in the mouth in a way they didn’t get hit in the Big Ten this year.

TINO: Oklahoma wins 34-27

First off, I don’t think that Ohio State deserves to be in the National Championship because they play in a conference without a championship game and how do they continue to climb in the polls if they aren’t winning games. In this game I think it will be decently close, but Oklahoma is just plain old better than OSU. Ohio State needs to be ahead so they can run Beanie Wells and let him punish a defense, but I don’t see Oklahoma being down much in this game because of Bradford & Kelly. Playing at home gives OSU help, but not enough.

Kelloggs23: Oklahoma wins 27-17

Now to VT @ LSU…

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