Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings

Getting a little bit of a slow start this year on the fantasy football dynasty rankings, but a start indeed.  We know that many Dynasty Leagues have their drafts earlier in the spring, riding the wave that is the NFL Draft after the football season.  There are still the patient that are yet to draft, and trades to be made.  You can find the QB Dynasty Rankings HERE.  Let’s have a look at where some players landed…

Note The Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings take into consideration starting status as you are drafting for a Fantasy Football Dynasty League now as well as the next three years.  You are in your Dynasty League for at least that long , right?

#1.  Drew Brees: That’s right folks.  Until proven otherwise there is a new sheriff in Fantasy Football QB Dynasty town, and his name is Drew Brees.  Yes, Tom Brady will be back this year…but he isn’t back yet.  Peyton Manning is consistent but will face some changes now and has not finished as the top fantasy back in years.  Brees is clicking and it appears it will keep clicking for at elast the next couple of years.

#7 Jay Cutler/#8 Matt Ryan: This is an interesting spot.  If there was more than one season to go by and more of a need to pass may have went with Ryan over Cutler here.  Both have a decent running game and should in coming seasons.  Ryan has by far the better group catching the ball but unless they are in a shootout in one of the two games with the Saints may run the ball more.  This will require further debate… VOTE ON WHO YOU WOULD TAKE HERE!

#12 Kurt Warner: What?!?  Kurt Warner way down here?  What a steal, huh?  Well, you have to consider if you want a QB in your dynasty league who may be retired in the next year or two as your top gun.  If you take Warner as your top QB you better spend another pick earlier than usual to have a good prospect behind him.  There are some that would put this too high for Warner but you do want to win right away too, right?

#18 Matt Cassel:  Something just doesn’t sit right with me for Cassel.  I think it’s because he was in a position last season with a lot of talent around him that he will not have in Kansas City.  He very well could prove me wrong.  For now I need a little more proof.  He will fit in as a nice #2 Dynasty QB on your squad.  After about halfway through 2009 you may know what you really have in him.

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Arena Football Power Rankings | Week 2

Arena Football Power Rankings | Week 2

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The numbers for week one are in and crunched.  We now present our first Arena Football Power Rankings for 2008.  we had some pretty good games on TV this week.  This weekend we can look forward to the #1 Rush to take on #4 Soul in a game that should shake up the rankings for next week on ESPN2.

If you would like to do sort of a Pick’em with a different flava, go over and see our friends at The Fan Yard and get in on the AFL games.

# 1. Chicago
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
The questions about the offensive changes in Chicago were answered and the Defense was solid in what they are calling the best rivalry in Arena Football against the SaberCats.

#2. Dallas
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Even an injured shoulder couldn’t stop QB Dolezel in the fourth quarter. The D stepped up beyond expectations when needed.

#3. Los Angeles
Record: 1-0
Last week: –
Erase the pick thrown with his first pass and Sunnie Cumby looks like the star we think he is going to be throwing 7 TD’s.

#4.  Philadelphia
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Tony Graziani was on fire throwing nine TD’s, four to his new favorite target (and old teammate in LA), Chris Jackson.

#5. San Jose
Record: 0-1
Last Week: –
The SaberCats came back from an early 14-0 deficit and went blow for blow with Chicago until the second half. They are far from done regardless of the 0-1 start.

#6. Tampa Bay
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Tampa takes away a close win on the back of their running game. Yes…running game. Four TD’s for Torrence Marshall.

#6. Tampa Bay
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Tampa takes away a close win on the back of their running game. Yes…running game. Four TD’s for Torrence Marshall.

#7. Colorado
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
John Dutton spreads the ball around in a close game against Columbus. Bye week in week 2.

#8. Cleveland
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
In it’s first game since moving from Las Vegas, the Gladiators come away with a W. Raymond Philyaw starts the season hot.

#9. Georgia
Record: 0-1
Last Week: –
Looked like they were going to change the game in the fourth quarter but penalties will stack up against you.

#10. Arizona
Record: 1-0
Last Week: –
Eight TD’s out of QB Lang Campbell would seem like enough but it came down to a missed Utah FG to win the game.

