New Look for the Sports Page

The time has come.  I’m surprised  I went as long as I did without messing with it.  I have changed the theme of The Sports Page to give us more room to work with.  We have a ton of stuff we are going to be doing with the NFL Draft this year that we are pretty excited about.  With tons of stuff we can use more room.

So now that I have changed it all my widgets and crap are gone so I have to tinker around with it.  I guess that will give me a reason to neglect my family today.


2 Responses to “New Look for the Sports Page”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Like the new look.

  2. Tino Says:

    Thanks. I have changed it a few times since this post…lol. At first I wanted more room but there were hings I didn’t care for with the templates that offered the two side bars.

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