The Bedpan Fantasy Football Injuries of Note

2008 has been the year of the Red X.  Most fantasy football owners have to be looking at their rosters and seeing spots of injuries dotted throughout.  Let’s have a look at some injury reports, who is going to start, who is going to sit, and who you may be able to plug in this week.


Carson Palmer, Bengals: If you have been wondering if you should go a different direction but just could not stomach benching Palmer and his high draft status, it’s not your fault and you can do it this week.  Palmer is going to be sitting.  At least you know ahead of time this week.

Trent Edwards, Bills: They are being cautious with Edwards on the bye week.  Signs are pointing that he will return after the bye week.

Brian Griese, Bucs: His elbow held him out of practice again.  Will Jeff Garcia play well enough to hold him out of games after this week?  remains to be seen.  Jon Gruden is becoming to QB’s what Mike Shanahan is to RB’s.

Jon Kitna, Lions: This was an interesting tidbit earlier in the week because it appears that the Lions were not prepared for the possibility that Kitna could not go.  There was question as to if Dan Orlovsky or Drew Stanton would get the start.  It appears that Orlovsky is going to be the guy this weekend in his first NFL start.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers: All signs on the Magic 8 Ball are pointing to Rodgers starting against Seattle.  People questioned his durability going into the season but we are seeing some toughness as well as he is playing through the pain.  Kudos Aaron.

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks: Hasselbeck is listed as questionable but is not expected to play according to The Big Show.  Beware the return of Charlie Fry.  Well, Charlie Fry will return anyway, we have not had to beware of anything with the Seahawks passing game this season so far.


Brian Westbrook, Eagles: Let’s look at it this way.  You are going to be without Brian Westbrook this week.  At least you know it now.  How much hair do you figure has been lost over the years on Sunday morning alone waiting to see if this guy was going to play or not?  He isn’t, go on and enjoy your weekend.

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