Monday AM Hangover/ Week 12

How bad is the NFC? Being one game over .500 has you in the playoffs. The 0-4 starting Saints are still in it folks as they trail just the Eagles and Lions for the #6 seed. They smacked the hell out of their division rival Panthers. Week 13 is going to be a major week as far as shaping the playoff hunt in the NFC as six teams sit at 5-6, a game behind those Lions.

The Bears Adrian Peterson is going to be getting the rock now that Cedric Benson is out for the season. I said before the season started that Peterson would be a fantasy sleeper stud if anything happened to Benson….we will see.

Picture this…Adrian Peterson+the Vikings D+QB play. If they ever get all three of those together they could be dangerous. They were yesterday with Chester Taylor filling in the Peterson part of the equation.

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Monday AM Hangover/Week 11

  • This just in…the Cowboys are best friggen team in the NFC and will easily be the Conference rep to be beat in the Super Bowl. (EDIT:  Sorry Brett.  I forgot about the Packers early this morning in my pre-coffee post.  May both teams win Thursday so the game hording NFL Network has the NFC game of the year).
  • Remember when Thomas Jones got sent to the Jets? I thought he was going to be pissed off and just tear it up. The I noticed he was on the Jets and they suck. He got his first 100 yard game of the season against the Steelers. Whodathunkit? Whodathunk the friggen Jets would have beat the Steelers? Not me and if you say you did you have to be a Jets fan lying to yourself and me.
  • Byron Leftwich made the Falcon fans long for Joey Harrington. Joey looked annnnngry on the sidelines. I think this time he is going to turn his career around and will break all of Brett Favre’s records, starting on Thanksgiving.
  • Soon the media will be asking what is wrong when Tom Brady only throws for 4 TD’s per game.
  • Don’t look now but the Bucs are going to be in the NFL playoffs. I’m not kidding. The way the rules fly is no matter how crappy a division (or conference for that matter) the division champ gets in.
  • Watch out NFC Wild Card hopefuls! The Rams are at two wins and knocking at the door.
  • Speaking of the NFC sucking, the Saints are still only two back from the Bucs in the NFCS. So are the Panthers, ugh.

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Who in the hell do I start Week Eight?

What a bye week. Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Chiefs, Seahawks. Not all of them boast fantasy studs but it’s going to leave a lot of holes on fantasy rosters this week. How do they get you this week?

So the big injury this week has to go to Ronnie Brown. This is going to kill me in a couple leagues. I drafted Jesse Chatman in most of my leagues because at the time I was drafting was when it was being said that the job wasn’t necessarily Brown’s. Problem…I had since dropped him in most of those leagues. Chatman is the hands down guy to go here as Lorenzo Booker will get some action too.

Talk is we are going to see the return of Steven Jackson. I wish I could be more excited. The way the Rams are playing it’s just setting me up for being more frustrated having him on the field not performing.

So who in the hell are you going to start this week? Any trades your mulling over? Let’s hear it!

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Monday AM Hangover/Week Seven

  • So I got to watch the last two minutes of the Bears-Eagles game. What an amazing drive. Brian Griese looks like he should be a starting NFL QB after this game. Not only did he put together a game winning drive in the final two minutes, he didn’t turn the ball over and nine guys got catches. Lesson to the Eagles…you have to play 60 minutes of football.
  • When was the last time the Rams were this bad? 0-7 start for the first time ever…and there has been some pretty bad Rams teams over the years.
  • The Saints put together another week of looking like the 2006 Saints, putting them two games back in the division believe it or not. Joey Harrington just won’t go away will he? He got in the game by default after Leftwich went down. Almost got a TD that could have won the game had Roddy White not stepped out of bounds.
  • The Patriots are pretty good.
  • Let’s hear it for the Cowboys rush D. We always hear about Romo and Owens. This rush defense has not given up 100 game to a rusher and has allowed only 3 TD’s on the ground. Not a favorable matchup for a Vikings team that can only run the ball.

It’s a little premature with the Monday night game let to be played but let’s hand out some fantasy game balls…

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Monday AM Hangover/Week Six

I’m a big fan of the new Game Center. I just wonder how long before they try to charge for it.

Up to this point the Saints had looked like they were in the Way Back Machine to 2004. Sunday they finally found the knob to take them to 2006 as they finally turned in a performance that looked like the team that came a game short of the Super Bowl. Reggie Bush will give them something to talk about this week as he played like a feature back.

Despite scoring 27 against the Patriots, the Cowboys looked like that kid that is really good playing in the empty lot against his friends but is pretty average when strapping on the pads and going out for the high school team. The Pats are just bullies. Don’t fret Cowboy fans, you will still rule the empty lot (NFC).

LT turned in his first real LT like performance of the year with over 200 total yards and 4 TD’s. Welcome back to fantasy land LT owners! The old Culpepper returned too with a couple of INT’s and a fumble.

The Bears put up a fight but were no match for Adrian Peterson. What a day! This kid is for real and makes the vikings fun to watch again! Despite the record the Bears made the right move going with Brian Griese.

Let’s give out some game balls…

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Monday AM Hangover/Week Four

  • My 3 1/2 year-old son was bouncing on my chest wanting me to hang him upside down again when I stopped him and turned his focus to the TV again. I was doing this on every Packers play. I got the pleasure of watching Brett Favre throw TD’s #241 and 242 with my boy. He won’t remember it but I can always tell him he seen it. Kudos to Brett Favre! We need more like him. He is the anti-thug that the NFL needs more of. Press conferences in beat up jeans and a t-shirt with the pickup parked outside.
  • Look at it this way Dan Marino…there will be less talk about how you have all these records but no Super Bowl ring.
  • Okay, I’m just about convinced that Tony Romo is for real. An interesting comparison that I guess has been going around but I had not heard yet is that of Romo to Roger Staubach. Even from Roger himself.
  • If your going to let your QB got smashed by an 308 pound DT (Niners O-Line) and lose him in favor of Trent Dilfer…at least lay a hand on him, don’t give him a free run.
  • Who would have thought the Browns would have as many wins as 10 other teams int he NFL after 4 weeks? Not the Ravens.
  • What a week of upsets. Browns over Ravens, Cards over Steelers, Atlanta over the Texans (yeah I call it an upset), Detroit pulling 37 points on the Bears, and KC stomping the Chargers. The Saints didn’t lose.

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Monday AM Hangover/Week One

We are done with the first Sunday of the NFL season. There are already some unlikely wins and some overtime. Don’t you love when things don’t go as planned? That’s why the games are played they say. So now I give you some random thoughts on some games.

The Game Highlight links take you to the game page for each at the new where you can view video highlights. Pretty cool on their part although other parts of the new site are still lacking.
Game Highlights
Who the hell are these Texans? I realize they were playing the Chiefs and not much is expected of them this season. Thing is, the Texans are not supposed to win. Matt Schaub had an average showing but enough to show that the Texans made the right move with the trade. One of many to come I suspect, a 77 yard TD from Schaub to Andre Johnson…niiiiice. The defense was impressive, even scoring a touchdown thanks to that Williams guy they drafted last year.

43 yards against the Texans. That’s Larry Johnson’s total on the ground. He did get another 44 in the air but Johnson is supposed to be able to run all over these guys. For now we can chalk it up to not coming to work all summer. The Texans don’t appear as bad as usual but it has to hurt when Houston takes a knee on you to end the game…easily.

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