Players who didn’t care about legacy

So you hear about Brett Favre?  Thought you may have.  We have not really discussed it here and won’t get too far into it.  Something that keeps getting to me is people talking about what playing for another team would do to his “legacy” when he finally does retire.  Myself, I don’t see this as a big deal.  Sure it would be nice to think that Brett lived his days (forget the short time in Atlanta) in Green Bay.  In these days of Free Agency it is a remarkable thing to see someone stay with one team as long as he did.  Something left out of the conversation often is what Brett Favre wants.  We are all worried about how WE will remember him.  That is a little selfish, don’t you think?  Personally, he could go play for Chicago and win a Super Bowl and I would remember him as a Packer and only remember him as that Bear when the annual Super Bowl highlights hit ESPN. Read the story »


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