MMA Saturday!

I’m kicking myself again for getting rid of Showtime a few weeks ago. Tonight one of my favorite fighters, Nick Diaz is facing off in a title shot against KJ Noons on EliteXC: Renegade live on Showtime at 10pm Eastern. Also on the card is the Kimbo Slice, the internet’s own backyard brawler has decided to take the fight game up. Check out Sam Caplan’s preview HERE.

Here are some video previews from…



Looks like my favorite free TV MMA organization is putting together a hell of card for December 12th! The WEC has announced there will be three title fights on it’s Versus Network card, and the debut of Jens Pulver! Check out 5 oz. of Pain for more on that!

SpikeTV Will go head to head with the WEC Card with an 3 hour UFC Special of it’s own.

Rumor has it that the UFC is in talks with CBS about airing some live events. Turns out with the writers strike going on TV can use some unscripted show. There is mention of NBC looking at airing Monday Night Raw for WWE…what about their writers?

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NCAA Salad tossed in a few hours

In a few short hours the NCAA football season was turned upside down. First came the loss of LSU to Kentucky, which should end their reign as the undisputed #1 team in college football. Triple overtime in Kentucky. WOW!

When the score of the LSU game was announced in Berkley, California there was an uproar. All Cal had to do was get past Oregon State and the top spot would be theirs. Then we seen an episode of “When Redshirt Freshman with the game in their hands Attack.”

I saw the field and I thought I could get around that guy,” Kevin Riley said. “It just didn’t happen.”

The Golden Bears were on their way to a tie to take the game to overtime (or a shot at winning) which would have made for an amazing comeback had they won. But with 14 seconds left the Bears ran one more play. It should have been endzone or throw it away but the kid thought he could run it fourteen yards on a very fast Oregon State D. Just like that, Cal’s possible bid for #1 came to an end. Can’t put it all on Riley, he doesn’t play defense and had a great game up until that play…but that is what will be remembered.

BTW, Kudos to the Versus Network on a VERY good game they were able to air in their first year dabbling in college football.

Not the best quality (neither was the play) but we have some video here…

So where does that leave us as the BCS rankings are on the way?

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WEC Live Results/Video

The highly pimped WEC Live on Versus was last night. The two title fights were over quick and neither quite went as expected.

There was a lot of talk about how Americans may not take to the fighting style of Paulo Filho. He is a Brazilian Jui-Jitzu fighter who fights a thinking man’s fight…this can be translated as boring for the casual fan. Unexpectedly, Filho let his hands go and won a 1st round TKO.

In the post fight interview Filho appeared to be bored and acted like a guy who just finished his first day as a temp at a crappy factory.

Here are the videos of the two title fights, both ending in the first round. Watch them while you can as they likely won’t be up long.


Carlos Condit Vs. Brock Larson
Carlos Condit Wins by Submission at 2:21 in the 1st round .

Paulo Filho Vs. Joe Doerksen
Paulo Filho Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:07 in the 1st round .

Stephen Ledbetter Vs. Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 5th round .

Sherron Leggett Vs. Jamie Varner
Jamie Varner Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:08 in the 1st round .

Fernando Gonzalez Vs. Hiromitsu Miura
Hiromitsu Miura Wins by Submission at 3:35 in the 2nd round by strikes.

Justin Robbins Vs. Antonio Banuelos
Antonio Banuelos Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round .

Logan Clark Vs. Eric Schambari
Eric Schambari Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round

Blas Avena Vs. Tiki Ghosn
Blas Avena Wins by Submission at 1:01 in the 1st round by rear naked choke.

Steve Cantwell Vs. Justin McElfresh
Steve Cantwell Wins by Technical Knock Out at 0:47 in the 1st round .

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Live MMA on TV this weekend/WEC!

Check out some live Mixed Martial Arts this weekend without shelling out $50. World Extreme Cage Fighting (Owned by Zuffa, UFC’s owner) is having their WEC Live on Versus Sunday night.

You can check out a rundown of the card HERE. The Middleweight and Welterweight titles will be on the line.

Here is an older video of current WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit facing off against UFC vet Frank Trigg in another organization just to give you a taste for the competition…

Versus also has a cool reality type show where the guys from Tapout ride around the country looking for the next big fighters to sponsor. Check out the description and TV schedule HERE.