TINO Invites you/NFL Playoff League


So every year in my Commish message at our leagues there is a link to take to set up an NFL Playoff Fantasy League.  I actually took it this year and we are going to do it.  It’s free to play.  Easy, just set up a roster each week but you can only use a player once.  Here is a summary…

Most post-season fantasy football leagues are “contest-style” lineups, where you don’t maintain a roster, but instead, can start any player once, and only once, throughout the NFL playoffs. The winner of the league is simply the franchise with the most total points after the Super Bowl. So, there’s strategy in who you start when. If you think the Patriots will lose in the first week of the playoffs, you could start Brady in the first playoff week. But, if you think they’ll make it all of the way to the Super Bowl, you could hold off, and not start him until later in the post-season.

You can check the league site out HERE.  If your interested, leave a comment with a way to reach you or email me at staff@tino-offseason.com


One Response to “TINO Invites you/NFL Playoff League”

  1. kelloggs23 Says:

    As long as she is personally inviting me, I’m definitely in.

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