A Community just for Football Fans…

Just in time for the 2008 Football season Football Jabber has added The Locker Room Community.  Think MySpace for the football fan!  From the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl…


Win Your Favorite Team’s T-Shirt!

Can you believe that we are only a little over a month from the start of the 2008 NFL Season?  It seems just like yesterday David Tyree was pulling down that catch in the Super Bowl and we just found out where Darren McFadden was landing in the NFL Draft.  So let’s get this thing going!  Football Jabber is going to give you a chance to win a t-Shirt of the NFL or NCAA team of your choice!

All you have to do is register at the Football Jabber forums, throw down some posts and your entered for the drawing that will be held on kickoff weekend.  There are a couple different ways to win, go to the Football Jabber Forums for more details!

The Jabber Forums are still pretty new and we are going to try and get it fired up for the season.  We have Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA, and general whatever you want to Jabber about forums.  Get in there!

If you want to shop around for some of your team’s gear check out the Football Jabber Fanshop!

Football Jabber Fanshop

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How you doing?  So you may have noticed that your folder for There is No Offseason has been empty for a while.  That’s because the site has moved to FootballJabber.com.  There are still a bunch of people subscribed over here I see.  In fact, we get new subscriptions all the time…yet this site has been inactive for a while.

Sooo….what happened is we decided to host the site and took on a different domain name.  All clever like we went with something with Football in the name, if for no other reason so people will quit calling me Tino.

Come check us out.  If would, please change your feed subscription to one of the following.  Summer is almost here and believe it or not we are heating up on the Fantasy Football content and there is that NFL camp thing coming up.

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Forums for your Football Jabber

Forums for your Football Jabber

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The guys that bring you Football Jabber all came together in Forums for fantasy football leagues. Football Jabber has really taken off since the start of the year, with that we have decided to add some forums for your Jabber. Come on in and share your knowledge and wit on Football and Fantasy Football.

Discuss the NFL, NCAA Football, and Fantasy Football. Find a league or owners for your league. Also, if you would like to have a free password protected forum for your league, surrounded by the awesomeness that will be the Football Jabber forums, hit the contact link above and shoot me one of those electronic messages and let’s talk!

FOOTBALL BLOGGERS! Feel free to sign up and post your content!


College Bowling on X-Mas

One year I had to spend X-Mas in Detroit at my sister in-laws.  I had not planned it out so it never happened but once I was there I realized I could have went to the Motor City Bowl.  This is one I wouldn’t have minded going to considering some of the match-ups that they have.

TINO Member Poll results: 87% in favor of Purdue.

Words from our resident gambling member, MCB:

Purdue should cover the 8 with little to no difficulty. Chippewas defense is awful. I watched a pathetic Akron team drop 30 something on them. Purdue should score 45+.

Some Rivals.com Preview action…

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Site Pimp:Big Ten Fever

Something that we have been doing is a little site pimping Q&A with the sites affiliated with There is NO Offseason and TINO Sports Page. Big Ten Fever was the first to hook up with us earlier in the year. Yaya is the head chick over there. Plumber by day, sexually harassed and sexually harassing by night, she puts a lot of time in at her Big Ten themed site.

TINO: Tell me about Big Ten Fever, what makes you stand out?

Yaya: Well, we are a message board that focuses on all 11 teams of the Big Ten. We also have other forums where we talk about almost anything. I think what makes us stand out is we really have some great posters that are knowledgeable and are great contributors. It’s a very interactive site with not only forums, but we have a chatroom that stays very active, an arcade, and bookie. Oh yeah, and it’s run by me so it’s super awesome.

TINO: How do you summarize the Big Ten Football season up until now?

Yaya: Well the perception has been that this is a down year for the BT, but we also have 8 teams going to bowl games. Even though we’ve seen some big upsets, I don’t see this conference as being weak. A lot of the conferences have had upsets this year, I just think we are seeing parity rearing it’s ugly little face. And I think it’s good for the sport.

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College Bowling on Sunday


The Hawaii Bowl goes up against an NFL Sunday.

TINO Member Poll results: 100% in favor of Boise State.

Words from our resident gambling member, MCB:

Boise should win this game going away, but I believe the oddsmakers are playing off the Boise St. mystique. ECU is a decent team that can keep the game close. Unless they self destruct with turnovers I believe they cover the 10.5.

Some Rivals.com preview action…

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