Time has come/Moving to hosted blog

My free blog days are done. Well, for sports anyway. I went ahead and hosted my new blog. This here Sports Page is associated with my football fansite, There is NO Offseason. I wanted to do something independent from that and the best thing was to host it myself.

This blog will stil be used but will be more as an extetention of TINO.

Here is a little intro for the new site, Football Jabber. Thanks for the ride and please come along!

Football Jabber is an irreverent (not to be confused with irrelevant…but could be at times) view of American Football. What’s going on, what makes us laugh, what ticks us off.

Football Jabber will cover things from the little af2 to the Wal-mart of sports that is the NFL and tons of Fantasy Football coverage year-round. Oh…Cheerleaders, I love Cheerleaders! We have our very own Dudley Do-Right from the Great White North so we may have some CFL thrown in the mix as well. I know it isn’t exactly American Football but, damn they try!

Speaking of trying…we don’t claim to be experts or take ourselves too seriously but we do spend just about as much time thinking football as Peyton Manning does in the film room.

I have previously been with the blogging world atTINO Sports Page(known cleverly as TINO). The break from that comes from the desire to be independent from my football fansite, There is NO Offseason.

We have some big plans for the NFL Draft and we are just getting started here to kick off 2008. Come along for the ride!


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