Hey! This is your RSS Reader Speaking!

How you doing?  So you may have noticed that your folder for There is No Offseason has been empty for a while.  That’s because the site has moved to FootballJabber.com.  There are still a bunch of people subscribed over here I see.  In fact, we get new subscriptions all the time…yet this site has been inactive for a while.

Sooo….what happened is we decided to host the site and took on a different domain name.  All clever like we went with something with Football in the name, if for no other reason so people will quit calling me Tino.

Come check us out.  If would, please change your feed subscription to one of the following.  Summer is almost here and believe it or not we are heating up on the Fantasy Football content and there is that NFL camp thing coming up.

Subscribe to all the Jabber

This is the one if you don’t want to miss any of the Jabber. You, my friend, are a Jabber head through and through.

Subscribe NFL Content

NFL content, hence the name. NFL Draft info will also fall under this.

Subscribe Fantasy Football

Just the fantasy football stuff. Often this will go with NFL Jabber if you have that as well. During the offseason it may go with college as we prepare for Dynasty and Keeper drafts.

Subscribe NCAA Content

Just the Saturday game you say? Click on that one.


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