NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 QB’s

NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 QB’s

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The interesting thing about this year’s draft class actually has nothing to do with this year. Scouts have lamented over the weakness of the quarterbacks coming out in next year’s draft; artificially inflating the value of this year’s offering. Don’t be surprised to see a QB get taken by a team you didn’t expect. Also, you might see some teams reaching for QBs and mining for gold with late round fliers.

#1 Matt Ryan, Boston College

Many feel he is the most NFL ready of all quarterbacks entering the draft. While I would agree, I don’t believe he is worthy of the top 5 selection he will likely command. Ryan’s pocket presence is by far the best in class but he tends to make poor decisions and force the ball on occasion. That being said, Ryan has the ability to make all of the throws necessary to be a solid NFL starter. Easily the best quarterback available, I’d be surprised if he gets by Atlanta at #3.

#2 Brian Brohm, Louisville

Injuries and poor play late in the season knocked Brohm out from the consensus number 1 QB spot. Brohm is talented enough to make throws many NFL QBs have difficulty making and if given time, he will destroy a defense in ways few can. However, he has difficulty escaping pressure and rarely is able to create outside of the pocket. I think the system of the team Brohm is drafted into will have much to say about his career in the NFL.

#3 Chad Henne, Michigan

I think Chad has done too much to not be considered a top 3 selection this year. His leadership and intangibles are rivaled only by Matt Ryan. He put up an excellent senior bowl and combine. Chad can consistently evade the pass rush and buy extra seconds to make a play. His arm is strong and his throws are accurate. Henne will become a solid starter in the NFL.

#4 Andre Woodson, Kentucky

A poor senior bowl and an injury keeping him out of the combine explain Woodson’s fall. His season at the helm of Kentucky was one to gawk at but questions of consistency and football IQ crept into the fold. However, when healthy, Woodson’s physical tools cannot be questioned. A bit of a project, Woodson should serve a patient team very well.

#5 Joe Flacco, Delaware

Flacco is a bit of an enigma. His size and arm strength are tops in the class but his accuracy and feel for the pocket are sketchy at best. Flacco will be drafted by the third based on physical tools alone but between the quality of his competition and the system run by Delaware, physical tools may be the few things Flacco has over other QBs in the draft. Expect a team looking for a high upside QB like Carolina or Minnesota take a flier on him hoping to strike gold.

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