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Just in time for the 2008 Football season Football Jabber has added The Locker Room Community.  Think MySpace for the football fan!  From the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl…




There is football on tonight…

Who: Delaware (11-3) vs. Appalachian State (12-2)

Where: Chattanooga, Tenn.

Time/TV: Friday, 8 p.m. ET/ESPN2

Update: Appalachian State is trying to be the first team to win three consecutive titles in what is now called the Football Championship Subdivision. … Delaware was national champion in 2003, posting the only shutout in the title game, 40-0 against Colgate.

It’s called the Division I Championship Subdivision now, I know, but that is just stupid so we are going to still call it the D-I AA title game.

I know at first seeing that Appalachian State is playing in this game…going for a Third straight title and history…and their big win early in the season you may think that the winner is a given. But wait, there is more! Delaware has t-shirts!

“Our players have T-shirts with ‘Whatever it takes’ on the back, and that’s the kind of team this is,” says Delaware coach K.C. Keeler, who led the Hens to the 2003 title. “With the strength of our conference, you know no one is going to blow you away once you get into the tournament.”

In the first round Delaware played Delaware State for the first time EVER. How could they not make a game between two in state teams happen EVER?

“This was a game people had talked about playing for 25, 30 years,” Keeler says. “It got the kids very focused and honed in.”

Check out the added motivation that Appy State has playing this game…talk about bookending a season. The Delaware helmet…



Here are some thoughts from Appalachian Staters…

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Appalachian State shooting for Threepeat

Remember Appalachian State? They played a pretty well known game earlier in the season. Somewhat of an upset? The Mountaineers (12-2) are heading to the Football Championship Subdivision title game next Friday night in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Check this out…The Mountaineers QB, Armanti Edwards, ran the ball for 313 yards and four TD’s against Richmond last night in a 55-35 win. That’s right…he’s a QB…he went 14 of 16, threw for another 182 yards and three touchdowns. Two hundred yards rushing and four TD’s with 10 minutes left in the first half!

So next weekend they go to make it three titles in a row. You can read the story on last years game HERE.

HERE is the playoff bracket. Wouldn’t this be fun in D-1 ball football fans?

Right now Delaware and Southern Illinois are fighting on ESPN with about six minutes left for the chance to play Appy State next weekend. Delaware is up 20-17.

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10,000 Hit party

Wow! In a little over two months at WordPress we are at 10,000 hits. I’m buying a round for all of our visitors.

I would like to thank WordPress for the platform, Amanda Beard for taking her clothes off, all the NFL players that just can’t seem to get it right, Appalachian State football, the Bloggers on our blogroll, Tang Breakfast drink, Cheerleaders, Al Gore for inventing the internet, and Arena Football for trying so damn hard.

In Michigan’s Defense…

Michigan fans are going to have to listen to a lot for the rest of the season. I really do feel for them having such high hopes and the chance of a National Title crushed (better be crushed, they shouldn’t even be ranked next week). It really does suck to look forward to a season with so much promise and high hopes only to drop the season opening gimme game against a D1-AA school.

In their defense, Appalachian State kicks ass. Well, they kick ass in Div. 1-AA. They play in the tough Southern Conference against the likes of Chattanooga, Furman, Elon, and Wofford. They have won back to back National Championships. Here is some poor video highlights from the 2006 National Championship.

In all seriousness, congrats to Appalachian State it’s a victory that the school will relish in for years to come. It’s also a game that Michigan will hear about for sometime and deservedly so.

Stop by TINO and vote as to whether you think Michigan will be ranked next week or not.

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