MMA Snow Day for me

I have not done an MMA post in a while. It’s a snow day for me here, don’t feel like talking Patriots so that eliminates football…So what the hell, I’ll lay down some random thoughts on Mixed Martial Arts.


Tomorrow night there is some free MMA on if you have the Versus Network. I like the WEC. The UFC’s little brother finally has another card. They announced a while ago they signed a deal to have a bunch of live shows on Versus and then they go dark for months. At the rate they are going they will be on Versus in the same deal when Urijah Faber finally gets carded for beer.

Faber will defend his Featherweight crown against Jeff Curran (31-8-1) on the show. Faber, who is 19-1-0 has not allowed one of his fights out of the first round in four fights and has not lost since September 2005 (Tyson Griffen). I’m really surprised they are not pimping the WEC’s California Kid more for this fight.

The card, surprisingly does not get too shallow from there. There are two more title fights…Doug Marshall vs. Ariel Gandulla, and Paulo Filho (right, that Paulo Filho) vs. Chael Sonnen. One I’m looking forward to is the fight between “Lil’ Evil” Jens Pulver and Cub Swanson. No love lost between these two.

More MMA on TV!

Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffen will be on Dennis Miller’s “Sports Unfiltered”Tuesday at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT on Versus. I have not watched the show. I was contacted by some lady from there about putting a couple video’s from the show on the blog here and my site in exchange for something…don’t even remember what it was, but it was stupid shit so I didn’t put it up.

Kimbo Slice is going to be featured on E:60. I did like the one MMA segment they did on the Miletich camp. I’m biased toward that camp since they are in my neighborhood. Michael Smith did a good job but the others talking are morons. “Do they do steroids?” she asks…Shut up I say.

The Ultimate Fighter

So the Ultimate Finale was on this weekend. Mac Danzig won. Would have been a surprise if he didn’t. Tommy Speer is tough but a little too green for Danzig.

The announcement came this weekend (but was rumored for a while) that Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffen will coach the next season and then do the usual fighting each other at a later date (for the light heavy weight title). I think these two are going to be entertaining as hell. AND…there are all kinds of mix-ups and shake-ups promised for the new season…as if there never is for a reality show. this also means you will suffer through PPV events for a good part of 2008 without seeing these two fighters.

Interim title fights are stupid!

Call them what they are. “The winner of this fight will face the Champion who can’t fight right now for whatever friggen reason.” I’m getting sick of hearing it and it sounds as if the UFC is just making shit up as they go along when they say it. Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre will fight…winner will face Matt Serra when he can stand upright. B.J. Penn and Joe Stevenson will fight and the winner will fight Sean Sherk when he can fight again. Sounds to me like they should just make better fight cards rather than make up title fights to make the cards sound better.


MMA Saturday!

I’m kicking myself again for getting rid of Showtime a few weeks ago. Tonight one of my favorite fighters, Nick Diaz is facing off in a title shot against KJ Noons on EliteXC: Renegade live on Showtime at 10pm Eastern. Also on the card is the Kimbo Slice, the internet’s own backyard brawler has decided to take the fight game up. Check out Sam Caplan’s preview HERE.

Here are some video previews from…



Looks like my favorite free TV MMA organization is putting together a hell of card for December 12th! The WEC has announced there will be three title fights on it’s Versus Network card, and the debut of Jens Pulver! Check out 5 oz. of Pain for more on that!

SpikeTV Will go head to head with the WEC Card with an 3 hour UFC Special of it’s own.

Rumor has it that the UFC is in talks with CBS about airing some live events. Turns out with the writers strike going on TV can use some unscripted show. There is mention of NBC looking at airing Monday Night Raw for WWE…what about their writers?

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An MMA Knee in your face

We have randomly covered some Mixed Martial Arts here at The TINO Sports Page. It’s something that I want to cover more but have not really got around to it. So today I decided to give some random thoughts and some linkage to some UFC 77 info from the MMA blog world.

