Football Jabber NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The first NFL Mock Draft for Football Jabber is up…

Football Jabber Mock Draft 1.0

by TJ Ford

*Order subject to change based on playoff finish.

#1- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
The Fins will be forced to address their defensive line as they ranked dead last in rushing yards allowed. Dorsey has been the game-changing type of tackle this year and will instantly make an impact on the Miami line.

#2- Jake Long, OT, Michigan
This year’s edition of the Rams showed everyone how easily a great offense can crumble without good offensive lineman. Orlando Pace is getting long in the tooth and St. Louis would be wise to pick up a new franchise tackle.

#3- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
The Falcons will be desperate to rebuild their shattered franchise after a horrible year. I don’t believe that Ryan is worth a 1.03-1.05 type of pick but the Falcons need a quarterback badly and this year’s QB class doesn’t offer the second round type of talent (Kolb, Stanton, Beck etc.) that last year’s class had. After Ryan, Brohm and Woodson, Atlanta may have to wait until the 4th round to get proper value in a remaining QB to warrant a pick. And with many teams, including the Ravens and Bears, heavily in the market for a signal caller as well, the Falcons won’t gamble with their pick, and will take the best QB available, Matt Ryan.

#4- Chris Long, DE, Virginia
I can honestly see the Raiders trading up to land Glenn Dorsey to shore up their own rush defense woes with Chris Long becoming a cornerstone for a new Miami 3-4 but for now, Oakland takes Long to improve a terrible pass rush and a defense that has taken a big step back from last year. The Raiders believe in Mike Bush and do not select McFadden.

#5- Sam Baker, OT, USC
The Chiefs need to protect their young quarterback better than their poor effort last year. The Chiefs gave up over 50 sacks last year and will need to give Brodie Croyle more time in order for them to be successful. Kansas City makes the first reach ala Levi Brown of last year to get Baker at 1.05.

# 6- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
The Jets should go defensive line here as the Jets were not the best defensive team last year but I believe that Mangini likes the defensive personnel that he has currently. I look for the Jets to trade Johnathan Vilma use the pick coming back to get defense later in the draft. McFadden proves too much for Mangini to pass up and the RBBC waters in New York get murkier.

#7 (fr/49?ers) Patriots – Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State
The perfect Patriots linebacker. Gholston can stand up, is dynamite for pass rush and can tackle well. Belicheck drafts Gholston to get some young blood into his severely aging LB corps. Don’t count out the trade possibility also, the Pats always manage to do something.

#8- Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
The Ravens are another team desperate for a quarterback. McNair and Boller are not the answer and Brian Billick’s firing will likely mean that the pick here will be a new franchise QB. Woodson’s physical abilities will be necessary to buy time for a weak receiving corps to get open.

#9- James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State
Laurinaitis gives Cincinnati the playmaker that they need to help out a badly depleted linebacker unit. His mean streak and leadership will make him the cornerstone of a rebuilt Bengal defense.

#10- Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami
The Saints are forced to upgrade a terrible secondary that was repeated torched throughout the season. It’s too early to cut bait with Jason David despite his poor play at CB last year so the Saints select Kenny Phillips to replace Josh Bullocks. Phillips’ good coverage skills will allow Roman Harper to play more in the box.



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