NFL Footballderdash Week 15


I bit last week on the hope the Steelers could come to the rescue of us non-Patriot fans.  It cost me a perfect week.  As the season winds down we have a couple games that serve as playoff games already for a few teams.

Last Week

TINO:2-1 (26-18 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (24-20 overall) @ The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
This has smash mouth football written all over it.  All D and a lot of running.  Who would think that the Steelers would only be one win up on the Browns right now?  They need this game to keep that cushion going.  The Steelers are very tough at home and it could give them an edge here.  David Garrard has turned out to be the QB the Jags needed.  I look for the Steelers to take out last weeks loss on the Jags.

TINO: Steelers

Pittsburgh is always a deadly team come wintertime and especially at home, they are no different. I see Willie finally turning things around and putting one in this week. Jax is a good team and if they were the home team, I’d probably go with them in this tilt.

Kelloggs23: Pittsburgh Steelers @
This is a playoff game here for both teams.  The Saints hold tie breakers over the other 6-7 teams but have no choice but to win out as they still trail for the last wild card spot.  They will be without Reggie Bush but that shouldn’t change the running game much.  This game should be a shootout.  The Cards should be looking to run the ball if they don’t fall back fast.  Have to go the homer pick on this one with the Saints at home.

TINO: Saints

New Orleans looked good last week, but it was the lowly Falcons. Heck, that loss shook him so bad he left for Arkansas. How sad is that? Either way, I’m going Arizona in this one. I’m not a Saints fan and I don’t think they have the team to do much. Plus no Reggie spells disaster although I think no Deuce is actually a bigger loss than they expected.

Kelloggs23: Arizona Cardinals @ The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The Redskins are going to want this game more than the Giants.  They need this game more than the Giants.  The Skins should have won the matchup earlier in the year.  Todd Collins will be starting at QB for the injured Jason Campbell…think even more of a run attack?  The Giants should be focused on stopping the run.  They can’t put this game in the hands of Eli Manning as he has been cold.


I’m still on my Eli hate train, plus I like how Jason Campbell has been looking this year. I didn’t like the pick when they took him, but they gave him time and he looks legit. No, games aren’t won and lost by just a QB and that’s the main reason for the Redskins pick is I think they have a better overall team and the Gmen fall apart this time of year everytime.

Kelloggs23: Washington Redskins


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