Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings

Getting a little bit of a slow start this year on the fantasy football dynasty rankings, but a start indeed.  We know that many Dynasty Leagues have their drafts earlier in the spring, riding the wave that is the NFL Draft after the football season.  There are still the patient that are yet to draft, and trades to be made.  You can find the QB Dynasty Rankings HERE.  Let’s have a look at where some players landed…

Note The Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings take into consideration starting status as you are drafting for a Fantasy Football Dynasty League now as well as the next three years.  You are in your Dynasty League for at least that long , right?

#1.  Drew Brees: That’s right folks.  Until proven otherwise there is a new sheriff in Fantasy Football QB Dynasty town, and his name is Drew Brees.  Yes, Tom Brady will be back this year…but he isn’t back yet.  Peyton Manning is consistent but will face some changes now and has not finished as the top fantasy back in years.  Brees is clicking and it appears it will keep clicking for at elast the next couple of years.

#7 Jay Cutler/#8 Matt Ryan: This is an interesting spot.  If there was more than one season to go by and more of a need to pass may have went with Ryan over Cutler here.  Both have a decent running game and should in coming seasons.  Ryan has by far the better group catching the ball but unless they are in a shootout in one of the two games with the Saints may run the ball more.  This will require further debate… VOTE ON WHO YOU WOULD TAKE HERE!

#12 Kurt Warner: What?!?  Kurt Warner way down here?  What a steal, huh?  Well, you have to consider if you want a QB in your dynasty league who may be retired in the next year or two as your top gun.  If you take Warner as your top QB you better spend another pick earlier than usual to have a good prospect behind him.  There are some that would put this too high for Warner but you do want to win right away too, right?

#18 Matt Cassel:  Something just doesn’t sit right with me for Cassel.  I think it’s because he was in a position last season with a lot of talent around him that he will not have in Kansas City.  He very well could prove me wrong.  For now I need a little more proof.  He will fit in as a nice #2 Dynasty QB on your squad.  After about halfway through 2009 you may know what you really have in him.

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Rookie Review | Fantasy Football Dynasty Scout

Rookie Review | Fantasy Football Dynasty Scout

The Fantasy Football Season rolls on for those in the playoffs but for many it has come to an end.  Some owners in Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues are already looking forward to the NFL Draft as they know their draft position and are looking at their needs.  There certainly seemed to be more rookies this season that had an unlikely fantasy impact than usual.  Let’s have a look at the 2008 Fantasy Football Rookie standouts…

The scoring used for reflection in how these fantasy players performed is as follows…

Passing TD’s=4 pts
All other TD’s=6 pts
Passing Yards= 1 pt point per 20 yards
Rushing/Receiving Yards= 1 pt per 10 yards
Receptions: .5 pt
2 Point Conversions= 2 pts

Scoring is used up to Week 13 as many leagues end their regular season at that point.


You hear it all the time about NFL QB’s in their rookie season.  You don’t really want them to have to start.  Goes the same in fantasy football.  In 2008, with the injuries and benching, some people were forced to pick some rookies up off the waiver wire.  There were a couple fellas that did not turn out all too terrible to have in a backup position.

Joe Flacco, Ravens
Position Rank: 14th, 186 pts

Fantasy Football relevance for a Ravens QB was pretty unlikely going into the season.  This caused many Dynasty owners to pass on Flacco unless they were desperate.  Taken by the Ravens at #18 in the draft we knew he was going to be their guy, didn’t know for sure when.  Unless you have a developmental taxi squad where you can sit guys Flacco was likely not jumping out as a guy you HAD to have in your draft.

After suffering two below average games early in the season Flacco became a consistent backup/bye week QB for owners.  His high point came in Week Eight against the Raiders when he posted TD’s in the air and on the ground, he even had a reception for 43 yards.

Outlook: If the Ravens ever develop an offense for him to work with Flacco can become a viable QB option in fantasy football.  For Dynasty owners who have him he is at least going to be

Matt Ryan, Falcons:
Position Rank: 15th, 184 pts

Matt Ryan was picked up by the Falcons with the #3 pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.  In most fantasy football Dynasty League drafts he was the first QB taken as well given his chance to start early.  There is an old saying though.  Don’t own players from bad fantasy teams.  The Falcons were supposed to be a mess again this season.  Apparently someone did not tell Ryan that when he was given the starting job.