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Fantasy Dynasty 101 | pt. 8

We are getting there class! By now you can already have a league pretty much put together and even be drafting if you wish. What we cover today will be in season and offseason roster moves, Free Agency and Waivers. First let’s review and if you are joining late you should start from the beginning…

Part 1
Get your owners, Cost/Payout, Where to host your league
Part 2
Appoint a Commish, Communication, Rulebook
Part 3
Rulebook contents
Part 4
Franchise Ownership, Tanking, League Currency
Part 5
Using IDP or Team D/ST, Lineups, Roster Size, Developmental Taxi Squad
Part 6
Filling Rosters, Determining Draft Order, Rookie Draft, Vet Draft
Part 7
Roster Management, Contracts, Injured Reserve


Any player that is not on a roster or Developmental Taxi Squad(pt.5) is considered a Free Agent. Your league needs to determine how often players can be picked up. Why not just do it like any other league? Because you are dealing with owners picking up the Free Agents using the league currency (pt 4). It is possible to have the currency entered into your league hosts software and kept track of that way. For our example league, each teams currency is tracked on the home page for the league for all to see. It is then manually subtracted by the Commish as it is used to keep track of it. Sounds like more work for the Commish but it isn’t much.

First determine your Free Agent dates. How often are teams allowed to obtain them? Since this is a year-round Dynasty league you are going to have some dates sprinkled out during the offseason and then weekly during the season. Here is the example of our Free Agency dates from the example league…

FA dates:
Feb 1
March 15
First Thursday after the rookie draft
First and 3rd Thursdays in June/July
Bi-weekly beginning on 1st Thursday in August
Weekly once season begins
FA ends last week of the league Regular season until Feb 1 the next

How are free agents obtained? We do this as a blind auction to a dummy email account that is only used for free agency. The Commish and Co-Commish have to have their bids in a day earlier than the rest of the league. This is so there isn’t suspected foul play. Hopefully you are with a group of people you trust. Both the Commish and Co-Commish should check the dummy email account after the deadline (there should be a deadline time determined on the date). Bids can be sent all week from the end of the last deadline time up to the current deadline time. Only the last email should be accepted. For example, if an owner sends in three emails that week and changes things up in each one, only the last one will be accepted. This saves the Commish from sifting through trying to figure out for himself who the owner still wants and doesn’t. This rule is understood in our league (after some time) and myself, I don’t even open the earlier emails, I delete them and only open the last.

Things that need to be considered. Before an owner can pick up a player there has to be some things in place. #1, he needs the cash to pay for the player(pt.4), #2 he needs to have at least one year to assign him a contract (pt.7), and he must have an open roster spot(pt.5). Taking these things into consideration is one reason to have the commish making the moves with the dummy email account rather than the system doing it. If your leagues software can handle tracking this stuff, by all means, go for it.

In the email the owner has a template they should follow. In it is the team name, player they are bidding on, how much they are bidding, and the contract(pt.7) they are assigning. They can also add a conditional player if they are outbid on that player.

Example-Waiver Request #1

Player to be added: Joe Player/QB/Balt.
player to be dropped: Yo Mamma/S/Mia
Bid: $5

Contract: 3 years
Conditional Player-(You may add the players here, in
order of who to place the bid on if above player is

The owner can have several of these in one email as multiple emails will not be accepted.

Yes, you will run into owners bidding on the same player. You can determine tiebreakers. The player first should be given to the team with the high bid. If there is a tie on the high bid than the player will go to the team with the worst record. If there is still a tie, the player goes to the team that has scored the lower amount of points to that point in the season. If it is during the offseason, use the same tiebreakers but use the record and points from the previous season.

In the first preseason you won’t have records to go by. In this case the owners that tied can auction for the player with the bid in their original email as the minimum bid.

***Players obtained in the offseason do not need to be assigned a contract until the final roster cuts/ contract assignment date (pt.5). During the offseason roster size is unlimited. Owners will be deciding who they will and will not be keeping. If they add a FA in April for example, they do not have to give him a contract until it is determined he makes the final cut.


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Fantasy Dynasty 101 | pt.7

More to get your Dynasty Fantasy League going in this offseason.  Check it out to see how to keep your fantsy football fix going all year round!

In the previous six lessons we have the basics down to get your league started, let’s review…

Part 1
Get your owners, Cost/Payout, Where to host your league
Part 2
Appoint a Commish, Communication, Rulebook
Part 3
Rulebook contents
Part 4
Franchise Ownership, Tanking, League Currency
Part 5
Using IDP or Team D/ST, Lineups, Roster Size, Developmental Taxi Squad
Part 6
Filling Rosters, Determining Draft Order, Rookie Draft, Vet Draft


So we have filled our rosters. What do we do with them now? One of the great things about the Dynasty league is your going to be going year round. During the offseason teams are picking up free agents, trading, and watching the rookies to see if your going to use them in your active lineup or sending them to the DTS…or cutting them.

