Fantasy Draft Hindsight/QB’s


The Fantasy season is over for most leagues after week 16. We would like to take a look back now on the 2007 fantasy draft and see how things panned out. How did the top ten drafted at each position do? Who was the undrafted stud?

We will be using the TINO Fantasy League as a measuring stick. The league is full of experienced owners who have been playing together for years (there were a couple new comers this season but credentials checked out).


6pts for TD’s, Throwing, running,catching.

.05 per yard passing.

1 point per 10 yards rush and catch.

.5 per reception.

Those are the basics, I won’t get into the Defense/Special Teams.

Of course injuries rear their ugly head and sometimes the season just doesn’t pan out. Here is a look at the 10 ten drafted:


Pick Overall Name Team Pos. Rank Overall Rank Points
1.11 11 Peyton Manning Ghettoblasters 3 3 372.25
2.07 19 Drew Brees Big Booty Hoes 7 7 325.40
2.09 21 Carson Palmer Tustin Tornados 9 12 289.70
2.11 23 Tom Brady Greeley Stench 1 1 503.50
3.09 33 Vince Young Deadbeats 19 54 184.45
3.12 36 Marc Bulger Blowhards 23 96 139.80
4.06 42 Donovan McNabb Scootertrash 11 15 251.95
5.07 55 Matt Hasselbeck Scootertrash 6 6 325.95
6.05 65 Jon Kitna I want my $2 13 18 247.50
6.10 70 Tony Romo Firehaze 2 2 403.25

Undrafted Stud:
Derek Anderson finished #5 overall and for QB’s.

How did their season pan out?

Peyton Manning:

Manning seemed to have a pedestrian year as far as Peyton Manning like seasons go. Still finishing in the top three in the rankings helped the owner to finish 7-6 and in the playoffs. They lost the wild card game however.

Drew Brees:

The Hoes caught some homer slack for taking Brees so high but after last season who wouldn’t have thought he would be a fantasy stud? Just like the Saints disappointing season, the Big Booty Hoes finished under .500 at 6-7.

Carson Palmer:

Palmer was expected to be the second QB taken in most drafts and the Tornado’s were liking their chops when he was still there at their second round pick. Despite the Bengals season, Palmer was still a top 10 fantasy QB…barely. The Tornado’s made it to the title game but lost.

Tom Brady:

If there was ever a homer pick to make. At the end of the second round the resident Patriots fan took Brady. Homer jokes ensued. Now the joke is on everyone else. The rest of his draft led him to a 4-9 season.

Vince Young:

Young finished 2006 strong and was only expected to do better in 2007. Still, a 3rd round pick was viewed as too high for him to go. Deadbeats felt the wrath of Young having an average fantasy season and finished 5-8.

Marc Bulger:

Personally I viewed this as a steal at the end of the 3rd at the time. Apparently the Blowhards did as well had high expectations for Bulger too. he injury bud had other plans. Despite Bulger’s season, the Blowhards went on to take the league title (thanks to Brett Favre being his 11th round draft pick).

Donovan McNabb:

We didn’t know what to think about McNabb after coming back from injury. But you had to take him there still sitting around in the middle of the 4th right?

Matt Hasselbeck:

Apparently Scootertrash wanted to make sure that his McNabb pick was insured as he came back in the next round with Matt Hasselbeck. He proved to be the better pick despite WR injury woes this season.

Jon Kitna:

Yes…this was my pick. I had big hopes for the Martz led offense this season, and it started out well, until week 5. Kitna led the $2 squad to it’s worst record in years at 5-8…but the reasoning for that comes at the RB position so we will cover that there.

Tony Romo:

Firehaze got on the Romo bandwagon with his man crush last year. It paid off points wise but he still missed the playoffs.

Next up, RB’s…



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