Site Pimp:Big Ten Fever

Something that we have been doing is a little site pimping Q&A with the sites affiliated with There is NO Offseason and TINO Sports Page. Big Ten Fever was the first to hook up with us earlier in the year. Yaya is the head chick over there. Plumber by day, sexually harassed and sexually harassing by night, she puts a lot of time in at her Big Ten themed site.

TINO: Tell me about Big Ten Fever, what makes you stand out?

Yaya: Well, we are a message board that focuses on all 11 teams of the Big Ten. We also have other forums where we talk about almost anything. I think what makes us stand out is we really have some great posters that are knowledgeable and are great contributors. It’s a very interactive site with not only forums, but we have a chatroom that stays very active, an arcade, and bookie. Oh yeah, and it’s run by me so it’s super awesome.

TINO: How do you summarize the Big Ten Football season up until now?

Yaya: Well the perception has been that this is a down year for the BT, but we also have 8 teams going to bowl games. Even though we’ve seen some big upsets, I don’t see this conference as being weak. A lot of the conferences have had upsets this year, I just think we are seeing parity rearing it’s ugly little face. And I think it’s good for the sport.

TINO: How would you feel about the Big Ten adding another team and having a conference title game?

Yaya: To be honest, I’m not at all in favor of adding a team. If anything I’d like to go back down to ten and have every team play each other once. I don’t see the need for a conference title game, you win your games during the season and take the title.

TINO: What ever came of the deal with the Big Ten and your site? I thought it was pretty messed up that they would go after you guys and there must have been some foul play to bring notice to you.

Yaya: I have no idea how they decided to come after me. I mean the forum was only a few months old, and yes, I do suspect foul play. I pretty much told the lawyer that this was nonsense and shouldn’t mind a hot chick promoting their conference. I made an agreement with the lawyers but never heard back. So it has stayed status quo since then.

TINO: Football season is almost over but you guys focus on all Big Ten sports so that is a plus. What do you look forward to now?

Yaya: Well I’m a huge college basketball fan so this is my favorite sports season. Just a week away from Big Ten play and I will be in heaven. But a lot of members are in to college wrestling too, so there is some posting on that too. BT is pretty dominate in that sport.

TINO: Your a Michigan Gal. Some thoughts on the state of Michigan sports? Not quite going to get that 10 wins for Kitna but you have to be somewhat impressed with the Lions.

Yaya: Well the Pistons and Red Wings are good as always. And I am impressed with the improvement from the Lions, but also disappointed with some of the games they have given away, like in the last quarter with Dallas. I think Rod is really going to get this team on track in the future.

TINO: Thanks Lady. I know I pick on you but it is just like having a cyber little sister, nothing personal.

Yaya: Love you too Lee Moon


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