More NFL Jabber 5/31/07

No more boozing it up in the locker rooms or on the planes. Players now have to save it for in the car…where they have been so diligent about not drinking.

Looks like the UFL needs seven more rich guys to make a league. Mark Cuban is the only one reported to be on board so far and they are looking at 8 teams.

Cuban had some opinions he shared on his blog regarding the subject HERE.

Evander Holyfield took a break from his training to give a pep talk to the Texans.

“I thought it was great for him to take the time to stop by here and talk to our guys,” coach Gary Kubiak said. “It’s amazing looking in the faces of those young players and the intrigue and what he’s accomplished.

“The thing that I got out of it is he talked about passion, he talked about commitment and he talked about being a good guy. Those are things we talk about all the time, but when somebody like that stops by here and echoes those remarks that is as powerful as it gets. I’m just very appreciative that he came by.”

Yes, the Trent Green trade talk is still going. The Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have adjusted their offer for Green to sweeten the deal a little bit.

Larry Zierlein is doing what we all do when we send porn to someone we didn’t plan to in our contacts…tell them it was spam. Seriously though he is stepping up (if you get any from me though it was sent to me as spam).

“It was 100 percent unintentional,” Zierlein said yesterday, speaking publicly for the first time about his embarrassing mistake. “I don’t even know how to mass email, I don’t know these machines very good — just a 100 percent unintentional thing. I hit the wrong button.”

Stud to be, Marshawn Lynch, is taking some reps returning kicks.

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NFL shaking in it’s cleats…New League!

Remember the USFL? I may be dating myself here…no, I am dating myself. For the kids out there, the USFL was a football league played here in these United States in the 80’s. From 83-85 actually. Yes, they were separate from the NFL. Although you may have heard of some of the names…Herschel Walker. Pretty good player. Jim Kelly and Steve Young did alright when they came over to the NFL.

I guess you may have seen a lame attempt at Pro Football outside the NFL with the short lived XFL. Such a bad idea they started changing the rules mid-season like they were in the sandlot.

I don’t count the Arena League as an attempt because they are a spinoff, not trying to be the NFL.

ANYWAY…According to Fox, we may have our very own version of the USFL for you kids in 2008.

Bill Hambrecht, a Wall Street businessman, and Tim Armstrong, a senior executive at Google, have decided to start up a rival football league, the United Football League, according to a report on the New York Times web site Wednesday.

For those worried that the UFL will lack name recognition, Hambrecht and Armstrong already have one owner lined up: Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

That’s right. Unlike the USFL that played games in spring and summer, it appears that the UFL is going to attempt to directly compete with the NFL, starting pre-season games in August of 2008.

They have their version of Donald Trump…Mark Cuban has signed on as an owner. Actually, Cuban is the only owner signed on as of now.

So far, the UFL has decided to put teams in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Mexico City. Cuban, unsurprisingly, is considering buying the team in Vegas, according to the report.

So this should be fun. I have to admit…I will watch this sure to be train wreck from the start. Of course it won’t be the NFL. It won’t have the talent or the officiating (maybe they can excel at that). They don’t seem too worried about the talent level

…”(Former NFL coach) Bill Walsh used to tell me that the last 20 players cut from every team were almost interchangeable with the last 20 players to make the team,” Hambrecht says.

Stay tuned…

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