He was called the most “NFL Ready QB” in the draft.  We hear this every season, right?  Ryan scored his best game of the season in Week 10 against the Saints, posting two TD’s and 248 yards.  The return against the Saints in week 14 was even better and could have made a decent playoff start.

Outlook: The Falcons are not nearly as bad as we suspected in the beginning of the season.  The Matt Ryan to Roddy White hookup looks to be  a scary pair for years to come.

Worth a mention:

Brian Brohm, Packers: There were question marks as to how Aaron Rodgers would pan out in Green Bay.  Enough that they took Brohm in the second round.  Turns out that Rodgers is doing okay for himself and not as injury prone as suspected.  Brohm is a stash away unless you can actually move him to the Aaron Rodgers owner.

Chad Henne, Dolphins: It appeared at one time that Henne may be the Rookie QB that had the best chance to start the season.  Then Chad Pennington came to town.  He totaled 67 yards on the season.  There is no telling the future of Chad Henne in fantasy football.  Chad Pennington had his most productive year in some time and appears a good fit with the offense.

Running Back

The Running Back position.  The grand Poo-Bah of fantasy football positions.  The most sought after players in the Dynasty draft.  There always seems to be a Running Back or two that have a significant fantasy impact in their rookie season.  In 2008 this was certainly the case with three finishing in the Top10!

Matt Forte, Bears
Postion Rank: 1st, 220 pts

That’s right kids.  A Chicago Bears Running back is the top fantasy football Running Back for 2008.  To top it off he is a rookie!  Forte had some fans coming into the season but nobody seriously expected Forte to lead the rookie runners, let alone the running back position.  Once Cedric Benson was booted out of Chicago the job became Forte’s, hands down.  He did not disappoint.

In many fantasy football dynasty drafts, Forte was at the highest the 5th running back taken.  One thing he had going for him that some of the bigger names didn’t was the outright starting job.  This important piece often gets lost behind the flashy name.  Top game of the season came in Week 12 against the Rams.  Two Rushing TD’s on 132 yards.  He added on a coupe of receptions as well.

Outlook: The Bears still want to improve their Offensive Line.  Every step they take in that direction will help Forte.  Let’s hope he does not go the way of Anthony Thomas…

Steve Slaton, Texans
Position Rank: 8th, 186 pts

They said he was too small.  The Houston backfield had become as crowded as one you may find in Denver, with nobody jumping out.  As the season went on the ball found it’s way more and more into the hands of Steve Slaton.  In weeks three, four, and five, owners who were not afraid of Slaton’s size or the fact he was a Texan were rewarded with drafting him.  Those three solid weeks erased many doubts.

Slaton was one of those names we heard in the fantasy preseason but many just dismissed.  A late round pick in many Dynasty drafts, Slaton is a gem.  His season was peppered with a few inconsistent games but considering there was not much expected of him, we can let this slide.  His best game of the season came in Week 13 against the Jaguars.  Two rushing TD’s on 130 yards with two receptions and 52 yards thrown in.

Outlook: We have heard how Houston is going to become kind of a Denver South with Coach Kubiak.  Will Slaton get lost in the whoever has the hot hand strategy?


Packer Fans Basically Dress as Cheese | Fantasy Football Sleepers

Last night on Football Jabber Radio we had Adam, the football loving Brit that is taking in 35 NFL games around the country. It’s funny to hear an Englishman’s assessment of how Packer fans basically dress up as cheese. Poor guy didn’t know where he was, turns out he is in North Eastern Oregon heading to Vegas (there isn’t a football team in Vegas so whatever could he be up to?). NFL Recaps and Fantasy Football too!

Show Notes:

3:00-We get Mike in the house and rolling. Discussion of some of the big games from last week including the Broncos/Chargers fiasco, the Vikings disappointment against the Colts, and more…

12:19-We get a call from Reg at discussing the Cowboys and Eagles Monday Night Football shootout.

28:00- Adam from joins us to discuss his dream trip around the United States taking in 35 games in a season. Good stuff. Tales from the road so far and plans ahead.

42:00- Fantasy Football time! Smashmouth is in front of the 30+ owner Cowboys Pride/ Football Jabber Challenge. Take a look at some possible sleeper/waiver wire picks.

Go to to check it out!

Saturday night at 8pm Central we dive further into the fantasy football, injuries, and some NFL game picks.

