Where were you for 765?


There are things you always remember. I was in my bedroom as a kid when I seen “The Catch” that sent the 49’ers to the Super Bowl. I was sitting on my living room floor when I watched Walter Payton break Jim Brown’s career rushing record. I was sitting in my living room as an adult when I watched Emmitt Smith break Payton’s record. I was sitting in a buddies living room when we watched John Elway finally get his Super Bowl ring. I was sitting in my sisters living room when Mark McGwire broke the single season HR mark. getting out of someone’s living room I was walking by and stopped at a TV at a dog track when I watched Barry Bonds break McGwire’s single season record.

Last night I fell asleep rather early. I woke up, got myself a cup of coffee and sat down. I quit turning SportsCenter on years ago. There I see it…Barry Bonds took 765 out to right field. I missed it. Like Mike Bacsik will always come to mind when Barry Bonds record is mentioned, I will always remember where I read it happened. A Blogger that at this point likely doesn’t know that for the rest of my life when I hear about Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s record I will think of his space on the world wide web. He doesn’t have a name…simply TeeOff, which is the name of his Blog.

Kudos to TeeOff for posting about the record without the mention of Bonds taking steroids. That is what impressed me most about his post and it will also be something I always remember. There are going to be many articles and blogs written today about Barry Bonds with an *asterik* mentioned…see, I just did it myself. People fighting to have an original opinion and all sounding the same. TeeOff didn’t go there. He stuck to what is important at this time, history.

Thank you TeeOff.

ps-I have a rookie card like the one above that may be up for sale 🙂

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