NFL Jabber 12/16/07

tspbabe_fins1.jpg is looking at free agency and the draft for the Fins today. Nice break from the grumpy old men that can’t wait to uncork the bottle when the Pats lose.

The Dolphins can clinch the #1 pick today with a loss. Think they can do it? Is Edge James Hall of Fame worthy? A little premature of a question but they are asking it in the papers in AZ. His career has been a little quiet since moving to the dessert but he is 13th on the rushing list. They debate it here Mike Maylock of the NFL Network said he wouldn’t draft Vince Young coming out of college because you would have to change your offense to fit him. Jeff Fisher and Norm Chow have been doing a decent job with compromise in their marriage to Young.

“I don’t know if there is another coach who would be able to bring him along like they have to this point, to be able to put their egos at the door, adjust to his strengths and not ask him to do more than he is able to do,” said ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who has been one of Young’s harshest critics. “I can’t think of a place where Vince would be better off. It just takes time.”

Speaking of Norm Chow…he met with the UCLA Bruins about taking the Head Coaching gig in KC last night. is talking draft in December. They identify O-Line, WR, and QB as needs. Speculation of the Falcons going after Jason Garrett comes in the form of a couple sentences at

Dallas owner Jerry Jones played a key role in Bobby Petrino leaving the Atlanta Falcons for the University of Arkansas, but there could be payback down the road. Don’t be surprised if Falcons owner Arthur Blank makes a run at Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett as Petrino’s replacement…

Thanks guys. I’m going to throw one out. Don’t be surprised if the Falcons go after Mike Ditka. Niners QB Shaun Hill got them a win against the Bengals last night and is a pretty cool guy according to Coach Nolan. Anyone that might save my job is a cool guy.

“The thing I enjoyed about him is, he’s a pretty cool, calm, guy,” said Nolan, whose job status is hotly debated by those who believe it hasn’t already been decided. “At the same time, he’s very competitive, and that’s important.”


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