Fantasy Draft Hindsight/RB’s


The Fantasy season is over for most leagues after week 16. We would like to take a look back now on the 2007 fantasy draft and see how things panned out. How did the top ten drafted at each position do? Who was the undrafted stud?

We will be using the TINO Fantasy League as a measuring stick. The league is full of experienced owners who have been playing together for years (there were a couple new comers this season but credentials checked out).


6pts for TD’s, Throwing, running,catching.

.05 per yard passing.

1 point per 10 yards rush and catch.

.5 per reception.

Those are the basics, I won’t get into the Defense/Special Teams.

Of course injuries rear their ugly head (with no other position like fantasy RB’s) and sometimes the season just doesn’t pan out. Here is a look at the 10 ten drafted:


Pick Overall Name Team Pos. Rank Overall Rank Points
1.01 1 Ladanian Tomlinson Bettiskel 1 9 314.35
1.02 2 Steven Jackson Greeley Stench 12 64 169.60
1.03 3 Larry Johnson Firehaze 31 156 107.00
1.04 4 Joseph Addai Tustin Tornados 3 20 240.00
1.05 5 Shaun Alexander Rastafarian Rednecks 38 179 97.00
1.06 6 Frank Gore Big Booty Hoes 10 53 184.50
1.07 7 Willie Parker Scootertrash 18 76 152.50
1.08 8 Rudi Johnson I want my $2 47 217 80.50
1.09 9 Laurence Maroney Deadbeats 29 145 109.00
1.10 10 Bryan Westbrook Redcliff Maple Leafs 2 11 303.00

Undrafted Stud:

Earnest Graham, the Tampa Bay RB finished #9 in all RB’s and #46 for all positions.

Let’s talk more about these guys and call them names and stuff…

Ladanian Tomlinson:

What? LT didn’t finish #1 overall? He did finish tops for all running backs but barely cracked the top 10 in this QB heavy, non-record setting season in the overall rankings. You couldn’t fault any owner that took LT #1 overall.

Steven Jackson:

Should we have seen it coming when he predicted a big season? We couldn’t have seen the injuries coming and most didn’t see the Rams sucking as bad as they did. SJax missed four games to injury but still almost made the Top 10 for RB’s. He killed me in two Dynasty leagues.

Larry Johnson:

Like Sjax, injuries hit LJ pretty hard, missing the last half of the fantasy season. Who knows what will become of his draft status in 2008 given that the Chiefs were so horrible even with him.

Joseph Addai:

Even on a Colts team that is perceived to be pass heavy, Addai was a very solid RB option and a steal at the #4 pick. He should be a sure top 3 pick next year and a fantasy stud for years to come.

Shaun Alexander:

It may be time to hand up the first round fantasy cleats on Shaun Alexander. This is his second season in a row not getting better than the #30 RB. It’s safe to say that you may get a steal taking Alexander as your #2 back in 2008.

Frank Gore:

Big things were expected of Gore after his break out season. He did miss one game to injury but the rest of the Niners just did not help him out enough. Should still be a higher pick next year though.

Willie Parker:

If it wasn’t for that broken leg thing Willie would have finished higher up in the rankings, likely all the way up from 18 to 12 or 13. Depending on rehab Willie will still likely be a first rounder next season.

Rudi Johnson:

Johnson is dead to me. He will not make another I Want My $2 squad before the third round. Easily the bust of the first round, we have to wonder who will be the RB for the Bengals next year.

Laurence Maroney:

It wasn’t Maroney’s fault. The Patriots didn’t have to run the ball. Moss may be gone next year and they should start to play like a regular football team next year…you know, running and stuff. He did miss three games I guess but it’s hard to think that he would have scored much higher had he even been in there.

Bryan Westbrook:

Coming into week 16 Westbrook was only 5 points behind Tomlinson for the RB lead. That means had he not taken a dive in the Cowboys game on the one yard line he would have been the leader. I odn’t know what it is. He isn’t flashy or something but every year he seems to fall and turns out to be a fantasy stud. Last year he tied Frank Gore in points.



5 Responses to “Fantasy Draft Hindsight/RB’s”

  1. Michael McNeil Says:

    How did SJax finish No. 12 in the rankings if he had more points than No. 10 Frank Gore?

  2. Tino Says:

    Human error. But…uh…wasn’t me. It was one of those number crunchers I pay to sit in a cubical going over stats. He’s fired…it’s fixed.

  3. captaincanada Says:

    Wow that guy who drafted Westy at 1.10 sure must be a savvy drafter.

  4. leej Says:

    Yes folks, it was out very own Dudley DoRight above that drafted Westbrook.

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