Packer Fans Basically Dress as Cheese | Fantasy Football Sleepers

Last night on Football Jabber Radio we had Adam, the football loving Brit that is taking in 35 NFL games around the country. It’s funny to hear an Englishman’s assessment of how Packer fans basically dress up as cheese. Poor guy didn’t know where he was, turns out he is in North Eastern Oregon heading to Vegas (there isn’t a football team in Vegas so whatever could he be up to?). NFL Recaps and Fantasy Football too!

Show Notes:

3:00-We get Mike in the house and rolling. Discussion of some of the big games from last week including the Broncos/Chargers fiasco, the Vikings disappointment against the Colts, and more…

12:19-We get a call from Reg at discussing the Cowboys and Eagles Monday Night Football shootout.

28:00- Adam from joins us to discuss his dream trip around the United States taking in 35 games in a season. Good stuff. Tales from the road so far and plans ahead.

42:00- Fantasy Football time! Smashmouth is in front of the 30+ owner Cowboys Pride/ Football Jabber Challenge. Take a look at some possible sleeper/waiver wire picks.

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Saturday night at 8pm Central we dive further into the fantasy football, injuries, and some NFL game picks.


NFL Footballderdash/Week 16


The regular season is winding down on NFL Footballderdash…and the NFL season.  Our hero(me) holds a two game lead over the bad guy.

TINO:1-2 (27-20 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (25-22 overall)
This was supposed to be a game with more playoff implications.  The Saints have looked like the 2006 Saints the last two weeks but the ghost of X-Mas past has made too many visits for them to be in a comfortable position in the playoff race.  They have put up 65 points the last two games, although one of them being against the Falcons doesn’t really count.  Drew Brees is back on track and the season rides on this game for the Saints.  The Eagles are looking to play spoiler this week as they have dropped too many important games in the last month to keep up in the race.  Word is flying around that McNabb will be heading out.  If that is the case, McNabb has two showcase games left before leaving, starting here.

TINO: Saints

My how the mighty have fallen. If I remember correctly, both these teams were supposed to be fighting for a spot in the Super Bowl, but it isn’t looking like either will even be getting a sniff of the playoffs. The ‘aints will need the W to keep their hopes alive and Stecker has been “filling” in quite nicely. Personally I think he should have become more of a factor when Deuce went down, but then again there is a reason I’m not coaching an NFL team right now. With that said, I think McNabb & Westbrook will put together a good game for the Iggles on offense and their defense will be adequate against the Saints meager offense.

Kelloggs23: Philadelphia Eagles

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Pats, Schmats/First Games don’t disappoint!

tspbabe_skins2.jpgAll the talk going into this week was of course dominated by the Colts/Patriots game.  The early games however did not disappoint today.  I could not think of a better way to pass the time until the game of the year than watching some kickass football today.  Record breaking stuff, Baby!

  • Adrian Peterson is pretty good.  Damn!  It took a horsecollar tackle to stop him from a 4th TD but not before a 35 yard pickup in the 4th quarter.   Brad Childress  took him out for a play but put him back in to break an NFL record for yards in a game (unless for some reason it’s revised after I post this).  296 yards and three TD’s!  Even his fumble play was a kick ass run!
  • As a Saints fan I can honestly say that I did not picture them ever seeing .500 this season after the start they had.  Drew Brees looks like the guy we thought he was.  445 yards, 3 TD’s and takes a knee for the win to work against his rushing yards.
  • Brett Favre still amazes me.  Off his back foot he chucks it downfield to Greg Jennings for a TD that would make for the sixth lead change today against the Chiefs…and the last score really needed to get his first win EVER against the Chiefs.  He now joins Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as QB’s that have beat all 31 other teams in the league.  7-1 Brett, keep going!
  • Wasn’t Cincy supposed to be good coming into this year?  Another one of those things to justy shake your head at I guess.  Buffalo’s Marshawn Lynch ran for 153 yards and a TD.  Not bad for a rookie, huh?

Well, Colts and Pats are on…supposed to be a good game.  I’m going to go check that out.  Happy football day!