In part five we determined roster size. For the fun of it, during the offseason this should be unlimited. What you do need to determine though is a cutdown date. The logical choice is going with the final cut date for the NFL. this does bring you close to the start of the season so it’s going to be a busy time for the commish to make sure things are in order. You can have it sooner but you run the risk of players being cut in the NFL and still sitting on your fantasy roster. This makes things difficult with roster size and contracts (covering that next). So, determine your roster cutdown date. To keep people on their toes throw in a small penalty for those that don’t make the date. Take some of their league currency, whip them, whatever.

Your Developmental Taxi Squad (Part Five) should not reflect on the number of your roster spots. The should be able to be tracked separately. I’m not sure about other hosts but this is very easy on The DTS spots should be unlimited until the cut down date as well. What your going to have to determine in year two is if the allowed number of DTS spots goes up. Say in the first year you have a seven round draft and eight DTS spots (allow a spot for all draft picks and maybe an Undrafted Free Agent pickup). If you have determined that owners can keep a rookie on DTS for three years, in year two they are going to have another 7 rookies after the draft. Up the number in year two but you don’t have to allow for all rookies to be kept. Eventually owners are going to have to promote/cut/trade these rookies to make room on their DTS roster. In our example league, we have 8 spots the first year…13 spots each year after.

Here is an example from our league…

6.6 The final cut down date for rosters will be one
week prior to the first NFL game at 6:00 PM CST to
consist of at max 40 active players, 8 DTS in first
(13 DTS players after first season), and any IR
players. On final cut down day, each owner must post a
message listing their a) active players, DTS players,
and c) IR players, if any. If a team does not meet
these deadlines, said team will be docked one (1)
T-Note each day until they have done so.

You should also determine if there is a minimum of players a team must carry. You don’t want them coming into a 40 man roster league and carrying 30 with a bunch of contract years tacked on those guys. (See Contracts).


This is where it gets fun. Now you have to determine who is more valuable on your roster. Are you going to stick a big number of years on a few players to lock them up or are you going to spread the years around so you don’t take a big hit once they become restricted Free Agents (covered later)?


3 Round Mock Draft at Football Jabber

 Here is the Top Ten.  The Rest of it can be found HERE

Round One
#1 DolphinsChris Long, DE, Virginia

Long becomes the anchor end for the Tuna’s new 3-4 defense. Although many may argue that Dorsey was the more worthy 1.01 choice, Dorsey would not make a good 3-4 NT. Thus the choice is Long.

#2 RamsGlenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

The Rams happily snap up Dorsey facilitating last year’s 1st round pick Adam Carriker to play more end. The Rams defensive line will be feared if Dorsey is the choice and Leonard Little can stay healthy.

#3 FalconsDarren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

The Falcons take the best player available and gamble that they will be able to grab a decent signal-caller later in the draft. With an aging Warrick Dunn and unproven Jerious Norwood as the components of a lackluster RBBC, Atlanta needs more of a power back than rookie Jason Snelling can provide. McFadden gives them a solid thunder and lightning running attack.

#4 RaidersSedrick Ellis, DT, USC

The Raiders take Sedrick Ellis to shore up their poor run defense. Ellis have been skyrocketing up the top 100 charts lately and one needs look no farther than his performance at the Senior bowl to find out why. Ellis will make an impact on a heavily regressing Raider defense.

#5 Chiefs Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

Word on the street is that Carl Peterson is feeling a bit of man-love for the BC pivot. Dwayne Bowe proved to be a pleasant surprise for the Chiefs last year and Peterson make look to grab a first round QB to get him the ball more often.

#6 JetsJake Long, OT, Michigan

The Jets grab Jake Long, the best offensive tackle prospect in the draft to bookend D’Brickashaw Ferguson. If Long pans out, the Jets may have one of the better offensive lines in the league for years to come.

#7 PatriotsVernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State

The Pats select Gholston to infuse some youth into their aging linebacker corps. Gholston will likely be moved to WOLB and I am betting that Adalius Thomas moves inside more often. Not that the Pats LB are ever stagnant anyways. This move is made in anticipation for the eventual retirement of Junior Seau and Tedi Bruschi.

#8 RavensRyan Clady, OT, Boise State

Rumor has it that Johnathan Ogden will call it a career after this year. If that is the case, expect the Ravens to select Ryan Clady here. Clady has all of the makings of a franchise tackle and will be able to step in and take over for the former pro bowler, Ogden.

