NFL Power Rankings Updated

A lot has happened in the last month since the Power Rankings were last updated so it appears it is time to refresh.  Sure, it’s only the preseason, but we need some kind of hierarchy in the league, right?

During the season the Power Rankings will be determined by a fancy little formula that we determined taking several factors into consideration aside from the win/loss record and opinion.  In fact opinion will have very little to do with it outside of a tie in the number crunching.  You can click HERE to view the Power Rankings.


Intro to Fantasy Football Dynasty Scout

The 2008 NFL Season is almost here.  Preparing for your Fantasy Football Draft is one of the best parts of the game in my opinion.  So why stop at the end of your draft?  Do you play in Dynasty or Keeper leagues?  If so you should always have an eye out for the younger players, not only for this year but for years to come.  During the season all the way to the NFL Draft, the Fantasy Football Dynasty Scout is going to be here at Football Jabber to help you out.

Over the course of the NFL season we will be keeping an eye out on the younger players that could be making moves up the depth charts or are in a position where a twisted ankle to a starter could put a guy into the spotlight.  Sounds like your basic sleeper watch, huh?  Here is where it gets different.


Win Your Favorite Team’s T-Shirt!

Can you believe that we are only a little over a month from the start of the 2008 NFL Season?  It seems just like yesterday David Tyree was pulling down that catch in the Super Bowl and we just found out where Darren McFadden was landing in the NFL Draft.  So let’s get this thing going!  Football Jabber is going to give you a chance to win a t-Shirt of the NFL or NCAA team of your choice!

All you have to do is register at the Football Jabber forums, throw down some posts and your entered for the drawing that will be held on kickoff weekend.  There are a couple different ways to win, go to the Football Jabber Forums for more details!

The Jabber Forums are still pretty new and we are going to try and get it fired up for the season.  We have Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA, and general whatever you want to Jabber about forums.  Get in there!

If you want to shop around for some of your team’s gear check out the Football Jabber Fanshop!

Football Jabber Fanshop

Some Fantasy Football Tips You May Have Missed

Football Jabber Fantasy Football TipsCan you feel it?  That’s right folks…our first pre-season game is this weekend!  Many a Fantasy Football Joe are just getting things fired up in their fantasy draft prep.  We have been going all offseason though so I thought I would post some of our articles that you may have missed during your hibernation.

We have done a few things on helping you save time while managing a fantasy team and giving you a step up on the other guys in the league.  Dominate With RSS Subscribing.  Check out what Symbalo can do for  fantasy management.

We found some alarming results when we dug into the Triplets vs. Stud RB fantasy football drafting theories.  So much that we had to do a follow up throwing best available into the mix.

Are you new to leagues using Individual Defensive Players and wonder how they stack up to Offensive players?  Check out the IPD Scoring and Comparision.  You can also check out the basics on playing in IDP leagues HERE.

The scariest thing about going into your first Auction league is knowing what the hell to do.  We scratched up all kinds of tips for you in our Fantasy Football Auction Prep.

In these days of RBBC you need to know who is getting the rock and how has to share.  We ranked how all the teams stacked up based on how they shared the carries in the Fantasy Running Back Average Carries Compared to Carries Lost.

Need to know where to hold that money till the end of the season?  This place will even send owners who have not paid nagging emails!

We did a very detailed tutorial on setting up your Dynasty league.  This can be applied whether your using Team D or adding IDP players.  This has been very popular.  I was getting so many emails I went ahead and posted where the rules for the leagues it was based on were located.

Part 1
Get your owners, Cost/Payout, Where to host your league
Part 2
Appoint a Commish, Communication, Rulebook
Part 3
Rulebook contents
Part 4
Franchise Ownership, Tanking, League Currency
Part 5
Using IDP or Team D/ST, Lineups, Roster Size, Developmental Taxi Squad
Part 6
Filling Rosters, Determining Draft Order, Rookie Draft, Vet Draft
Part 7
Roster Management, Contracts, Injured Reserve
Part 8
Free Agency/Waivers
Part 9
Restricted Free Agency, Franchise Tags

If you have a Dynasty or Keeper league that your looking to add some expansion teams to, check out Expanding Your Fantasy Football Dynasty League to see how.

You like the Podcasts?  Football Jabber joined forces with The Fantasy Football Goat for some Podcasts this offseason in the Fantasy Football News and Advice Show.  give some of them a listen as some of the tips in there still stand true.  This thing will be getting fired up again here soon so make sure you subscribe!

We also added some new forums.  Go hang out, join some leagues, talk fantasy football, get start/sit/trade advice from the knowledgable members, vote on some babes…win a t-shirt of your favorite teams!  Go to the Football Jabber Forums and register NOW!

Check out the Fantasy Football Related Video we find on the net on our Video Wall.

Players who didn’t care about legacy

So you hear about Brett Favre?  Thought you may have.  We have not really discussed it here and won’t get too far into it.  Something that keeps getting to me is people talking about what playing for another team would do to his “legacy” when he finally does retire.  Myself, I don’t see this as a big deal.  Sure it would be nice to think that Brett lived his days (forget the short time in Atlanta) in Green Bay.  In these days of Free Agency it is a remarkable thing to see someone stay with one team as long as he did.  Something left out of the conversation often is what Brett Favre wants.  We are all worried about how WE will remember him.  That is a little selfish, don’t you think?  Personally, he could go play for Chicago and win a Super Bowl and I would remember him as a Packer and only remember him as that Bear when the annual Super Bowl highlights hit ESPN. Read the story »

Dynasty Rankings, Draft Stratigies, and Power Rankings

What’s up kids?  I still see there are some hangers on over here so I thought I would post what we have going at the Jabber.

The Dynasty Rankings have been posted including Individual Defensive Players (IDP).

A big experiment facing off the Stud RB fantasy football draft theory vs. Triplets.  I actually got paid at work while doing 24 mock drafts for this…hehehe

Mike Martz is sweet on his RB’s

…and yes…the Early Pre-Season NFL Power Rankings are up.

Swing by and say hey!

IDP Scoring and Comparison

Fantasy Football with Individual Defensive Players (IDP) is on the rise.  Some of the traditional fantasy footballers do not want to make the jump.  Not wanting to make the jump is different than not knowing how to make the jump.  We have found that some Owners and Commissioners would like to make the change and begin using defensive players but the unknown scares them off.  For the Football Jabber Fantasy Football Strategy Playbook today we will look at setting up scoring for your league and compare how some of the defensive players match up to offensive players to give you a better idea of a players value when drafting.  To get more of an idea on the basics there is a link to an earlier Football Jabber article at the bottom of the page that will be helpful.