NFL Footballderdash/Week 16


The regular season is winding down on NFL Footballderdash…and the NFL season.  Our hero(me) holds a two game lead over the bad guy.

TINO:1-2 (27-20 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (25-22 overall)
This was supposed to be a game with more playoff implications.  The Saints have looked like the 2006 Saints the last two weeks but the ghost of X-Mas past has made too many visits for them to be in a comfortable position in the playoff race.  They have put up 65 points the last two games, although one of them being against the Falcons doesn’t really count.  Drew Brees is back on track and the season rides on this game for the Saints.  The Eagles are looking to play spoiler this week as they have dropped too many important games in the last month to keep up in the race.  Word is flying around that McNabb will be heading out.  If that is the case, McNabb has two showcase games left before leaving, starting here.

TINO: Saints

My how the mighty have fallen. If I remember correctly, both these teams were supposed to be fighting for a spot in the Super Bowl, but it isn’t looking like either will even be getting a sniff of the playoffs. The ‘aints will need the W to keep their hopes alive and Stecker has been “filling” in quite nicely. Personally I think he should have become more of a factor when Deuce went down, but then again there is a reason I’m not coaching an NFL team right now. With that said, I think McNabb & Westbrook will put together a good game for the Iggles on offense and their defense will be adequate against the Saints meager offense.

Kelloggs23: Philadelphia Eagles

The most important game of the week as far as playoff implications go. This counts as a playoff game for the Skins who need help trailing both Minnesota and  New Orleans for the last spot.  Todd Collins did not kill the Skins last week but he didn’t light things up either…not that we expected him to.  He will be facing a very tough Minny D.  The Vikings can keep a leg up on the Saints with a win here.  Playing at home the weather won’t be an issue.  They are hot winning five in a row and have AD back in the swing.  Scary time to be playing the Vikings.  The Skins need to pressure Jackson early and often to get him shaken up because they are not going to win this game otherwise.

TINO: Vikings

5 in a row? From looking at a Top 5 pick to in the playoffs? My, what a difference a month (+ 1 week) makes. 5 in a row in the NFL today is hard, but 6? Who are they, the New England Patriots? Actually they are the 1 team that could beat the Pats (or so I think being a Vikes fan). Part of me wanted to go with the Redskins because I think they are better than people think, but I can’t go against my hometown team. AP will break out of his funk and TJack will play efficiently which is exactly what they need out of him.

Kelloggs23: Minnesota Vikings

The Chargers have already clinched the AFC West and the Broncos have already clinched watching the playoffs from home.  Lucky for us there is still pride on the line as these two teams hate each other.  LT has returned to his hero form the last few weeks and should light it up early before heading for the bench.  It’s the last home game before the playoffs for the Chargers and they should take this game…but you never know with these AFC West rivalries.  The Broncos got embarrassed by the Texans in front of the 33 people that were able to watch on the NFL Network.  Don’t look for them to lay down though.

What the hell, I’ll throw Kelloggs a bone here and take the Broncos.
TINO: Broncos

LT. That’s all I need to say. The Broncos D (or team for that matter) hasn’t done much this year and the Chargers are peaking at the perfect time. I heard on the radio this last week that Norv Turner’s teams are made for the playoffs because he leaves the leadership up to the veterans which is hugely different than the way Marty Schott ran the team and it has taken this long for the Chargers to adapt to it, but they will be much better off because of it and will actually make some noise at the end of the year. With that in mind, I see them as very dangerous and it provides the perfect reasoning for their early struggles and improved play of late. Either way, the Broncos D won’t be able to slow them down, much less stop them.
Kelloggs23: San Diego


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