Cashman to be canned, Yankees will thank him

We are going on a little slant in a couple of ways today. First we are having a guest blogger today (which is great because the Convenience Store Clerk has slept in today and I’m out of coffee!). Second, it’s a post with a little MLB flavor.

By Kelloggs23

TINO Senior Baseball Columnist

Brian Cashman is gone after this year as the general manager of the Yankees unless by some miracle they get to the World Series. As of July 3rd they are 11 games out of first in the AL East and 8.5 out of the Wild Card. Their pitching is not good so barring an ARod like offensive explosion by multiple players, the Yankees will be left out of the playoffs this year and Cashman will be gone (along with Joe Torre, but that’s a different topic).

Thing is, Cashman has done a great job with the Yankees not only in the past, but right now too. Yes, the team sucks this year, but he is building it for the future. The offseason trades of Jaret Wright, Randy Johnson and Gary Sheffield not only got rid of injury-prone, aging veterans, but it cleared a lot of wasted payroll that was brought because of Steinbrenner’s wishes. I love Steinbrenner as an owner because he reinvests the money he makes back into the team and wants to win, but sometimes his impatience ends up hurting the team much more than helping. They didn’t act back when Carlos Beltran, Ichiro and Vladimir Guerrero were available as free agents and that cost them because they had to give up prospects to obtain players that wouldn’t have been needed if they had signed these three players. Even just signing one of those guys would have saved them lots. Thing is, Cashman has realized this the past 2 years and that is why players such as Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera and Philip Hughes are playing now and doing very well. The overpriced, aging veterans are giving way to the young role players that were so prevalent during the Yankees dynasty of 1996-2001. He is basically rebuilding the team for another long dynasty, but won’t be around to see the success that will come from it. So from a Yankees fan, thank you for the great team that the Yankees are going to have in 2-3 years.

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