Remember Magazines?

Remember holding magazines in your hands to read up on sports? I’m sure there are still many people that do, I’m just not really one of them. In the days of these here inhernets I find myself (and my shortened attention span) browsing RSS readers and sports sites online.

My wife got me a subscription to Sports Illustrated with the “points” she collected drinking cases of Diet Coke. I have not been a fan of the magazine since I read one that had 40 plus pages devoted to Golf. It was the best option for me on the list available though. Thumbing through the latest issue it made me think about what I have been missing.

SI has always been a leader in sports photography. Of course there is that swimsuit issue thingy. A few pages in I came across this awesome, two page photo of the Bills and Browns game played last weekend in the downpour of snow flakes. Jamal Lewis struggling for another yard surrounded by three Bills defenders. A fallen Brown and Bill face down in the snow. Photos online just don’t grab me like that. Two pages further in there was an even more powerful photo. One that reminded me just how powerful sports photography can be.


“To the delight of the Dolphins success-starved fans, wide receiver Greg Camarillo scored on a 64-yard reception in overtime on Sunday to defeat the Ravens 22-16 and snap a 16-game losing steak. The victory ensured that Miami would not become the first 0-16 team in NFL history.”

I did a search for Bob Rosato’s photo but there was no luck. The scaled down online version would not do it justice anyway. The two page spread shows Camarillo crossing the goal line with an Official running behind him, in the process of raising his arms to signal a touchdown.

This was not the best thing about the photo. In fact it only makes up 1/4 of the shot. The best thing about it is the hundreds of Dolphin fans (and handful of Raven fans) that are in it. Their reaction to the moment that finally made the Dolphins season worth something. There are literally hundreds of faces telling their own story. The smiles, the open mouths screaming, I wish I could count how many had their hands raised in victory. From the jumping cheerleader to the Ravens fan with the Ray Lewis jersey on in the second row, the shot screams emotion.

If you get SI in the print edition you can see what I’m talking about. If you don’t, take a peek at one on the newsstand. Sport photography in magazines are an art form that should not be ignored.



6 Responses to “Remember Magazines?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    That is a good point. I think I, too, have become so focused on the content that I forget how powerful a picture can be and how it can tell almost the whole story by itself. I will have to check it out.

  2. wittybanter Says:

    Hey Tino,

    Happy Holidays!

    I only read one sports mag these days – The Ring. And that’s because you can’t get decent boxing news any where else. Even the online sources for boxing and MMA are pretty lame. SI is irrelevant and ESPN the Mag is as good as toilet paper.


  3. Anthony Says:

    TINO, you are so right about photography in print. It is in that medium that it smacks you in the face and says ‘STOP! Look at me, I’m pretty.’ You just can’t get that on the Internet. There is a lot of great photography that I see on Flickr all of the time. I can only imagine if I were to actually see them in person on film quality paper.

    To address you point about sports news in print — It amazes me that people now a days will not take the time to sit down and read. Everything is go, go, go — coffee-on-the-go; food-on-the-go; sports-on-the-go. I admit it that I am a culprit of this at times. The Internet is just so damn convenient. It’s hard to recreate the package you get in a magazine on the ‘Net — the experience is completely different.

    One last thing: Don’t let my Witty Banter compadre fool you. The only place he gets his sports information is from Sports Illustrated. You could say he is a homer for SI, just like Dickie V is for Duke.

  4. Linda Kay Says:

    You’re so right TINO, most magazines don’t even make good fire starters. I do take Sporting News and ESPN because you can’t get all of the magazine online. I take them for the pictures and special editions with draft picks, fanatasy foootball, etc. Not to mention the pictures are so much better in print. My grandson goes thru ALL sports magazines and cuts out all the articles and pictures on any Vikings players and puts them in a scrapbook for me…..pretty cool, huh??? Have a good won..GO VIKES!

  5. Tino Says:

    Thanks for the input guys, and thanks for commenting so often!

  6. Tino Says:

    Linda, you make a good point too! I work in a school and I have seen a lot of that in the last couple of weeks. The PE teacher is a Packers fan and some kids clipped newspaper pictures and articles for him when Favre passed Marion’s passing yards record. It has made me consider doing the same for my 3 year-old, who I’m getting football cards as a stocking stuffer because the little guy is already getting hooked to things online.

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