A Community just for Football Fans…

Just in time for the 2008 Football season Football Jabber has added The Locker Room Community.  Think MySpace for the football fan!  From the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl…

Win Your Favorite Team’s T-Shirt!

Can you believe that we are only a little over a month from the start of the 2008 NFL Season?  It seems just like yesterday David Tyree was pulling down that catch in the Super Bowl and we just found out where Darren McFadden was landing in the NFL Draft.  So let’s get this thing going!  Football Jabber is going to give you a chance to win a t-Shirt of the NFL or NCAA team of your choice!

All you have to do is register at the Football Jabber forums, throw down some posts and your entered for the drawing that will be held on kickoff weekend.  There are a couple different ways to win, go to the Football Jabber Forums for more details!

The Jabber Forums are still pretty new and we are going to try and get it fired up for the season.  We have Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA, and general whatever you want to Jabber about forums.  Get in there!

If you want to shop around for some of your team’s gear check out the Football Jabber Fanshop!

Football Jabber Fanshop

Some Fantasy Football Tips You May Have Missed

Football Jabber Fantasy Football TipsCan you feel it?  That’s right folks…our first pre-season game is this weekend!  Many a Fantasy Football Joe are just getting things fired up in their fantasy draft prep.  We have been going all offseason though so I thought I would post some of our articles that you may have missed during your hibernation.

We have done a few things on helping you save time while managing a fantasy team and giving you a step up on the other guys in the league.  Dominate With RSS Subscribing.  Check out what Symbalo can do for  fantasy management.

We found some alarming results when we dug into the Triplets vs. Stud RB fantasy football drafting theories.  So much that we had to do a follow up throwing best available into the mix.

Are you new to leagues using Individual Defensive Players and wonder how they stack up to Offensive players?  Check out the IPD Scoring and Comparision.  You can also check out the basics on playing in IDP leagues HERE.

The scariest thing about going into your first Auction league is knowing what the hell to do.  We scratched up all kinds of tips for you in our Fantasy Football Auction Prep.

In these days of RBBC you need to know who is getting the rock and how has to share.  We ranked how all the teams stacked up based on how they shared the carries in the Fantasy Running Back Average Carries Compared to Carries Lost.

Need to know where to hold that money till the end of the season?  This place will even send owners who have not paid nagging emails!

We did a very detailed tutorial on setting up your Dynasty league.  This can be applied whether your using Team D or adding IDP players.  This has been very popular.  I was getting so many emails I went ahead and posted where the rules for the leagues it was based on were located.

Part 1
Get your owners, Cost/Payout, Where to host your league
Part 2
Appoint a Commish, Communication, Rulebook
Part 3
Rulebook contents
Part 4
Franchise Ownership, Tanking, League Currency
Part 5
Using IDP or Team D/ST, Lineups, Roster Size, Developmental Taxi Squad
Part 6
Filling Rosters, Determining Draft Order, Rookie Draft, Vet Draft
Part 7
Roster Management, Contracts, Injured Reserve
Part 8
Free Agency/Waivers
Part 9
Restricted Free Agency, Franchise Tags

If you have a Dynasty or Keeper league that your looking to add some expansion teams to, check out Expanding Your Fantasy Football Dynasty League to see how.

You like the Podcasts?  Football Jabber joined forces with The Fantasy Football Goat for some Podcasts this offseason in the Fantasy Football News and Advice Show.  give some of them a listen as some of the tips in there still stand true.  This thing will be getting fired up again here soon so make sure you subscribe!

We also added some new forums.  Go hang out, join some leagues, talk fantasy football, get start/sit/trade advice from the knowledgable members, vote on some babes…win a t-shirt of your favorite teams!  Go to the Football Jabber Forums and register NOW!

Check out the Fantasy Football Related Video we find on the net on our Video Wall.

IDP Scoring and Comparison

Fantasy Football with Individual Defensive Players (IDP) is on the rise.  Some of the traditional fantasy footballers do not want to make the jump.  Not wanting to make the jump is different than not knowing how to make the jump.  We have found that some Owners and Commissioners would like to make the change and begin using defensive players but the unknown scares them off.  For the Football Jabber Fantasy Football Strategy Playbook today we will look at setting up scoring for your league and compare how some of the defensive players match up to offensive players to give you a better idea of a players value when drafting.  To get more of an idea on the basics there is a link to an earlier Football Jabber article at the bottom of the page that will be helpful.