#9 Bengals – Keith Rivers, OLB, USC

The Bengals hand is forced to select a linebacker as injuries, suspensions and poor play had them signing guys off of the street last year. With lone bright spot Landon Johnson likely to leave via free agency and Odell Thurman expected to return to the team, the Bengals go with Keith Rivers as a more natural OLB fit to Lewis’ defensive scheme.

#10 SaintsKenny Phillips, FS, Miami

The Saints are forced to upgrade a terrible secondary that was repeated torched throughout the season. It’s too early to cut bait with Jason David despite his poor play at CB last year so the Saints select Kenny Phillips to replace Josh Bullocks. Phillips’ good coverage skills will allow Roman Harper to play more in the box.

Football Jabber NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The first NFL Mock Draft for Football Jabber is up…

Football Jabber Mock Draft 1.0

by TJ Ford

*Order subject to change based on playoff finish.

#1- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
The Fins will be forced to address their defensive line as they ranked dead last in rushing yards allowed. Dorsey has been the game-changing type of tackle this year and will instantly make an impact on the Miami line.

#2- Jake Long, OT, Michigan
This year’s edition of the Rams showed everyone how easily a great offense can crumble without good offensive lineman. Orlando Pace is getting long in the tooth and St. Louis would be wise to pick up a new franchise tackle.

#3- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
The Falcons will be desperate to rebuild their shattered franchise after a horrible year. I don’t believe that Ryan is worth a 1.03-1.05 type of pick but the Falcons need a quarterback badly and this year’s QB class doesn’t offer the second round type of talent (Kolb, Stanton, Beck etc.) that last year’s class had. After Ryan, Brohm and Woodson, Atlanta may have to wait until the 4th round to get proper value in a remaining QB to warrant a pick. And with many teams, including the Ravens and Bears, heavily in the market for a signal caller as well, the Falcons won’t gamble with their pick, and will take the best QB available, Matt Ryan.

#4- Chris Long, DE, Virginia
I can honestly see the Raiders trading up to land Glenn Dorsey to shore up their own rush defense woes with Chris Long becoming a cornerstone for a new Miami 3-4 but for now, Oakland takes Long to improve a terrible pass rush and a defense that has taken a big step back from last year. The Raiders believe in Mike Bush and do not select McFadden.

#5- Sam Baker, OT, USC
The Chiefs need to protect their young quarterback better than their poor effort last year. The Chiefs gave up over 50 sacks last year and will need to give Brodie Croyle more time in order for them to be successful. Kansas City makes the first reach ala Levi Brown of last year to get Baker at 1.05.

# 6- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
The Jets should go defensive line here as the Jets were not the best defensive team last year but I believe that Mangini likes the defensive personnel that he has currently. I look for the Jets to trade Johnathan Vilma use the pick coming back to get defense later in the draft. McFadden proves too much for Mangini to pass up and the RBBC waters in New York get murkier.

#7 (fr/49?ers) Patriots – Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State
The perfect Patriots linebacker. Gholston can stand up, is dynamite for pass rush and can tackle well. Belicheck drafts Gholston to get some young blood into his severely aging LB corps. Don’t count out the trade possibility also, the Pats always manage to do something.

#8- Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
The Ravens are another team desperate for a quarterback. McNair and Boller are not the answer and Brian Billick’s firing will likely mean that the pick here will be a new franchise QB. Woodson’s physical abilities will be necessary to buy time for a weak receiving corps to get open.

#9- James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State
Laurinaitis gives Cincinnati the playmaker that they need to help out a badly depleted linebacker unit. His mean streak and leadership will make him the cornerstone of a rebuilt Bengal defense.

#10- Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami
The Saints are forced to upgrade a terrible secondary that was repeated torched throughout the season. It’s too early to cut bait with Jason David despite his poor play at CB last year so the Saints select Kenny Phillips to replace Josh Bullocks. Phillips’ good coverage skills will allow Roman Harper to play more in the box.


Free Open Invite! Fantasy Playoff League

Hey everyone!  Jonesing for a little more Fantasy Football?  Ho about doing a playoff league that isn’t hosted by one of the Wal-Mart’s of fantasy sports?  We have a league going at There is NO Offseason that is through

Go HERE.  In the drop down login choose a team that says Franchise (and a number).

Use  the password: football

Change your name and password.

The way it works is you choose a lineup each week from the available players.  Once you use someone though you cannot use them again.  So do you go with the QB that will be one and done or try to hit the big points with a Tom Brady?