Podcasting and other Football Jabber News

Man sometimes I forget about this over here.  Still unclear what will become of the There is No Offseason site.  Spammers just got waaaaayyy to out of hand.  There is a thought of moving it from a Football site to an All Sports site.  Don’t know yet.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, my primary site now is Football Jabber.  Thought I would post some of the latest over here since we still have a good load of subscribers.

  • Football Jabber has joined Corey at The Fantasy Football Goat for The Fantasy Football News and Advice Show.  A Podcast for you year round Fantasy Football Jabber heads.  The second show is up now.  You can subscribe free at iTunes HERE, listen along in the widget at Football Jabber in the sidebar, or go to The Fantasy Football Goat.  Michael from The Hazean joined in this week with his vocal rendition of Monday Morning Rehab.
  • Poll results and discussion as to who people think the Top Fantasy QB will be this year.  YOu can also drag and rank your Top 15 Dynasty QB’s.
  • We have our NFL Draft Grades rolling in.  NFC West, AFC North, and NFC North are in so far.
  • Right now we have Linkage for all the NFL teams so you can keep up on them.  In the near future each team will have it’s own page.
  • Just added out Fantasy page that is going to have tons of Rankings and mock draft Jabber before it is all over.  Currently the Top Dynasty QB’s are listed.
  • The FORUMS are still rather new.  Jump in and get some football talk going!

So there is a little update.  Stop by and say Hi!


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