  • What is going on with the WEC? Once they hit The Versus Network I thought they had a pretty good thing going. It appeared it was going to take off after being bought out by Zuffa Inc. (UFC owners). They had good momentum with live events on Versus in August and September, which was awesome for poor folks like myself that can’t afford the Pay Per View’s of UFC. Then, silence. The next live event is scheduled for December 12th. You can get a fix with some WEC Wrekage “best of” type shows. What sucks there is that they do not put out new shows very often. They did sign a deal with Versus for 15 live events but at the rate they are going that deal would go through 2015. Versus is making an effort to be a reputable Sports station and may not know which direction to go with this, College Football, and Hockey (and then a bunch of stuff I don’t care about). It would be nice to see them get up there in the MMA world as the sport is growing, because I’m selfish and want free MMA.
  • If your not familiar with the many MMA blogs out there and would like more info but don’t know where to start…go to Five Ounces of Pain. They have been around for a while but are growing. I believe it started out as a little side project for Sam Caplan (Who writes MMA articles just about everywhere on the Net) but it’s taking off and they have added more writers, including Matt from MMA Takedown (formally UFCtakedown before Zuffa and their bully lawyers went after them for the name…and video stuff).

So we have UFC 77 tomorrow night. How about some links to get you primed up?

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WEC Live Results/Video

The highly pimped WEC Live on Versus was last night. The two title fights were over quick and neither quite went as expected.

There was a lot of talk about how Americans may not take to the fighting style of Paulo Filho. He is a Brazilian Jui-Jitzu fighter who fights a thinking man’s fight…this can be translated as boring for the casual fan. Unexpectedly, Filho let his hands go and won a 1st round TKO.

In the post fight interview Filho appeared to be bored and acted like a guy who just finished his first day as a temp at a crappy factory.

Here are the videos of the two title fights, both ending in the first round. Watch them while you can as they likely won’t be up long.


Carlos Condit Vs. Brock Larson
Carlos Condit Wins by Submission at 2:21 in the 1st round .

Paulo Filho Vs. Joe Doerksen
Paulo Filho Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:07 in the 1st round .

Stephen Ledbetter Vs. Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 5th round .

Sherron Leggett Vs. Jamie Varner
Jamie Varner Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:08 in the 1st round .

Fernando Gonzalez Vs. Hiromitsu Miura
Hiromitsu Miura Wins by Submission at 3:35 in the 2nd round by strikes.

Justin Robbins Vs. Antonio Banuelos
Antonio Banuelos Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round .

Logan Clark Vs. Eric Schambari
Eric Schambari Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd round

Blas Avena Vs. Tiki Ghosn
Blas Avena Wins by Submission at 1:01 in the 1st round by rear naked choke.

Steve Cantwell Vs. Justin McElfresh
Steve Cantwell Wins by Technical Knock Out at 0:47 in the 1st round .

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Happenings at

There is NO Offseason


The Hall of Fame Game is here! That means the season is upon us. With that I wanted to throw a post out there as to what is going on at There is NO Offseason!

***The NFL and NCAA forums are coming alive. Currently there are polls on who will win each NFL division and NCAA Conferences going up daily. If you have not voted please do so. Leave some debate as well. I intend on using the results in a post for TINO Sports Page.

***The TINO NFL and NCAA Pick’em Games are open for registration. signing up has proven to be tricky for some people so if you have any questions post them in the Pick’em forum.

The Pick’em games are free to ALL members. The 1000 TINO points are only needed if you want to be eligible to win the t-shirt game. For more info on winning your teams T-Shirt check out the Pick’em Forum.

***There are easy ways to get the 1000 points to be eligible for the t-shirt game. The Word Association thread is a quick way of racking up points with one word. Gregster recently started a 3 word response game that works on the same basis. Setting a new High Score in the Arcade or betting in the bookie work as well.

In order to give people a way to gain a quick 500 points, I’ll give 500 points for referring a new member. Have the new member PM The Myth upon registration. Once they have made 10 posts, I will give you 500 points. That is 1/2 the T-Shirt entry right there!

