Fantasy Draft Hindsight/WR’s


The Fantasy season is over for most leagues after week 16. We would like to take a look back now on the 2007 fantasy draft and see how things panned out. How did the top ten drafted at each position do? Who was the undrafted stud?

We will be using the TINO Fantasy League as a measuring stick. The league is full of experienced owners who have been playing together for years (there were a couple new comers this season but credentials checked out).


6pts for TD’s, Throwing, running,catching.

.05 per yard passing.

1 point per 10 yards rush and catch.

.5 per reception.

Those are the basics, I won’t get into the Defense/Special Teams.

Of course injuries rear their ugly head and sometimes the season just doesn’t pan out. Here is a look at the 10 ten drafted:

Wide Receivers:

Pick Overall Name Team Pos. Rank Overall Rank Points
2.10 22 Steve Smith Firehaze 15 59 175.00
2.12 24 Chad Johnson Bettiskel 6 35 204.50
3.01 25 Marvin Harrison Bettiskel 95 313 38.00
3.04 28 Terrell Owens Tustin Tornados 2 14 258.50
3.07 31 Reggie Wayne Scootertrash 4 22 238.00
3.08 32 Torry Holt I Want My #2 11 49 189.00
3.10 34 Roy Williams Red Cliff Maple Leafs 29 97 138.50
3.11 35 Javon Walker Ghettoblasters 96 313 37.00
4.04 40 Larry Fitzgerald Deadbeats 7 36 204.00
4.05 41 Lee Evans I Want My $2 31 103 134.00

Undrafted Stud:

Bobby Engram ranks the highest of the undrafted. He finished #14 for WR’s and #57 overall. Not bad considering there were 65 WR’s taken in the draft.

Wait! No Randy Moss? Moss was drafted outside the Top 10 this season by Bettiskel (also the Marvin and CJ owner). He was the 15th WR taken.

Let’s talk more about these guys and call them names and stuff…

Steve Smith:

The Panthers just plain sucked this year. They became the first team in NFL history to start four different QB’s in a season. Despite that Smith still gets a top 15 Wr ranking.

Chad Johnson:

No he didn’t put up CJ like numbers this season. He was a part of the only controversial trade this season (packaged with Derek Anderson for Big Ben) and many owners think the owner could have won the title had he not traded him. The Bengals were terrible this season but it shouldn’t hurt his draft stock too much next season.

Marvin Harrison:

The worst season for Marvin Harrison in twelve years. Had he been himself the LT and CJ (before trade) owner should have had a championship. Reggie Wayne is the official fantasy WR for the Colts from here on out.

Terrell Owens:

Every now and then a season comes along when T.O. just shuts up and plays. This was one of those seasons. He finished second for WR’s and made the top 30 overall. Not bad for the 4th Wideout taken.

Reggie Wayne:

The WR man in Indy now. Some thought he was anyway coming into te season but Marvin Harrison’s name still had pull. He will be higher up on the WR list come draft time next season.

Torry Holt:

Who could have seen the Rams season pan out as it did? Holt felt it. Didn’t crack the top 10 after being the #5 WR in 2006.

Roy Williams:

It all started out good. The Lions seemed to be on fire. An injury that ended his season capped off what would have been a minor disappointing season anyway.

Javon Walker:

Was supposed to be the WR guy in Denver. That didn’t go as planed just as the Broncos season didn’t. The first two games of the season were the only fantasy worthy games of those he played in…which wasn’t many either.

Larry Fitzgerald:

Fitz was a steal at the 40th pick. He actually finished under the top 40 mark and #7 for WR’s, which wasn’t bad considering the inconsistent play fo the Cards offense this season. He should be at the top of the WR list next year.

Lee Evans:

Evans was on fire at the end of the 2006 season. The juggling of QB’s didn’t help this year. He turned out to be a very average fantasy option this season. Let’s hope for a better showing in 2008!



3 Responses to “Fantasy Draft Hindsight/WR’s”

  1. kelloggs23 Says:

    Funny how my only pick that showed up on any of these lists is Marc Bulger, but yet I still win the Championship. Damn… I’m good.

  2. leej Says:

    As a Viking fan that had to hurt knowing that Brett Favre saved your Qb position…lol.

  3. kelloggs23 Says:

    I’ve learned to put nearly anything before the Vikings. They will break your heart in the end no matter what…

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