One more F You to NFL Network

Before I head off to my Mommies house for Thanksgiving I would like to tell the NFL Network to F off one more time for robbing me of the chance to watch the Colts slaughter the Falcons. This essential Pay Per View game is going to suck any way, don’t watch it even if you can. Stand up to the man here. I will send you a puppy if you fall into line with me here.
Instead watch a game that means something on ESPN. Switch over to USC @ Arizona State. I usually hate to pimp ESPN but this is for a greater cause. Both teams should have hot cheerleaders.

Tempe, AZ – 8:00 PM ETESPN360

USC looks to stay alive in the Pac-10 race when it visits Arizona State. If the Trojans win out, coupled with an Oregon loss, USC likely will be Rose Bowl-bound. The Sun Devils don’t need any help for a Rose Bowl trip, just two wins.

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