***The TINO Babe Tourny II has moved into the second round! If you have not been voting your missing out! Help vote the next Babe in to the TINO Babe HOF!

NOTE-The Waitress Forum posts will no longer appear on the “Recent Posts” on the main TINO Page. This forum has been set to Members Only for viewing.

***TINO the Bookie has tons of preseason games listed! Betting on the games is an easy way to rack those points up! We have also been adding Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, CFL, and Baseball!

***Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the country. ESPN, CBSSportsline, and Yahoo are jumping on board making it easier for the casual fan to get info. TINO has an MMA forum and we are looking at starting a MMA Fantasy Pick’em in August.

***Remember we have an Arcade and Trivia!

***TINO Fantasy Football has grown to five leagues hosted at Thanks to Kelloggs and Footballjoe for shelling out the cash to have the TINO IDP league hosted there!

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Live MMA on TV this weekend/WEC!

Check out some live Mixed Martial Arts this weekend without shelling out $50. World Extreme Cage Fighting (Owned by Zuffa, UFC’s owner) is having their WEC Live on Versus Sunday night.

You can check out a rundown of the card HERE. The Middleweight and Welterweight titles will be on the line.

Here is an older video of current WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit facing off against UFC vet Frank Trigg in another organization just to give you a taste for the competition…

Versus also has a cool reality type show where the guys from Tapout ride around the country looking for the next big fighters to sponsor. Check out the description and TV schedule HERE.

Screw NFL Network! I’m watching MMA Sunday

The Hall of Fame Game is creeping up on being 50 years-old. The game that is grouped with the annual HOF inductions and is the kickoff to the meaningless, yet much awaited pre-season of the NFL lands next weekend.

Being a HUGE Saints fan and Steeler Hater (Not really, just a lot of family and friends that are Steeler fans so I have to smack) I have been looking forward to the game at Fawcett Stadium since it was announced. I couldn’t wait to see my Saints for the first time since the season they had gone a game away from the Super Bowl. Couldn’t wait to be lighting up the phone talking smack to my cousin and childhood friends that have been lifelong Steeler fans. A meaningless game but it means so much knowing that football is being played.

But I won’t be watching the game. I’m being reminded just how much the NFL pisses me off. I’m not a big fan of the NFL Network for the simple reason that I don’t have it. It’s not available in my area other than on Direct TV. I cannot get Direct TV in the building I live in (Before an attempt at a clever comment of telling me to move, save it, it’s not clever). I would love to have the NFL Network. I would love to see the eight regular season games that only those in the club will see. I would love to sit through that advertising. I didn’t feel alone last season listening to guys that work on NFL Radio complaining that they could not get NFL Network where they live either…but I’m still pissed.

So I need alternate viewing. There actually is something on that I have also been looking forward to. Sunday night I will be watching the WEC Live on Versus. World Extreme Cagefighting is being made into the UFC’s little brother (both are owned by Zuffa). The Versus Network has been pimping WEC pretty hard in it’s attempt to become a legit sports network, jumping on the fast moving bandwagon of Mixed Martial Arts.

Network to Televise Fights Starting in Summer 2007
The World Extreme Cagefighting brand is recognized as one of the best mixed martial arts organizations in the United States in its category and is owned by the premier organization in the sport. Founded in 2001, the WEC features many of the most prominent athletes in the sport of mixed martial arts today, including Urijah Faber, Rob McCullough, Alex Karalexis, Richard Crunkilton, and John Alessio. The WEC organization has produced 24 professional mixed martial arts events with an impressive 22 total sell-outs.

WEC WrekCage is 60 minutes of action packed cagefighting featuring the best fighters from World Extreme Cagefighting. Each episode contains the excitement of WEC events, revealing the raw toughness and intensity of the fighters.

(Images and quoted content above from

Sunday August 5th at 9 pm ET on Versus there will be two title fights. You can check out the card HERE.

So if you don’t have the NFL Network and would like to watch something on basic cable, check out these fights.

ps…Screw you NFL Network!

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