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Just in time for the 2008 Football season Football Jabber has added The Locker Room Community.  Think MySpace for the football fan!  From the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl…


Sean Taylor to Pro Bowl

I’m happy to see this happen. Don’t know how much there is too it but I read something about them starting with 10 on the field like the Skins did against Buffalo.

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Fantasy Focus

Okay. I’m testing this new (at least to me) WordPress toy. Up until now I have been limited to posting YouTube and Daily Motion videos. Apparently this is going to give me a little more freedom and let me post from more areas.

Here is some fantasy football Focus from ESPN video.

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MMA Snow Day for me

I have not done an MMA post in a while. It’s a snow day for me here, don’t feel like talking Patriots so that eliminates football…So what the hell, I’ll lay down some random thoughts on Mixed Martial Arts.


Tomorrow night there is some free MMA on if you have the Versus Network. I like the WEC. The UFC’s little brother finally has another card. They announced a while ago they signed a deal to have a bunch of live shows on Versus and then they go dark for months. At the rate they are going they will be on Versus in the same deal when Urijah Faber finally gets carded for beer.

Faber will defend his Featherweight crown against Jeff Curran (31-8-1) on the show. Faber, who is 19-1-0 has not allowed one of his fights out of the first round in four fights and has not lost since September 2005 (Tyson Griffen). I’m really surprised they are not pimping the WEC’s California Kid more for this fight.

The card, surprisingly does not get too shallow from there. There are two more title fights…Doug Marshall vs. Ariel Gandulla, and Paulo Filho (right, that Paulo Filho) vs. Chael Sonnen. One I’m looking forward to is the fight between “Lil’ Evil” Jens Pulver and Cub Swanson. No love lost between these two.

More MMA on TV!

Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffen will be on Dennis Miller’s “Sports Unfiltered”Tuesday at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT on Versus. I have not watched the show. I was contacted by some lady from there about putting a couple video’s from the show on the blog here and my site in exchange for something…don’t even remember what it was, but it was stupid shit so I didn’t put it up.

Kimbo Slice is going to be featured on E:60. I did like the one MMA segment they did on the Miletich camp. I’m biased toward that camp since they are in my neighborhood. Michael Smith did a good job but the others talking are morons. “Do they do steroids?” she asks…Shut up I say.

The Ultimate Fighter

So the Ultimate Finale was on this weekend. Mac Danzig won. Would have been a surprise if he didn’t. Tommy Speer is tough but a little too green for Danzig.

The announcement came this weekend (but was rumored for a while) that Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffen will coach the next season and then do the usual fighting each other at a later date (for the light heavy weight title). I think these two are going to be entertaining as hell. AND…there are all kinds of mix-ups and shake-ups promised for the new season…as if there never is for a reality show. this also means you will suffer through PPV events for a good part of 2008 without seeing these two fighters.

Interim title fights are stupid!

Call them what they are. “The winner of this fight will face the Champion who can’t fight right now for whatever friggen reason.” I’m getting sick of hearing it and it sounds as if the UFC is just making shit up as they go along when they say it. Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre will fight…winner will face Matt Serra when he can stand upright. B.J. Penn and Joe Stevenson will fight and the winner will fight Sean Sherk when he can fight again. Sounds to me like they should just make better fight cards rather than make up title fights to make the cards sound better.

20,000 Hit Party!

TINO Sports Page is going to reach the 20,000 hit mark this morning. That counts the hits since moving it here to WordPress from Blogger sometime in June. May not be much but at least I know that some of the crap I’m force feeding people is getting read a little bit.

In honor of our 20,000 hits I thought we would have some beer and women over for today as I take some time to thank some people and places in a big link dump (in no particular order) and use it as an excuse to post pics of scantly clad women.

  • Thanks to the guys and gals at my site There is NO Offseason for listening to me babble there and then clicking on the stuff over here as well.
  • Thanks to our affiliate sites Cowboys Pride and The Sports Zone for letting me push my stuff on their members as well.
  • Thanks to affiliate Pigskin Heaven for leaving up the Ricky Williams comic and video they thought was inappropriate, even if they did move it to a forum I can’t post in as they comment on it.
  • Thanks to the people that click the little “Keep Reading” thingy like below here and actually visit the blog. Only you know that the good stuff is hid behind door #3.

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Some Col.Sanders video for Turkey Day

Okay…chicken and turkey not the same thing. I was just over visiting the Fantasy Football Goat and he’s chewing on this video of Barry Sanders. I find it appropriate with all the Thanksgiving Day games that Sanders helped us through. For you kids out there that didn’t get a chance to see this guy actually play…sucks to be you!

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NHL or NFL more Brutal?

I have not been to YouTube in a while. I was skimming around seeing if I could find the Leon Lett play from the Thanksgiving game…think it was 93′.

Anyway, this instigates some debate when I found a HITS video comparing the NFL and NHL I thought this instigates some debate . Which is more brutal? My vote would go to the NFL since the object of every play is a collision.

Stop by and vote HERE.

Grab some popcorn, beer, or yourself and watch some classic NFL and NHL hits in this video…

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